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With and mostly
With the exception of a few spots, Milhaud's music mostly churns away with his usual collection of ditties, odd harmonies, and lumbering, satiric orchestration.
With Parallel SCSI subsystems, SAF-TE is used in computers, mostly in blade servers, where server blades reside on one side and the peripheral ( power, networking, and other I / O ) and service modules reside on the other.
With forged crankshafts, vanadium microalloyed steels are mostly used as these steels can be air cooled after reaching high strengths without additional heat treatment, with exception to the surface hardening of the bearing surfaces.
With the beginning of colonial rule in 1895, the Rift Valley and the surrounding Highlands became the enclave of white immigrants engaged in large-scale coffee farming dependent on mostly Kikuyu labor.
With the breakup of the Empire, the dispersed Mongols quickly adopted the mostly Turkic cultures surrounding them and were assimilated, forming parts of Tatars ( not confused with a tribe in ancient Mongolia ), Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Yugurs and Moghuls ; linguistic and cultural Persianization also began to be prominent in these territories.
With the breakup of federal states such as Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and the problem of Russian and Serbian dominance in any proposed all-Slavic organisation, the idea of Pan-Slavic unity is mostly considered dead.
With an economy worth $ 64 billion ( 2012 IMF estimate ) ($ 170 billion PPP estimate ), and a per capita GDP of about $ 7900 ( PPP ), Sri Lanka has mostly had strong growth rates in recent years.
With the Russians sunk and scattering, Togo prepared for pursuit, and while doing so ordered his torpedo boat destroyers ( TBDs ) ( mostly referred to as just destroyers in most written accounts ) to finish off the Russian battleship.
With the propeller pushing mostly air instead of water, the load on the engine is greatly reduced, causing the engine to race and the prop to spin fast enough to result in cavitation, at which point little thrust is generated at all.
With their farm repossessed, the Joads cling to hope, mostly in the form of handbills distributed everywhere in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, describing the fruitful state of California and the high pay to be had in that state.
With little or no support from successive Burmese governments, the Mon language ( especially written Mon ) continues to be propagated mostly by Mon monks.
With the invention of synthetic refrigerants based mostly on a chlorofluorocarbon ( CFC ) chemical, safer refrigerators were possible for home and consumer use.
With Rossini a standard distribution of four characters is reached: a prima donna soubrette ( soprano or mezzo ); a light, amorous tenor ; a basso cantante or baritone capable of lyrical, mostly ironical expression ; and a basso buffo whose vocal skills, largely confined to clear articulation and the ability to ‘ patter ’, must also extend to the baritone for the purposes of comic duets.
With the help of Gerald FitzGerald, 8th Earl of Kildare and his brother Thomas FitzGerald of Laccagh, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, Lincoln recruited 4, 500 Irish mercenaries, mostly Kerns, lightly armoured but highly mobile infantry.
With the exception of Nouakchott Wharf and a deep water port, the coastal strip is mostly left empty and allowed to flood.
It was intended to be the last part of his stories, according to the original title-page of its first edition but a third part, Serious Reflections During the Life & Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, With His Vision of the Angelic World, was added later ; it is a mostly forgotten series of moral essays with Crusoe's name attached to give interest.
With this political base, Hitler could call on about 15, 000 brawlers, mostly ex-soldiers.
With a few simple changes, Valjean revolutionizes the town's traditional black bead and bracelet production and gains a fortune, which he spends mostly for the town's good, paying for the maintenance ( including required staff ) of hospital beds, orphanages and schools.
With Bondarevsky, Spassky's style broadened and deepened, with poor results mostly banished, yet his fighting spirit was even enhanced.
With David Horowitz ), Eye on Springfield ( a parody of Eye on LA ), which focuses mostly on Springfield's entertainment news, " Springfield Squares, The Krypton Factor and has his own personal commentary segment of the Springfield News, " My Two Cents ".
With the kingdom of Champa mostly destroyed and the Cham people exiled or suppressed, Vietnamese colonization of what is now central Vietnam proceeded without substantial resistance.
She produced only one album, Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela ( circa 1969, Gulfstream and later on L ' Peg ), whose songs are mostly about an imaginary trip to the moon.
With the addition of these families, who were mostly fisherman and trappers, the community of Salaville was born.
With ships blasting each other at very close range, the encounter was mostly a matter of attrition, in which superior Allied firepower and gunnery were critical.

With and same
With due consideration for the limits of precision in assessing, expected rate of change in ossification of girls age 2 years, and the known variations in rate of ossification of these children as described in our preceding paper in the Supplement, each arrow with a `` shaft length '' of four months or less was selected as indicating `` same schedule '' at Onset and Completion, for this particular epiphysis.
With about 2, 500 members in the United States and Canada, Harmony, Inc. uses the same rules in contest that the Barbershop Harmony Society uses.
With bidirectional script support, it is possible to mix scripts from different scripts on the same page, regardless of writing direction.
With the climate of change throughout Eastern Europe during the 1980s, the communist hegemony was challenged ( at the same time, the Milošević government began to gradually concentrate Yugoslav power in Serbia and calls for free multi-party elections were becoming louder.
" With the latter definition, Confucianism is religious, even if non-theistic, in the sense that it " performs some of the basic psycho-social functions of full-fledged religions ", in the same way that non-theistic ideologies like Communism do.
With the completion of the merger in 1970, the Cleveland Browns were moved to the AFL-based American Football Conference and placed in the AFC Central, the same division as the Bengals.
With the rise of drilled and trained infantry, the mounted men-at-arms, now sometimes called gendarmes and often part of the standing army themselves, adopted the same role as in the Hellenistic age, that of delivering a decisive blow once the battle was already engaged, either by charging the enemy in the flank or attacking their commander-in-chief.
Mather reported that, from his view, " none that have used it ever died of the Small Pox, tho at the same time, it were so malignant, that at least half the People died, that were infected With it in the Common way.
With the expansion of the mass media and mass / popular culture in the 1960s and 1970s and the blending of social and cultural criticism and literary criticism, the methods of both kinds of critical theory sometimes intertwined in the analysis of phenomena of popular culture, as in the emerging field of cultural studies, in which concepts deriving from Marxian theory, post-structuralism, semiology, psychoanalysis and feminist theory would be found in the same interpretive work.
" With satisfaction came severe personal difficulties: acting the same role over an extended period, it became impossible for him to separate Ziggy Stardust — and, later, the Thin White Duke — from his own character offstage.
With most IIR transfer functions there are related transfer functions having a frequency response with the same magnitude but a different phase ; in most case the so-called minimum phase transfer function is preferred.
Line No. 2 PC ( inner ring 2 ), serves the same areas as the PC one in reverse. With a bus every hour from Monday to Saturday. Amplitude ( 1 bus ): 6 h beginning 10, 20 end 10 h.
With a tone-modulated FM wave, if the modulation frequency is held constant and the modulation index is increased, the ( non-negligible ) bandwidth of the FM signal increases but the spacing between spectra remains the same ; some spectral components decrease in strength as others increase.
With the advent of space exploration in the twentieth century, geologists have begun to look at other planetary bodies in the same way as the Earth.
With KGDB, kernel developers can debug a kernel in much the same way as they debug application programs.
With links to possibilism and cultural ecology, some of the same notions of causal effect of the environment on society and culture, as with environmental determinism remained.
With one of the most strikeprone labor forces in Central America, debt-burdened and aging industrial assets, and a dramatically underdeveloped infrastructure, Honduras, however, has distinct economic disadvantages relative to its Central American and Caribbean neighbors, who compete with Honduras in the same export markets.
With knowledge of Alan Turing's theoretical ' universal computing machine ' John von Neumann defined an architecture which uses the same memory both to store programs and data: virtually all contemporary computers use this architecture ( or some variant ).
With EPIC, the compiler determines in advance which instructions can be executed at the same time, so the microprocessor simply executes the instructions and does not need elaborate mechanisms to determine which instructions to execute in parallel.
With the 2005 Emmy Win, Spader became one of the few actors ( along with co-star William Shatner as Denny Crane ) to win an Emmy award while playing the same character in two different series.
With aspirations of support from right-wing voters, all candidates with low levels of poll support for the nomination took this same " sabre-rattling " stand.
With this settlement, Louis tried to combine his sense for the Empire's unity, supported by the clergy, while at the same time providing positions for all of his sons.
* With r between 2 and 3, the population will also eventually approach the same value
With amplification, logic gates can be cascaded in the same way that Boolean functions can be composed, allowing the construction of a physical model of all of Boolean logic, and therefore, all of the algorithms and mathematics that can be described with Boolean logic.

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