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With and respect
With all respect to a fine young man, Mr. Roy is not able to provide these necessaries ''.
With respect to Article 2,, Paragraph 1 ( A ) of the Agreement: ( 1 )
With respect to Article 2,, paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ): Uses of Section 104 ( E ) and Section 104 ( G ) rupees: The Government of India will use the amount of rupees granted or loaned to it by the United States pursuant to paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ) for projects to promote economic development with emphasis upon the agricultural sector including food reserve storage structures and facilities as may from time to time be agreed upon by the authorized representatives of the United States and the authorized representatives of the Government of India, in the following sectors: A.
With regard to the rupees accruing to uses indicated under Article 2, of the Agreement, the understanding of the Government of the United States of America, with respect to both paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ) of Article 2, is as follows: ( 1 )
With respect to nighttime assignments, the degree of skywave service and interference is determined by skywave curves ( figs. 1 and 2 of sec. 3.190 of the rules ) giving average skywave values.
With respect to skywave service rendered at night, class 1, -- A stations are the only stations permitted to operate in the United States on clear channels specified for class 1, -- A operation, and so render skywave service free from cochannel interference whereever they may be received ; ;
With respect to other frequencies, these are designated as regional or local, and assigned for use by class 3, and class 4, stations, respectively, stations operating generally with lower power.
With respect to those countries whose leaders prefer to live with their illusions, we can afford to wait, for in time their comparative lack of progress will become clear for all to see.
With respect to items such as these the provisions of section 381(c), viewed in historical perspective, suggest a rule requiring survival, whether the items are beneficial or detrimental to the surviving corporation.
With respect to this type of item, one might properly apply the language of the Committee Report, quoted above, which cautions against using section 381 as a basis for treating other tax attributes not mentioned therein.
With respect to labor disputes, the Wagner-Peyser Act states only,
With respect to positions not covered by subparagraph ( 1 ) or ( 2 ) of this paragraph, any individual may be referred to a place of employment in which a labor dispute exists, provided he is given written notice of such dispute prior to or at the time of his referral.
With respect to this view, two points are worth making.
With these gadgets -- impressive to the gullible because of their flashing light bulbs, ticks, and buzzes -- he then carries out a vicious medical con game, capitalizing on people's respect for the electrical and atomic wonders of our scientific age.
With the advent of surrealism as a poetic movement, anagrams regained the artistic respect they had had in the Baroque period.
With MCs Stefan and Clyde rapping about their personal lives and life in Amsterdam as a black man, de Spookrijders even gained respect from non-hip-hop musicians and fans.
With respect to this norm B ( X, Y ) is a Banach space.
With respect to diligence, what was required was:
With respect to those participating in them, active forms of amusement, such as sports, are more often considered to be recreation.
With respect to foreign trade, the key economic sector is manufacturing.
With respect to this mode of transport, many people prefer to use the public means.
With this in mind, we can define inertial frames collectively as a set of frames which are stationary or moving at constant velocity with respect to each other, so that a single inertial frame is defined as an element of this set.
With respect to this order, 0 is the smallest and 1 the largest idempotent.
With respect to the beginnings of projective geometry, Kepler introduced the idea of continuous change of a mathematical entity in this work.
With respect to a ship ' forward ' would indicate the relative position of any object lying in the direction the ship is pointing.

With and air
With distaste I saw him assume a pompous air.
With the development of effective anti-aircraft artillery in the period before the Second World War, military pilots, once the " knights of the air " during the First World War, became far more vulnerable to ground fire.
With the advent of guided air to air missiles, bombers needed to avoid interception.
With the Mirage III withdrawn, the air defence of Brasília and region is done temporarily by a mix of F-5s from 1st GAv and 1st / 14th GAv until 10 Mirage 2000Cs and two Mirage 2000B bought from French Air Force surplus stocks arrive at Anápolis.
With domestic news, the correspondent first records a " generic minute " summary ( for use by all stations and channels ) and then priority is to report on BBC Radio 5 Live, then on the BBC News Channel and any other programmes that are on air.
With forged crankshafts, vanadium microalloyed steels are mostly used as these steels can be air cooled after reaching high strengths without additional heat treatment, with exception to the surface hardening of the bearing surfaces.
With additional air, the fire consumes more fuel and burns hotter.
With the authorisation of the Central People ’ s Government of the PRC, Hong Kong also concluded 12 bilateral agreements with foreign states on air services, investment promotion and protection, mutual legal assistance and visa abolition during the year.
With overwhelming air superiority and truly intercontinental bombers, the newly forming US Air Force did not take the problem of ICBM development seriously.
With an effective tactical-operational concept, the German air power theorists needed a strategic doctrine and organisation.
With an air burst, the fission products rise into the stratosphere, where they dissipate and become part of the global environment.
With the occupation of airbases by American forces it became clear how destitute the air force had been since the withdrawal of the Soviet Union.
With no major mountain ranges blocking sinking Arctic air masses, temperatures of are not uncommon, snowfall remains on the ground for sometimes over half the year.
With work like this going on, Germany's enemies naturally took note of the various Opel plants and, starting in August 1944, began visiting them by air.
With respect to indoor air quality, workers can be exposed to fine particulate matter, carbon monoxide and certain heavy metals.
With the conscript based system during mid 1995, Sweden consisted of 15 maneuver brigades and, in addition, 100 battalions of various sorts ( artillery, engineers, rangers, air defense, amphibious, security, surveillance etc.
With a fully contracted / employed personnel system by 2019, the force will consists of 7 maneuver battalions and 14 battalions of various sorts ( artillery, engineers, rangers, air defense, amphibious, security, surveillance etc.
With its headquarters in Damascus, the Syrian military consists of air, ground, and navy forces.
With the incursion team lost, the military readies a backup plan: an air strike by F / A-18's with Thermite plasma, which will neutralize the poison gas but kill everyone on the island including the hostages.
With France neutralized, Germany began an air superiority campaign over Britain ( the Battle of Britain ) to prepare for an invasion.
With the engineering of the faster jet engine in the 1940s, mass air travel became commercially viable.
With the propeller pushing mostly air instead of water, the load on the engine is greatly reduced, causing the engine to race and the prop to spin fast enough to result in cavitation, at which point little thrust is generated at all.
With the help of the new arrivals and close air support, the force was able to consolidate its position on the peak.
With a peak-to-peak stroke, it created a one-way air displacement of.

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