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from Brown Corpus
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With and shout
With the English formations beginning to break, a great shout went up from the Scots, " Lay on!
– Because it is written, " With trumpets and the sound of the Shofar shout ye before the King in the Temple, we require trumpets and the sound of the Shofar ; elsewhere not.
: With joy you are ready to shout,
An earlier example comes from Arthur Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance, when the chorus of pirates nearly shout their number, " With cat-like tread ".
With seconds to spare, Billy enlists the aid of his club members and they all shout " Shazam " together.
With a shout, Cordelia grabs the Tak horn and stabs the murderous empath demon in the back.

With and slow
With the beginning of the slow decline of the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century, and as a result of the expansionist policies of Czarist Russia in the Caucasus, many Muslim nations and groups in that region, mainly Circassians, Tatars, Azeris, Lezgis, Chechens, and several Turkic groups left their ancestral homelands and settled in Anatolia.
With an intact check reflex, the patient will check and activate the opposing triceps to slow and stop the movement.
With the rise of education, cheap newspapers and cheap printing, modern concepts of fame and celebrity began to develop, and the beneficiaries of this were not slow to cash in on this by producing autobiographies.
With the original 110 and 300 baud modems of the late 1970s, BBSes were particularly slow and file transfers were typically limited to text files ( lists of BBS systems were a common example ) and small software applications, typically terminal programs for accessing BBSes.
With these territories, Rome would have an advance station north of Ctesiphon, and would be able to slow any future advance of Persian forces through the region.
With | swift ,| slow ; sweet ,| sour ; a | dazzle ,| dim ;
With the special teams failure of the 2010 season campaign, the Chargers hoped to rebound with a strong performance to start the season, and a way to overcome slow starts.
With the end of the war in August 1988, Syria began a slow process of reintegration with the other Arab states.
With the disk drive top removed a small screwdriver could be used to slow the drive RPM below a certain point.
With copper they whipped up the clashing waves of war, ... Then by slow degrees the iron sword came to the fore ; the bronze sickle fell into disrepute ; the ploughman began to cleave the earth with iron, ..."
With the Holy Land incorporated into the Ottoman empire, a slow influx of Jews performing aliyah took place, and some Sephardi kabbalists settled in Hebron.
With its long lifespan of 70 years or more, and slow rate of reproduction, the dugong is especially vulnerable to extinction.
With the exception of the limited functionality in COM, most of these systems were extremely heavyweight, tended to be very large and slow, and often were very difficult to use.
This method of slow interstellar travel is hinted at in Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama ( 1972 ) as the spacecraft Rama is analyzed, and this theme continues in the book's sequels.
With its eclectic mix of citizenry, Demopolis was slow to erect houses of worship.
With a slow delivery of his devastating screwball, Hubbell recorded five consecutive 20-win seasons for the Giants ( 1933 – 37 ), and helped his team to three NL pennants and the 1933 World Series title.
With the band's slow progress, Shields contemplated moving back to New York, where some of his family were living.
With a deep voice and a spooky laugh, he would often make odd quips in reference to his unusual profession: " It's been a slow week, business is dead " and " I must to return to my place, I'm a working stiff.
::: With tremulous cadence slow, and bring
With the advent of large passenger jet aircraft in the 1960s, intercontinental travelers largely switched from ships to planes, sending the ocean liner trade into a slow decline.
With a collection of more than 120 ex-British Railways goods wagons, the railway can recreate convincing period slow goods trains.
With over 2 million units produced, the Zorki 4 was the most successful Zorki and has a reputation as one of the best Russian cameras, although the self-timer and slow shutter speeds were unreliable.
With only around 25 % of the members being able to play instruments from previous bands it was a slow start but gradually the band began to take shape.
With the level of detail Westwood settled on, the game ran at a minimum of 15 FPS on slow systems.

With and dance
With longer sets ( more than ~ 40 people ) this would require long enough sets that the caller will usually only run the dance all the way around on ( rare ) non equal-turn dances.
With these light strong instruments and modern wireless amplification these musicians can easily play standing up, move, and even incorporate dance on stage while playing their electric harps.
For example, Bill Haley's incompletely bowdlerized cover of " Shake, Rattle and Roll " transformed Big Joe Turner's humorous and racy tale of adult love into an energetic teen dance number, while Georgia Gibbs replaced Etta James's tough, sarcastic vocal in " Roll With Me, Henry " ( covered as " Dance With Me, Henry ") with a perkier vocal more appropriate for an audience unfamiliar with the song to which James's song was an answer, Hank Ballard's " Work With Me, Annie ".
" With Every Heartbeat ", " Handle Me " and " Cobrastyle " were top ten club hits, and the former received airplay at US pop and dance radio stations.
With the establishment of language, culture, and religion, hunting became a theme of stories and myths, as well as rituals such as dance and animal sacrifice.
* Likenesses of Astaire and Rogers, apparently painted over from the Cheek to Cheek dance in Top Hat, are in the " Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds " section of The Beatles film Yellow Submarine ( 1968 ).
In his review in The New York Times, Vincent Canby called the film " an uproarious display of brilliance, nerve, dance, maudlin confessions, inside jokes and, especially, ego " and " an essentially funny movie that seeks to operate on too many levels at the same time ... some of it makes you wince, but a lot of it is great fun ... A key to the success of the production is the performance of Roy Scheider as Joe Gideon ... With an actor of less weight and intensity, All That Jazz might have evaporated as we watched it.
With more than 800 artistic groups from dance to music, Clermont-Ferrand and the Auvergne region's cultural life is important in France.
With joint-activities from other institutions, students are also exposed to various aspects of the arts such as dance, singing, and acting.
With 1980s retro in vogue, Bananarama made a comeback in the British dance charts in 2005.
Torres and Muhlach first met on the set of her first Philippine movie, Basta't Kasama Kita ( As Long As I'm With You ) In 1995 she also did the dance movie " Hataw Na!
With dance partner Velda Shannon, Harris formed a dance team in the early 1930s.
" With a 450-member cast, the 65-minute pageant depicts the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ using song and dance.
' With it ' dance act Way Out West provided engineering and production tasks usually fulfilled by these men.
With fellow Groundlings member Chris Kattan, they created the Butabi Brothers, who go out to dance clubs to try to pick up women but are constantly rejected.
Once Brunswick's engineers had tentative control of their new equipment, the company expanded its popular music recording activities dramatically, exploiting its impressive roster of stars to the utmost: the dance bands of Bob Haring, Isham Jones, Ben Bernie, Abe Lyman, Earl Burtnett, and banjoist Harry Reser and his various ensembles ( especially the Six Jumping Jacks ), and most famously the legendary Al Jolson ( whose record labels modestly proclaimed him " The World's Greatest Entertainer With Orchestra ").
With tracks like " Wannabe ,", " Who Do You Think You Are ", " Move Over ", " Spice Up Your Life ," and " Say You'll Be There ," each animated Spice Girl will offer a few comments as they tour the game's stages, experiencing a DJ and dance instructor that speak in stereotypical fashions.
With her role, she again made history by becoming Astaire's final on-screen dance partner.
" With a Girl Like You " is featured uncut in a school dance scene from the 1991 Nicole Kidman / Noah Taylor movie, Flirting.
With time, came the development of dance styles then considered shocking, such as the Charleston, the Shimmy, the Bunny Hug, and the Black Bottom.
Later, Bobby surprises Maisie and they dance to " Won't You Charleston With Me?

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