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With and addition
With the relaxation of the rule, in England at least, that anthems should be only in English, the repertoire has been greatly enhanced by the addition of many works from the Latin repertoire.
In addition to his novels, Campbell also wrote a column for X Ray Magazine in 2001, an issue of the popular comic series The Hire, comic book adaptations of his Man With The Screaming Brain and most recently he wrote the introduction to Josh Becker's The Complete Guide To Low Budget Feature Film Making.
With the addition of a pedal clavichord, which included a pedal keyboard for the lower notes, a clavichord could be used to practice organist repertoire.
With the addition of sophisticated sequencers on board the workstation synthesizer was born.
With the addition of Sierra Leone, Africa's first floorball nation, the IFF has at least one national association on each continent of the world, with the exception of Antarctica.
With the addition of Delgado, many sportswriters expected the Marlins to finish the season in either first or second place in the NL East.
With the addition of this new, safer vaulting table, gymnasts are attempting more difficult and dangerous vaults.
( With the consent of several other bishops, a single bishop has performed the ordination another bishop, in emergency situations, such as times of persecution ), The consecration of a bishop takes place near the beginning of the Liturgy, since a bishop can, in addition to performing the Mystery of the Eucharist, also ordain priests and deacons.
With the late addition of County Wicklow, the number of counties ( or ).
With the support of his mentor Michael Maestlin, Kepler received permission from the Tübingen university senate to publish his manuscript, pending removal of the Bible exegesis and the addition of a simpler, more understandable description of the Copernican system as well as Kepler ’ s new ideas.
With the addition of X11, this version marks the transition away from a text-only system.
With the addition of an additional radio frequency pulse and additional manipulation of the magnetic gradients, a T < sub > 2 </ sub >- weighted sequence can be converted to a FLAIR sequence, in which free water is now dark, but edematous tissues remain bright.
With the addition of more logs, one creates a flat raft, which is extremely stable.
With the addition of sack-leader Jared Allen in 2008, the dominant front four began being called by several nicknames, including " Thunder and Plunder " and " Shock and AWWE " ( an acronym of their surname initials ).
With the addition of Flavor Flav and another local mobile DJ named Terminator X, the group Public Enemy was born.
With the addition of a pulsation dampener on the pump outlet the " pump ripple ", or ripple graph of a pump transducer, can be smoothed reducing further the pulsation of the triplex plunger pump.
With the conscript based system during mid 1995, Sweden consisted of 15 maneuver brigades and, in addition, 100 battalions of various sorts ( artillery, engineers, rangers, air defense, amphibious, security, surveillance etc.
With the addition of germanium, the patented modified alloy Argentium Sterling silver is formed, with improved properties, including resistance to firescale.
With the addition of a suitable rest, the slingshot can also be used to fire arrows, allowing the hunting of medium sized game at short ranges.
With certain dishes, such as khao kha mu ( pork trotter stewed in soy sauce and served with rice ), whole Thai peppers and raw garlic are served in addition.
With the addition of a new bullpen in right field of Fenway Park, which reduced the distance from home plate from 400 feet to 380 feet, the bullpen was nicknamed " Williamsburg ", because the new addition was " obviously designed for Williams ".
With the addition of the new hangar, the maximum annual line maintenance capacity of the company boosted to 72 aircraft from the present 24.
With the addition of Eleanor's lands, he now controls territory stretching unbroken from Cherbourg to Bayonne.
With the addition of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence ( ODNI ) on September 30, 2007, the NCS membership currently stands at 24 members.

With and French
With the 1994 passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the following words were used to label the United States Section of that organization: in French, étatsunien ; in Spanish, estadounidense.
With the French chemists Claude-Louis Berthollet, Antoine Fourcroy and Guyton de Morveau, Lavoisier devised a systematic chemical nomenclature.
With the Edict of Potsdam in 1685, Frederick William offered asylum to the French Huguenots.
With the Mirage III withdrawn, the air defence of Brasília and region is done temporarily by a mix of F-5s from 1st GAv and 1st / 14th GAv until 10 Mirage 2000Cs and two Mirage 2000B bought from French Air Force surplus stocks arrive at Anápolis.
With Villeroi shadowing Marlborough's every move, Marlborough's gamble that the French would not move against the weakened Dutch position in the Netherlands paid off.
With the French flanks busy, Marlborough could cross the Nebel and deliver the fatal blow to the French at their centre.
With support from Colonel Blood's batteries, the Hessian, Hanoverian and Dutch infantry – now commanded by Count Berensdorf – succeeded in pushing the French and Irish infantry back into Oberglauheim so that they could not again threaten Churchill's flank as he moved against Tallard.
" With Marlborough ’ s departure north, the French now transferred troops from the Moselle valley to reinforce Villeroi in Flanders, while Villars marched off to the Rhine.
With the French army ashore, the fleet anchored in Aboukir Bay, a station northeast of Alexandria, in a formation that its commander, Vice-Admiral François-Paul Brueys D ' Aigalliers, believed established a formidable defensive position.
With Brueys dead and his van and centre defeated, the rear division of the French fleet attempted to break out of the bay, but ultimately only two ships of the line and two frigates escaped, from a total of 17 ships engaged.
With the French vanguard now heavily outnumbered, the following British ships HMS Bellerophon and HMS Majestic passed by the melee and advanced on the so far unengaged French centre.
With his opponents defeated, Captain Gould on Audacious used the spring on his cable to transfer fire to Spartiate, the next French ship in line.
With French support, a reorganization of the armed forces was initiated early in 1991 with the goal of reducing its numbers and making its ethnic composition reflective of the country as a whole.
With Mahoré continuing to gravitate politically and economically toward France, and Comoros increasingly dependent on the French for help with its own considerable social, political, and economic problems, the issue of Mahoré diminished somewhat in urgency.
With the fall of Louisbourg, French resistance in the region crumbled.
With Gabrielle Peiffer, Levinas translated into French Husserl's Méditations cartésiennes ( 1931 ).
With Eugene's help Louis found employment in the Imperial army, only to be killed in action against the French in 1702.
With his help, French former minister and Resistance fighter Pierre-Henri Teitgen submitted a report to the Assembly proposing a list of rights to be protected, selecting a number from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights just agreed to in New York, and defining how the enforcing judicial mechanism might operate.
With the advent of the New Dawn promotion, three additional servers were set up and maintained by Ubisoft: Venril Sathir ( British ), Sebilis ( French ) and Kael Drakkal ( German ).
With the defeat of the Imperial Army, the Second French Empire fell and the Third Republic was created.
With a large expedition that eventually included 40 000 European troops, and receiving help from white colonists and mulatto forces commanded by Alexandre Pétion, a former lieutenant of Rigaud, the French won several victories after severe fighting.
With the French intent on reconquest and re-enslavement of the colony's black population, the war became a bloody struggle of atrocity and attrition.
With this new vocabulary, additional vocabulary borrowed from Latin ( with Greek, another approximately one-third of Modern English vocabulary, though some borrowings from Latin and Greek date from later periods ), a simplified grammar, and use of the orthographic conventions of French instead of Old English orthography, the language became Middle English ( the language of Chaucer ).

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