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With and such
To Serenissimus such tribes as the Cossacks of the Don or those ex-bandits the Zaporogian Cossacks ( in whose islands along the lower Dnieper the Polish novelist Sienkiewicz would one day place With Fire And Sword ) were just elements for enforced resettlement in, say, Bessarabia, where, as `` the faithful of the Black Sea borders '', he could use their presence as bargaining points in the Czarina's territorial claims against Turkey.
With powerplants such as these, vertical takeoff and landing combat aircraft could be built.
With such a force of manned bombers we could bring enormous pressure to bear on an enemy, and this pressure would be selective and extremely discriminating.
With such a program you can make constructive selections of the best sites available.
With respect to items such as these the provisions of section 381(c), viewed in historical perspective, suggest a rule requiring survival, whether the items are beneficial or detrimental to the surviving corporation.
With respect to positions not covered by subparagraph ( 1 ) or ( 2 ) of this paragraph, any individual may be referred to a place of employment in which a labor dispute exists, provided he is given written notice of such dispute prior to or at the time of his referral.
With such a dream arising, at least in part, from the Protestant heritage of the United States and built into the foundations of the nation, it is not surprising that many efforts were made to give it concrete expression.
A choice function is a function f, defined on a collection X of nonempty sets, such that for every set s in X, f ( s ) is an element of s. With this concept, the axiom can be stated:
With the availability of primary sources, such as the those in Nag Hammadi library, the identity of Abrasax remains unclear.
With age, the aorta stiffens such that the pulse wave is propagated faster and reflected waves return to the heart faster before the semilunar valve closes, which raises the blood pressure.
With the axiom of dependent choice ( which is a weakened form of the axiom of choice ), this result can be reversed: if there are no such infinite sequences, then the axiom of regularity is true.
With the critical and commercial success in the United States of such memoirs as Angela ’ s Ashes and The Color of Water, however, more and more people have been encouraged to try their hand at this genre.
With comfort bikes and hybrids, cyclists sit high over the seat, their weight directed down onto the saddle, such that a wider and more cushioned saddle is preferable.
With the increasing prevalence of " combination products ," the lines are now blurring among healthcare products such as drugs, biologics, and various types of devices.
With open software specifications and the possibility of software licensing, new opportunities arose for software tools that then became the de facto standard, such as DOS for operating systems, but also various proprietary word processing and spreadsheet programs.
With a $ 1. 92-billion-a-year tourism industry, Costa Rica stands as the most visited nation in the Central American region, with 1. 9 million foreign visitors in 2007, thus reaching a rate of foreign tourists per capita of 0. 46, one of the highest in the Caribbean Basin, and above other popular destinations such as Mexico ( 0. 21 ), Dominican Republic ( 0. 38 ), and Brazil ( 0. 03 ).
With this philosophy in mind, many grassroots efforts such as The Project for Public Spaces are being started to create this " Third Place " in communities.
With such conflicting perspectives, it can be argued that a certain polarization between both supporters and opponents of President Uribe seems to be forming both inside and outside the country.
With an enzymatic tag, such as horse radish peroxidase, a chemical reaction is carried out that results in a dark color in the location of the protein of interest.
With berths for more than 5, 000 boats, the Chicago Park District operates the nation's largest municipal harbor system ; even larger than systems in cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, or Miami.
With the exception of blood derivatives ( such as fractionated antibodies ), all blood components are infective.
With crankshafts that operate on roller bearings, the use of carburization tends to be favored due to the high Hertzian contact stresses in such an application.
With the democratisation of 1990s in South Korea, remnant of such mannerisms and classism is now heavily frowned upon in the South Korean society, replaced by a belief in egalitarianism.
With tools such as cartography, shipbuilding, navigation, mining and agricultural productivity colonisers had an upper hand.
The musical style was emphasized in many of the episode titles, which were in English, such as: " Asteroid Blues ", " Honky Tonk Woman ", " Ballad of Fallen Angels ", " Heavy Metal Queen ", " Jamming With Edward ", " Jupiter Jazz " and " Mushroom Samba ".

With and dramatic
Ramillies And The Union With Scotland has fewer high spots than Blenheim and much less of its dramatic unity.
With their often complex reproductive needs and permeable skins, amphibians are often ecological indicators and in recent decades there has been a dramatic decline in amphibian populations of many species around the globe.
With the sharp decrease in metal prices, especially copper ( down 65 % from July 2008-February 2009, exports of its raw materials withered and by 2009 the stock market MSE Top-20 registered an all-time low since its dramatic spike in mid-2007.
With this view of events, Shafter sent a dramatic message to Washington.
With 1994s " Intimacy " Psyche returned to release a masterful mix of short dramatic pieces under the productive eye of U. S. Mixer Joseph Watt ( of Razormaid ).
With a dramatic increase in efforts since the 20th century, and a strong push since the Lausanne I: The International Congress on World Evangelization in Switzerland in 1974, evangelical groups have focused efforts on sending missionaries to every ethnic group in the world.
With the music reaching its grand climax Astaire and Rogers rush toward the camera, then away in a series of bold, dramatic manoeuvers culminating in three ballroom lifts which showcase Rogers ' dress before abruptly coming to a halt in a final, deepest backbend, maintained as the music approaches its closing bars.
With the Great Depression and the dramatic fall of cotton prices, Hogansville fell on hard economic times during the 1920s and 1930s.
With the construction of Lake Hartwell in 1963, Lake Keowee in 1971, and Lake Jocassee in 1974, Seneca and the area saw dramatic changes.
With its dramatic symmetrical front, flanked by two great yew hedges, it is a fine example of a Jacobean brick-built manor house, and was formerly the home of the young Anne Boleyn, later to become Henry VIII's second wife.
With the game switched to Filbert Street, the BBC's Match of the Day cameras and over 32, 000 people saw a dramatic match in which the Tanners went two goals up and then saw a goalbound shot that would have made it 3-0 cleared off the line.
With the dramatic redesign of currency in 1929 – the first major change since paper currency was first issued in 1861 – note design was not only standardized but note size was also significantly reduced.
With UCR scheduled for dramatic population growth, efforts have been made to increase its popular and academic recognition.
With numerous skyscrapers and mountains located to the north and its only runway jutting out into Victoria Harbour, landings at the airport were dramatic to experience and technically demanding for pilots.
With this car Gerry enhanced his blossoming reputation and photographers rushed out of their usual hiding spots whenever he was on track and got dramatic pictures of Gerry driving the TVR in his now customary sideways fashion.
With the dramatic events in autumn 1989, the Berlin Wall came down.
With this dramatic event, the personal reign of Edward effectively began.
With the dramatic rise of gasoline prices in 2007-2008, Amtrak ridership has reached record levels.
With one of the most impressive playoff performances of his career, Brodeur guided the Devils to their third Stanley Cup victory after dramatic seven-game series wins against the top-seeded Ottawa Senators and the surprising 7th-seeded Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.
With two seconds remaining in the game and Iowa trailing 10 – 9, kicker Rob Houghtlin booted his fourth field goal of the day, this one from 29 yards out, as time expired to give Iowa a dramatic 12 – 10 victory over Michigan at Kinnick Stadium.
With dramatic flair, Borglum had made arrangements for an airplane to fly over the monument during the dedication ceremony on July 3, 1929.
With dramatic increases in the price of jet fuel in the 1970s, many of Southern's routes were no longer cost-effective.
Key episodes include the two-hour season premiere, " Steele Away With Me ", filmed on location in Mexico ; " Red Holt Steele ", a fan favorite dramatic episode in which Laura's house is destroyed in an explosion ; and " Love Among the Steele ", another fan favorite episode in which the agency acquires a 1936 Auburn Speedster, which was used symbolically in several subsequent episodes.
With their favouring partly hidden nest sites, the provision of nestboxes has proven a dramatic conservation success, with the birds taking to them very readily.

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