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With and British
With the expansion of the British Empire, and hence the growth of Anglicanism outside Great Britain and Ireland, the Communion sought to establish new vehicles of unity.
* 1930 – Gandhi raises a lump of mud and salt and declares, " With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire.
With the House undecided on whether to mobilize for military action against the encroaching British military force, Henry argued in favor of mobilization.
With the announcement of the 2013 schedule and home nation tours to other countries in non-Lions Tour years, it looks extremely unlikely that the British and Irish Lions will have the opportunity to tour Argentina before the 2017 tour of New Zealand.
With the assistance of John Nash and David Heller, both British members of the Borland Board, the company was taken public on London's Unlisted Securities Market ( USM ) in 1986.
With many traditional domestic Liberal policies now regarded as irrelevant, he focused the party on opposition to both the rise of Fascism in Europe and the appeasement foreign policy of the British government, arguing that intervention was needed, in contrast to the Labour calls for pacifism.
With the French vanguard now heavily outnumbered, the following British ships HMS Bellerophon and HMS Majestic passed by the melee and advanced on the so far unengaged French centre.
With most of the strategic reserve sent to the Western Front, an Egyptian Expeditionary Force of two British infantry and one Australian and New Zealand mounted division in Eastern Force, successfully defend the Suez Canal and Romani in 1916 from German and Ottoman incursions.
With British colonial expansion from the seventeenth century onwards, the Anglican Church was planted across the globe.
With the British paying higher prices, they were significantly undermining Dutch aims for a monopoly.
With the abolishment of slavery altogether in their colonies, the British forced Spain to sign another treaty in 1835.
With this letter, Dost Mohammad formally set the stage for British intervention in Afghanistan.
With British forces occupying much of the country, Sher Ali's son and successor, Mohammad Yaqub Khan, signed the Treaty of Gandamak in May 1879 to prevent a British invasion of the rest of the country.
With the advent of the New Dawn promotion, three additional servers were set up and maintained by Ubisoft: Venril Sathir ( British ), Sebilis ( French ) and Kael Drakkal ( German ).
With the British enforcing quotas and the situation in Europe increasingly desperate, Jews were forced to resort to illegal immigration.
With war in Europe increasingly likely, the British tried to placate the Arab population of Palestine.
With the cessation of hostilities, Alexander was under serious consideration for appointment to the post of Chief of the Imperial General Staff, the British army's most senior position beneath the sovereign, but he was invited by Canadian prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King to be his recommendation to the King for the post of Governor General of Canada.
With an eye toward the Transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong from the British in 1997, authorities in China sought Pei's aid on a new tower for the local branch of the Bank of China.
With the outbreak of World War I, Whale enlisted in the British Army and became an officer.
With the collapse of Russia, the position of the Tripartite Powers in the world will be so gigantic that the question of the collapse of England, that is, the absolute annihilation of the British Isles, will only be a question of time.
With threats of an armed uprising against the Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss ( he was assassinated by Nazis the following year ) and the killing of over 1, 000 civilians by troops, Philby's British passport became still more valuable.
With Congress now behind him in 1920, Gandhi had the base to employ non-cooperation, non-violence and peaceful resistance as his " weapons " in the struggle against the British Raj.
With writer Tom Pocock he was among the first British civilians to witness the horrors of the Nazi concentration camp at Belsen, where the remaining prisoners, too sick to be moved, were dying before his very eyes.
With respect to its colonies, British mercantilism meant that the government and the merchants became partners with the goal of increasing political power and private wealth, to the exclusion of other empires.

With and defeat
With the great Union victory at the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863, and the defeat of the Copperheads in the Ohio election in the fall, Lincoln maintained a strong base of party support and was in a strong position to redefine the war effort, despite the New York City draft riots.
With the defeat of the revolution in mid-1907 and the adoption of a new, highly restrictive election law, the Bolsheviks began debating whether to boycott the new parliament known as the Third Duma.
With the defeat of Charles I ( 1625 – 1649 ) in the Civil War the Puritan pressure, exercised through a much-changed Parliament, had increased.
With an increasingly centralized monarchy, the first standing army since Roman times, and the use of artillery, France expelled the English from its territory and came out of the Middle Ages as the most powerful nation in Europe, only to lose that status to Spain following defeat in the Italian Wars.
With the defeat of the Imperial Army, the Second French Empire fell and the Third Republic was created.
With his brother-in-law Gustavus dead in 1632, George William maintained the Swedish alliance until after the Swedish defeat at the Battle of Nordlingen on 6 September 1634.
With its victory at Mantinea, Sparta pulled itself back from the brink of utter defeat, and re-established its hegemony throughout the Peloponnese.
With the end of the Macedonian wars – which ran concurrently with the Punic Wars – and the defeat of the Seleucid King Antiochus III the Great in the Roman – Syrian War ( Treaty of Apamea, 188 BC ) in the eastern sea, Rome emerged as the dominant Mediterranean power and one of the most powerful cities in classical antiquity.
With a reinforced garrison of 16, 000 men, the Austrians inflicted upon Suleiman his first defeat, sowing the seeds of a bitter Ottoman-Habsburg rivalry which lasted until the 20th century.
With defeat came enforced baptism and conversion as well as the union of the Saxons with the rest of the Germanic, Frankish empire.
With the looming defeat of the PLA in Siberia, which they were about to learn about via live UAV broadcasts from the CIA through the Internet, student demonstrators in Beijing raid the Politburo, which causes a conservative minister to take control and arrest the perpetrators of the war in Siberia and surrender to the US and Russia.
With the Champion limited to his own power, without an omnipotent external power-source, and the She-Hulk having trained to increase both her strength and combat skills in the time between her first trial and the appeal, the Champion was swiftly dealt his first known defeat inside the ring.
With Rosas's defeat and exile, the " Guerra Grande " finally came to an end.
With the defeat of the First Army, Prince Frederick Charles ordered a massed artillery attack against Canrobert's position at St. Privat to prevent the Guards attack from failing too.
With the defeat of Marshal Bazaine's Army of the Rhine at Gravelotte, the French were forced to retire to Metz where they were besieged by over 150, 000 Prussian troops of the First and Second Armies.
With Napoleon's defeat in 1814, Trento was finally annexed by the Habsburg Empire, becoming part of the province of Tyrol.
With many of the Scots ( including Lord Argyll and other leading Covenanters ) refusing to participate, and with few English royalists joining the force as it moved south into England, the invasion ended in defeat at the Battle of Worcester on 3 September 1651, after which Charles eluded capture by hiding in the Royal Oak at Boscobel House.
With no prospect of concrete assistance from Austria, and in view of the defeat of the Prussian – Russian coalition, which now sent peace signals to France, he felt he had no choice.
With the defeat of Napoléon in 1814 / 1815, the balance of power in Europe and in the European colonies shifted in Britain's favor.
With this aid Sun Yat-sen was able to raise a dedicated " army of the party ," with which he hoped to defeat the warlords militarily.
With Mulan's help, Li Shang, Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po pose as concubines and are able to enter the palace and defeat Shan Yu's men.
With Mulan's help, Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po pose as concubines and are able to enter the palace and, with the help of Li Shang, defeat Shan Yu's men.
* With the defeat of Andriscus in the Battle of Pydna by Quintus Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus, Macedon is reorganized as a Roman province by 146 BC.
With the support of these men and the Athenian soldiers in general, the Samian democrats were able to defeat the conspirators when they attempted to seize power.
With the aid of these forces, he inflicts a crushing defeat on his older brother Seleucus II's army at Ancyra in Anatolia.

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