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With and short
With the exception of treaty-making, foreign relations were historically concerned for the most part with conditions of short or at least measurable duration.
With de Broglie's suggestion of the existence of electron matter waves in 1924, and for a short time before the full 1926 Schrödinger equation treatment of hydrogen like atom, a Bohr electron " wavelength " could be seen to be a function of its momentum, and thus a Bohr orbiting electron was seen to orbit in a circle at a multiple of its half-wavelength ( this historically incorrect Bohr model is still occasionally taught to students ).
With the famous facade, the short right field porch and Monument Park, Yankee Stadium has been home to many of baseball's greatest players including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Alex Rodriguez.
With a short lift in the mist, Cadogan soon discovered the smartly ordered lines of Villeroi ’ s advance guard some four miles ( 6 km ) off ; a galloper hastened back to warn Marlborough.
With the exception of a short period of eclipse, he enjoyed the complete confidence both of Constantine and Constantius II and was the tutor of the later Emperor Julian the Apostate ; and it was he who baptized Constantine the Great on May 22, 337.
With the untimely death of Melanie Wilkes a short time later, Rhett decides he only wants the calm dignity of the genial South he once knew in his youth and he leaves Atlanta to find it.
With a booming economy short of unskilled workers, especially after the Berlin Wall cut off the steady flow of East Germans, the FRG negotiated migration agreements with Italy ( 1955 ), Spain ( 1960 ), Greece ( 1960 ), and Turkey ( 1961 ) that brought in hundreds of thousands of temporary guest workers, called Gastarbeiter.
With the exception of a few short journeys, Nichiren spent the rest of his life at Minobu, where he and his disciples erected a temple, Kuon-ji ( 久遠寺 ), and he continued writing and training his disciples.
With this terminology, if a firm is earning abnormal profit in the short term, this will act as a trigger for other firms to enter the market.
With the exception of You Know Me Al, which was initially written and published as six separate stories, Lardner never wrote a novel, but is considered by many to be one of America's best writers of the short story.
With the exception of silk, each of these fibres is short, being only centimetres in length, and each has a rough surface that enables it to bond with similar staples.
With such a short time frame he drew heavily on his own acquaintance in academia ; of the fifteen original professors, most came either from Indiana University or his alma mater Cornell.
With increased popularity in the 1970s most soap operas expanded to an hour in length by the end of the decade ( Another World even expanded to ninety minutes for a short time ).
The first 3D stop motion short was In Tune With Tomorrow ( also known as Motor Rhythm ) in 1939 by John Norling.
With the rise of the realistic novel, the short story evolved in a parallel tradition, with some of its first distinctive examples in the tales of E. T. A. Hoffmann.
With the addition of a suitable rest, the slingshot can also be used to fire arrows, allowing the hunting of medium sized game at short ranges.
With the score 24-14 in the closing minutes of the first half, Aikman threw 3 straight incompletions, and a short punt by the Cowboys set up Young's 28-yard touchdown completion to Rice with 8 seconds remaining in the first half.
With the spark gap transmitters then in use, the Morse Code signal consisted of short bursts of a heavily modulated carrier wave which could be clearly heard as a series of short chirps or buzzes in the receiver's headphones.
With reinforcement troops from Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Buell and Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace's missing division, Grant succeeded in driving the Confederates back to the road from Corinth ; though he stopped short of capturing Beauregard's army, he was able to stabilize the Army of the Tennessee.
With short legs, broad and rounded head, and small eyes with short rounded ears, it resembles a bear more than other mustelids.
With their situation critical and desperately short of food, discontent is rising amongst the Goths.
In April 2010, he was cast in the live action adaptation of the short and fake Grindhouse trailer Hobo With a Shotgun, which was released in 2011.

With and supply
With their customary source of supply cut off, the Fort Garry free traders engaged three men to cart goods to them from the Mississippi country.
With LAFTA in place existing productive capacity could be used more fully to supply regional needs, industries could reduce costs as a result of potential economies through expanded output and regional specialization, and attraction to new investment occurred as a result of the regional market area.
With diesel-electric and electric locomotives, the gear ratio between the traction motors and axles is what adapts the unit to freight or passenger service, although a passenger unit may include other features, such as head end power ( also referred to as hotel power or electric train supply ) or a steam generator.
With irrigation, the food supply in Mesopotamia was compabale to the Canadian prairies.
With the advent of castle-building and the extended siege, supply problems had to be solved on a scale seldom seen before, as armies had to stay in one spot for months, or even years.
With many firms in a market, supply of the product remains high.
With modern development, the freshwater springs are no longer enough to supply water to the whole island.
With the advent of printing in the later fifteenth century, the demands of printers far exceeded the supply of animal skins for parchment.
With this model, peers are both suppliers and consumers of resources, in contrast to the traditional client – server model where only the server supply ( send ), and clients consume ( receive ).
With access to three of the world's oceans the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific Russian fishing fleets are a major contributor to the world's fish supply.
With a sinusoidal supply, the core flux lags the induced EMF by 90 ° and this effect can be modeled as a magnetizing reactance ( reactance of an effective inductance ) X < sub > m </ sub > in parallel with the core loss component, R < sub > c </ sub >.
With respect to the issues, Dole promised a 15 % across-the-board reduction in income tax rates and made former Congressman and supply side advocate Jack Kemp his running mate.
With Peugeot supplying the engines for Prost GP, Mugen-Honda decided to supply the Jordan team.
With a seemingly endless supply of food, the Muckleshoots could engage in various crafts, including weaving, wood-carving, and basket-making.
With the advent of widespread electricity generation and power supply lines from the late 19th century on, problems also arose with equipment short-circuit failure affecting the power supply, and with local fire and shock hazard when the power line was struck by lightning.
With his harpoon gun and his diving equipment he is able to spend hours underwater without worrying about oxygen supply or about danger he may encounter at sea.
With laminations, differences are generally caused by cyclic changes in the sediment supply, caused for example by seasonal changes in rainfall, temperature or biochemical activity.
With the advantage of a peculiarly fine climate, for which this part of Asia Minor has been famous in all ages, Ionia enjoyed the reputation in ancient times of being the most fertile of all the rich provinces of Asia Minor ; and even, though very imperfectly cultivated, it produces abundance of fruit of all kinds, and the raisins and figs of Smyrna supply almost all the markets of Europe.
With the capture of the fort, the Patriot forces obtained a large supply of cannons and other armaments, much of which Henry Knox transported to Boston during the winter of 1775 – 1776.
With supply assured, he then received Fraser, who advised him that 21 bills ( including the electoral redistribution bills ) which had been introduced since the last election fulfilled the double dissolution provisions of Section 57.
With industrialisation and urbanisation, the supply of milk became a commercial industry, with specialised breeds of cattle being developed for dairy, as distinct from beef or draught animals.
With the food supply running low, the settlers needed salt to preserve what meat they had, so in January 1778, Boone led a party of 30 men to the salt springs on the Licking River.
With the enlargement of the tunnels and modification of the electrical supply, Standard Stock ( displaced from the Northern line by new 1938 Stock ) was operated, eventually as 8-car trains following platform extensions.

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