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from Brown Corpus
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With and act
With a sturdy act of will she turned her mind away from herself ; ;
With this act of disobedience, and not with the inception of his individual existence, man began the downward circuit on the spiral of history, descending from the created capacity for immortality to an inescapable mortality.
With all his heart he had loved the Navy and now he must act in accordance with the Navy's implacable laws.
With this act, Abd ar-Rahman proclaimed himself the emir of al-Andalus.
With the Merger Treaty of 1967, the ECSC's Special Council of Ministers and the Council of the EAEC ( together with their other independent institutions ) were merged into the Council of the EEC which would act as a single Council of the European Communities.
) With Gypsy Fever, Parton toured as a headline act in 1977, 1978 and 1979, to promote her albums, New Harvest-First Gathering, Here You Come Again, Heartbreaker, and Great Balls of Fire.
With an adjectival or verbal root, the nominal suffix-o indicates an abstraction: parolo ( an act of speech, one's word ) from the verbal root paroli ( to speak ); belo ( beauty ) from the adjectival root bela ( beautiful ); whereas with a noun, the nominal suffix simply indicates the noun.
With accommodations to the Catholic Centre Party, Hitler succeeded in convincing a required two-thirds of a rigged Parliament to pass the Enabling act of 1933 which gave his government full legislative power.
With Sheb Wooley, The Champs, Link Wray and his Ray Men, Frankie Avalon, The Kalin Twins, and Dicky Doo & The Don ' ts, Jan & Arnie were a featured act on the Summer Dance Party that toured the US East Coast, including Pennyslvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut in July 1958.
With a blade, he would then scrape over the entire surface a thin layer of tinted white lead to act as a ground and to fill the low areas of the panel.
With this discovery, came the realization that movement of ice sheets might act to concentrate meteorites in certain areas.
With the unexpected and odd arrival of Miles ’ cousin Ivan Vorpatril, he deduces that a political faction in the Council of Counts is attacking his father back on Barrayar by charging Miles with maintaining a private army — an act of capital treason.
With " set ", the 4 data bits act like a regular 16-colour display look up.
With this terminology, if a firm is earning abnormal profit in the short term, this will act as a trigger for other firms to enter the market.
With 9 opponents remaining to act, there is approximately a 40 % chance that at least one of them will have a better hand than Carol's like A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, A-K, A-Q, A-J or K-Q.
With The Wrong Box ( 1966 ) and Bedazzled ( 1967 ) Cook and Moore began to act in films together.
With loud walls of sound, where individual instruments and even vocals were often indistinguishable, they followed the lead of noise pop and dream pop bands like My Bloody Valentine ( often considered as the earliest shoegaze act ), The Jesus and Mary Chain, and the Cocteau Twins.
With the exception of certain types of RNA, most other biological molecules are relatively inert elements upon which proteins act.
With it also comes the potential for abuse, as when we fail to act morally.
With reference to rumours which I believe were at one time afloat, though I know not with what degree of currency: and also with reference to the times when I shall not be here to answer for myself, I desire to record my solemn declaration and assurance, as in the sight of God and before His Judgment Seat, that at no period of my life have I been guilty of the act which is known as that of infidelity to the marriage bed.
With original artwork, stories and articles, the fanzine would act as a showcase for talent wanting to break into comics.
With no active contract in place, Moe and Larry discussed plans for a personal appearance tour ; meanwhile, Besser's wife had a minor heart attack, and he preferred to stay local, leading him to withdraw from the act.
With Otto III was still a child and his regent, his mother the Empress Theophanu, absent from Italy, Crescentius II took the title of Patricius Romanorum ( Patrician of the Romans ) and became the effective ruler of the city, though he did not act entirely independent of the imperial authority, presenting himself as a lieutenant of the Emperor.
With that one song in the second act, she became a star ' overnight '.

With and Parliament
With the defeat of Charles I ( 1625 – 1649 ) in the Civil War the Puritan pressure, exercised through a much-changed Parliament, had increased.
With the encouragement of his Protestant advisers, James summoned Parliament in 1624 so that he could request subsidies for a war.
With India following a parliamentary system of government the Prime Minister is generally the leader of a party ( or coalition of parties ) that has a majority in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament of India.
With the abolition of the Star Chamber and Court of High Commission by the Long Parliament, the legal basis for this warrant was removed, but the Long Parliament chose to replace it with the Licensing Act 1662.
With the end of the Parliamentary session came the first general election under the Triennial Act 1694, which required the Monarch to dissolve Parliament every 3 years, causing a general election.
With an engineered power vacuum, the Parliament voted to remove the constitutional clause that would have required an election within sixty days, and declared that Eyadema's son, Faure Gnassingbé, would inherit the presidency and hold office for the rest of his father's term.
With Parliament ready to throw them out, the entire Santer Commission resigned.
With Parliament raising objections to a number of his candidates he was forced to withdraw his selection and try once more.
With his delivery improved, the Duke opened Parliament House in Canberra during a tour of the empire in 1927.
With Cromwell's fall in 1540, the Latimers reclaimed some dignity and as Lord Latimer attended Parliament in 1542 he and Catherine spent time in London that winter.
With his party divided, Gladstone prepared to dissolve Parliament on the issue of the House of Lords ' veto, but was compelled to resign in March 1894 by his colleagues, being replaced by Lord Rosebery.
With the Charter petition rejected by Parliament and another prominent Chartist, Henry Vincent, arrested in the summer of 1839 for making inflammatory speeches, the physical force Chartists started organising.
With the significant problems considered as solved, the Board of Longitude was abolished by Act of Parliament in 1828.
With Funkadelic as a recording and touring entity in its own right, in 1970 Clinton relaunched the singing group, now known as Parliament, at first featuring the same ten members.
With the then newest and nearest bridge spanning the Forth ( the Kincardine Bridge, built in 1936 ) still around upstream, the upsurge in demand for a road crossing between Edinburgh and Fife prompted the UK Government to establish the Forth Road Bridge Joint Board ( FRBJB ) by Act of Parliament in 1947 to oversee the implementation of a new bridge to replace the ferry service.
With the Aire and Calder Canal rebuilding its main line, the Calder and Hebble sought an Act of Parliament to effectively abandon the river, but this was modified, as the needs of mill owners and others who owned property on the river banks were recognised.
With no chance of regaining his judicial posts, he instead returned to Parliament, where he swiftly became a leading member of the opposition.
With Parliament not reaching a decision, they re-worked their plan, which was now for a canal from Haddesley to Selby, with a new cut from Ferrybridge to Beal, and improvements above Castleford.
With continued growth in mineral traffic the canal became unable to cope and, in 1858, a further Act of Parliament was obtained to authorise the construction of the Liskeard and Looe Railway which connected with the Liskeard and Caradon Railway at Moorswater.
With only the four Unionist MPs ( all representing graduates of the Irish Universities ) and 15 appointed senators turning up for the state opening of the Parliament of Southern Ireland at the Royal College of Science in Dublin ( now Government Buildings ) in June 1921, the new legislature was suspended.
With the castle and much of the surrounding area in Royalist hands, Parliament despatched Colonel Sir William Waller to Farnham to retake the castle.
With the Peterloo massacre in August 1819 he inaugurated a policy of support for the Whig opposition in Parliament that contrasted with his predecessor's staunchly pro-Tory stance.

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