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With and British
With the expansion of the British Empire, and hence the growth of Anglicanism outside Great Britain and Ireland, the Communion sought to establish new vehicles of unity.
* 1930 – Gandhi raises a lump of mud and salt and declares, " With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire.
With the House undecided on whether to mobilize for military action against the encroaching British military force, Henry argued in favor of mobilization.
With the announcement of the 2013 schedule and home nation tours to other countries in non-Lions Tour years, it looks extremely unlikely that the British and Irish Lions will have the opportunity to tour Argentina before the 2017 tour of New Zealand.
With the assistance of John Nash and David Heller, both British members of the Borland Board, the company was taken public on London's Unlisted Securities Market ( USM ) in 1986.
With many traditional domestic Liberal policies now regarded as irrelevant, he focused the party on opposition to both the rise of Fascism in Europe and the appeasement foreign policy of the British government, arguing that intervention was needed, in contrast to the Labour calls for pacifism.
With the French vanguard now heavily outnumbered, the following British ships HMS Bellerophon and HMS Majestic passed by the melee and advanced on the so far unengaged French centre.
With most of the strategic reserve sent to the Western Front, an Egyptian Expeditionary Force of two British infantry and one Australian and New Zealand mounted division in Eastern Force, successfully defend the Suez Canal and Romani in 1916 from German and Ottoman incursions.
With British colonial expansion from the seventeenth century onwards, the Anglican Church was planted across the globe.
With the British paying higher prices, they were significantly undermining Dutch aims for a monopoly.
With the abolishment of slavery altogether in their colonies, the British forced Spain to sign another treaty in 1835.
With this letter, Dost Mohammad formally set the stage for British intervention in Afghanistan.
With British forces occupying much of the country, Sher Ali's son and successor, Mohammad Yaqub Khan, signed the Treaty of Gandamak in May 1879 to prevent a British invasion of the rest of the country.
With the advent of the New Dawn promotion, three additional servers were set up and maintained by Ubisoft: Venril Sathir ( British ), Sebilis ( French ) and Kael Drakkal ( German ).
With the British enforcing quotas and the situation in Europe increasingly desperate, Jews were forced to resort to illegal immigration.
With war in Europe increasingly likely, the British tried to placate the Arab population of Palestine.
With the cessation of hostilities, Alexander was under serious consideration for appointment to the post of Chief of the Imperial General Staff, the British army's most senior position beneath the sovereign, but he was invited by Canadian prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King to be his recommendation to the King for the post of Governor General of Canada.
With an eye toward the Transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong from the British in 1997, authorities in China sought Pei's aid on a new tower for the local branch of the Bank of China.
With the outbreak of World War I, Whale enlisted in the British Army and became an officer.
With the collapse of Russia, the position of the Tripartite Powers in the world will be so gigantic that the question of the collapse of England, that is, the absolute annihilation of the British Isles, will only be a question of time.
With threats of an armed uprising against the Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss ( he was assassinated by Nazis the following year ) and the killing of over 1, 000 civilians by troops, Philby's British passport became still more valuable.
With Congress now behind him in 1920, Gandhi had the base to employ non-cooperation, non-violence and peaceful resistance as his " weapons " in the struggle against the British Raj.
With writer Tom Pocock he was among the first British civilians to witness the horrors of the Nazi concentration camp at Belsen, where the remaining prisoners, too sick to be moved, were dying before his very eyes.
With respect to its colonies, British mercantilism meant that the government and the merchants became partners with the goal of increasing political power and private wealth, to the exclusion of other empires.

With and intervention
With the direct intervention of North Vietnam in the South with the Tet Offensive of 1968, US forces suffered heavy losses.
With the intervention of a future / alternate version of herself, Janeway leads her crew in using one of the Borg's transwarp conduits to return her ship to Federation space after having traveled through the Delta Quadrant for seven years.
With the Compromise of 1877, Army intervention in the South ceased and Republican control collapsed in the last three state governments in the South.
With the intervention of a British admiral, an armistice was declared, leading to the Neapolitan troops ' departure and surrender of the town to Garibaldi and his much smaller army.
With the diplomatic intervention of Great Britain, eventually President Bustamante promised to pay the 600, 000 pesos and the French forces withdrew on 9 March 1839.
With WebTransactions, existing BS2000 applications can be easily internet-enabled, with no need for programmer intervention in these applications.
With the intervention of the United States government, the sentence was commuted to 20 years in prison and later he was given exile to the U. S. Kim temporarily settled in Boston and taught at Harvard University as a visiting professor to the Center for International Affairs, until he chose to return to his homeland in 1985.
With the outbreak of World War I and the Entente's intervention in Macedonia, the conflict between king and first minister steadily deteriorated, leading eventually to the National Schism, that greatly contributed to the loss of the next war against Kemalist Turkey in Asia Minor, and dominated Greek politics for over a half of a century.
With the intensification of the Polish intervention in Muscovy, in 1609, the royal family moved to their residence in Vilnius, capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
With British intervention, the Saudi forces withdrew, leaving the oasis back in the hands of Abu Dhabi and Oman.
With the failure of the rebellion, he concluded that foreign intervention was needed to restore Catholicism and bring Mary to the English throne, and began to contact potential conspirators.
With the French busy creating their cordon sanitaire in the Palatinate ( too busy to consider serious intervention in the Spanish Netherlands or to move against the south-eastern Dutch provinces along the Rhine ) the States-General unanimously gave William their full support in the knowledge that the overthrow of James II was in the security interests of their own state.
With the destabilisation of French government in Morocco, and Moroccan independence in 1956, the government of Mohammed V wanted the US Air Force to pull out of the SAC bases in Morocco, insisting on such action after American intervention in Lebanon in 1958.
With Bulgaria also having previously engaged in territorial disputes with Romania, this war provoked Romanian intervention against Bulgaria.
With the intervention of six foreign powers, the UK, the US, Germany, Russia, Japan, and France, Tang Shaoyi and Wu Tingfang began to negotiate a settlement at the British concession.
With the French intervention, the British fleet was forced to withdraw.
With the success of the three-country intervention, Russia emerged as another major power in East Asia, replacing the Qing Dynasty as the entity that the Joseon court's many government officials advocated close ties with to prevent more Japanese meddling in Korean politics.
With the end of the military regime and restoration of Aristide ( following the U. S. Operation Uphold Democracy intervention ) in 1994, Chamblain went into exile in the Dominican Republic.
With the development of computerized telephone dialing systems, many telephone calls which previously required a live operator can be placed automatically by the calling party without additional human intervention.
With intervention, it may become conscious and greatly reduced in their impact ( Daniels, 2010 ).
With the occasional intervention of the author as a character ( as in the earlier Cárcel de Amor ( Prison of Love ) by Diego de San Pedro ), its narrative structure ( divided in 3 parts and 66 mamotretos ) goes on the line begun by Celestina and the narration constructed on the basis of dialogues:
With no player intervention tasks are completed much more slowly, since in many levels the staff members have to travel from one end of the hospital to another.

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