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With and Second
With the development of effective anti-aircraft artillery in the period before the Second World War, military pilots, once the " knights of the air " during the First World War, became far more vulnerable to ground fire.
* 1660 – With the death of Swedish King Charles X Gustav, the Swedish government can start to seek peace with Sweden's enemies in the Second Northern War – something that Charles X Gustav had refused.
With the defeat of the Imperial Army, the Second French Empire fell and the Third Republic was created.
With Conté as president, the CMRN set about dismantling Touré's oppressive regime, abolishing the authoritarian constitution, dissolving the sole political party and its mass youth and women's organizations, and announcing the establishment of the Second Republic.
With the exception of the Kingdom of Iraq, which joined the League on 3 October 1932, these territories did not begin to gain their independence until after the Second World War, a process that did not end until 1990.
With the Second Peace of Thorn in 1466, the Teutonic Order came under the rule of the Polish crown.
With the cessation of hostilities in 1945, and subsequent rise to power of the Communist-baked Provisional Government of National Unity, the Second Polish Republic legally ceased to exist.
With the last-named form of Eastern Christianity, reunion agreements were signed at the Second Council of Lyon and the Council of Florence, but these proved ineffective.
With the defeat of Marshal Bazaine's Army of the Rhine at Gravelotte, the French were forced to retire to Metz where they were besieged by over 150, 000 Prussian troops of the First and Second Armies.
With 1744 began the Second Silesian War.
With the start of the Second World War in the Pacific, he attempted to persuade the invading Japanese forces to declare independence for Vietnam in 1942 but was ignored.
With the outbreak of the Second World War the city was evacuated in 1939-1940, as it lay in the ‘ Red Zone ’ on the fortified Westwall ( Siegfried Line ).
With the Communists emerging victorious at the end of the Second World War, many Serbs fled Yugoslavia fearing persecution at the hands of Tito's authorities.
In 2006, he appeared in Jeff Garlin's independent film I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With along with several other Second City alumni.
With the demise of the Second French Empire, the Prince Imperial was exiled to the United Kingdom, where he first attended elementary lectures in physics at King's College London.
Iron and Steel in Ancient China: Second Impression, With Corrections.
With the outbreak of the Second World War, Childe was unable to travel across continental Europe, and so focused on producing a book about the prehistoric archaeology of Britain: the result was Prehistoric Communities of the British Isles ( 1940 ).
Howard is perhaps best remembered for his role as Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind ( 1939 ), but he was uncomfortable with Hollywood and returned to England to help with the Second World War effort.
With her father Dian Cecht and brother Miach, she healed those injured in the Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh.
With the outbreak of the Second World War, Cookstown became the centre of much regimental activity.
With the decline in the use of wherries for commercial trade on the rivers prior to the Second World War, navigation ceased on several stretches of the Broads, including the section of the river from Geldeston Lock to Bungay, where navigation rights were removed in 1934.
With an invitation from his older brother, Brian, Murray got his start at The Second City in Chicago, an improvisational comedy troupe, studying under Del Close.
* Chrome and Glass Shine Again: Hams Give Second Life to Legendary Transmitters With Names Like RCA, Collins, Gates and Raytheon
With the longest porch on a single side in New Hampshire, the Second Empire hotel accommodated 350 guests and 300 staff.

With and Great
With the expansion of the British Empire, and hence the growth of Anglicanism outside Great Britain and Ireland, the Communion sought to establish new vehicles of unity.
With the bookstacks in the central courtyard of the museum empty, the process of demolition for Lord Foster's glass-roofed Great Court could begin.
) With Gypsy Fever, Parton toured as a headline act in 1977, 1978 and 1979, to promote her albums, New Harvest-First Gathering, Here You Come Again, Heartbreaker, and Great Balls of Fire.
With the exception of a short period of eclipse, he enjoyed the complete confidence both of Constantine and Constantius II and was the tutor of the later Emperor Julian the Apostate ; and it was he who baptized Constantine the Great on May 22, 337.
With the bouncy popular song " Happy Days Are Here Again " as his campaign theme, FDR defeated incumbent Republican Herbert Hoover in November 1932, at the depth of the Great Depression.
* 244 BC: With little to no naval engagements, Hanno the Great of Carthage advocates demobilization of large parts of the Carthaginian navy to save money.
With its increasing rarity, specimens of the Great Auk and its eggs became collectible and highly prized by rich Europeans, and the loss of a large number of its eggs to collection contributed to the demise of the species.
With the implementation of the Treaty of Union in 1707, the Hebrides became part of the new Kingdom of Great Britain, but the clans ' loyalties to a distant monarch were not strong.
One example is the book Talks With Great Composers, released in the 1950s by Arthur Abell, which contains an unconfirmed interview with Brahms and Joseph Joachim, replete with biblical references.
With the other delegates, he signed the Association of Freemen on July 26, 1775, which expressed hope for reconciliation with Great Britain, but also called for military resistance to enforcement of the Intolerable Acts.
With tensions increasing with Great Britain, in 1809 Fort Bellefontaine was converted to a US military fort, and used for that purpose until 1826.
With the end of the Macedonian wars – which ran concurrently with the Punic Wars – and the defeat of the Seleucid King Antiochus III the Great in the Roman – Syrian War ( Treaty of Apamea, 188 BC ) in the eastern sea, Rome emerged as the dominant Mediterranean power and one of the most powerful cities in classical antiquity.
With efforts at improved audio fidelity, the big record companies succeeded in keeping business booming through the end of the decade, but the record sales plummeted during the Great Depression, with many companies merging or going out of business.
With the Great Depression and the introduction of Japan's cultured-pearl industry, pearling in Qatar declined drastically.
With parliamentary support from the nationalist PUNR ( National Unity Party of Romanians ), PRM ( Great Romania Party ), and the ex-communist PSM ( Socialist Workers ' Party ), a new government was formed in November 1992 under Prime Minister Nicolae Văcăroiu, an economist.
* Son House & The Great Delta Blues Singers ( With Willie Brown ,) Document Cd 5002
With the onset of stagflation in the 1970s, some Canadian Tories came under the influence of neo-liberal developments in Great Britain and the United States, which highlighted the policies for privatization and supply-side interventions.
With a total area of approximately, the UK occupies the major part of the British Isles archipelago and includes the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern one-sixth of the island of Ireland and many smaller surrounding islands.
With this, the colonies had officially severed political ties with Great Britain.
With the onset of the Great Depression, domestic support for the Nazis rose and, in 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.
With the success of the studio's 1965 Broadway play The Great Race, as well as its soundtrack, Warner Bros. Records became a profitable subsidiary.
** The Great Depression officially ends in the United States: With unemployment figures falling fast due to WWII-related employment, U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt closes the Works Progress Administration
With an area of, Great Barrier is the sixth-largest island in New Zealand after the South Island, the North Island, Stewart Island / Rakiura, Chatham Island, and Auckland Island.
With the spire reaching around 525 feet ( 160 m ) it becomes the world's tallest structure ( surpassing the Great Pyramid of Giza, which held the record for almost 4, 000 years ), a record it holds until the spire is blown down in 1549.
With both Otto the Great and Count Reginar III dead, it appears Otto II desired a fresh start with the two sons.

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