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With and beginning
With her son evidencing so strong a musical bent his mother could do little else but get him started on the study of music -- though she waited until he was ten -- beginning with the piano and following that with the trumpet.
With the beginning of the slow decline of the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century, and as a result of the expansionist policies of Czarist Russia in the Caucasus, many Muslim nations and groups in that region, mainly Circassians, Tatars, Azeris, Lezgis, Chechens, and several Turkic groups left their ancestral homelands and settled in Anatolia.
With international investment, Bulgaria began constructing a new domestic gas transportation network beginning in 2005.
With the continuing advances being made in the production of synthetic diamonds, future applications are beginning to become feasible.
With evidence in hand from both the Corona satellite and Navy Reconnaissance aircraft, at the beginning of October the administration decided it was now worth risking U-2 flights over Cuba.
With the advent of a Provisional IRA ceasefire and the beginning of what became known as the Peace Process during the 1990s, the official view of the Rising became more positive and in 1996 an 80th anniversary commemoration at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin was attended by the Taoiseach and leader of Fine Gael, John Bruton.
Line No. 1 dessert habitat areas such as: CHATENAY, HORTH, GRANT, COULEE D ’ OR, JARDIN DE ZEPHIR, BOURDA, COLIBRI, et ZEPHIR, and major traffic generators in the Greater Cayenne ( center city ​​ and administrative district schools ). With a bus every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday, and a bus every hour on Saturday afternoon. Amplitude ( 2 bus Max ): 5 h beginning 45, 20 end 14 h.
Line No. 2 dessert habitat areas such as: RESIDENCE UNIVERSITAIRE, STANILAS, PASTEUR, RESIDENCE DE BADUEL, and major traffic generators in the Greater Cayenne ( downtown and schools ). With a bus every 35 minutes Monday to Saturday, and a bus every hour on Saturday afternoon. Amplitude ( 2 bus Max ): 6 h beginning 15, 01 end 20 h.
Line No. 3 serves residential areas such as: MANGUIER, THEMIRE, MANGO, BONHOMME, NOVA PARC, VENDÔME, CHEMIN TARZAN, MONT-LUCAS, and major traffic generators in the Greater Cayenne ( downtown, administrative district and schools ). With a bus every 22 minutes Monday to Saturday, and a bus every hour on Saturday afternoon. Amplitude ( 4 buses Max ): 5 h beginning 45, end 19 h 56Line 4
dessert habitat areas such as: RENOVATION URBAINE, EAU LISETTE, URANUS, ROSERAIE, MORTIN, ZENITH ( Matoury ), and major traffic generators in the Greater Cayenne ( downtown, industrial park and schools ). With a bus every 40 minutes Monday to Saturday, and a bus every hour on Saturday afternoon. Amplitude ( 2 bus Max ): 5 h beginning 50, 20 end 13 h.
KATOURY ) and corresponds with all lines of the network by structuring ways. With a bus every hour from Monday to Saturday. Amplitude ( 1 bus ): 5 h beginning 55, 19 end 20 h.
Line No. 2 PC ( inner ring 2 ), serves the same areas as the PC one in reverse. With a bus every hour from Monday to Saturday. Amplitude ( 1 bus ): 6 h beginning 10, 20 end 10 h.
With 240, 191 inhabitants in the beginning of 2009, Ghent is Belgium's second largest municipality by number of inhabitants.
With Rigoletto, Verdi sets up his original idea of musical drama as a cocktail of heterogeneous elements, embodying social and cultural complexity, and beginning from a distinctive mixture of comedy and tragedy.
With encouragement from the United States Agency for International Development ( AID ), the Honduran government began to decentralize Cohdefor beginning in 1985.
With the progression of the genre actors were beginning to build entire careers in such films, most especially Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.
( With the consent of several other bishops, a single bishop has performed the ordination another bishop, in emergency situations, such as times of persecution ), The consecration of a bishop takes place near the beginning of the Liturgy, since a bishop can, in addition to performing the Mystery of the Eucharist, also ordain priests and deacons.
With regard to education, Diogenes says that Heraclitus was " wondrous " ( thaumasios, which, as Plato explains in the Theaetetus and elsewhere, is the beginning of philosophy ) from childhood.
With the emergence of monarchy at the beginning of Iron Age II the king promoted his own family god, Yahweh, as the god of the kingdom, but beyond the royal court religion continued to be both polytheistic and family-centered, as it was also for other societies in the Ancient Near East.
With Bubbleponics, the roots get easy access to water from the beginning and will grow to the reservoir below much more quickly than with a Deep Water Culture system.
With knowledge of his sexuality becoming more common beginning in the 1970s, some film historians and gay studies scholars have detected homosexual themes in Whale's work, particularly in Bride of Frankenstein in which a number of the creative people associated with the cast, including Ernest Thesiger and Colin Clive, were alleged to be gay or bisexual.
With the development of the Web, digital reference services are beginning to take over some of the roles of the traditional reference desk in a library.
With the increasing urbanization of populations, it was beginning to be looked to as the source for ideas to deal with the challenges of the day.
With knowledge of the thing I can say that this development was in its beginning probably necessary and well-founded.

With and colonial
With British colonial expansion from the seventeenth century onwards, the Anglican Church was planted across the globe.
" With the colonial and native civilizations in collision, compounded by British incitement of Indian tribes and mounting hostilities between the two peoples, Jefferson's administration took quick measures to avert another major conflict.
With an English claim here and in Newfoundland, it becomes the basis for English colonial charters which will claim all land from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from " sea to sea.
With regard to the economy, colonial strategy was based on agriculture and the export of raw materials.
With colonial policy shifts, the region changed into the Orange River Sovereignty ( 1848 – 1854 ) and eventually the Orange Free State Republic ( 1854 – 1902 ).
With the Treaty of Versailles Japan as mandatory power assumed control of all German colonial possessions north of the equator, having occupied Pohnpei along with the rest of the Carolines, the Marshalls, the Marianas ( except for American-owned Guam ) and Kiautschou Bay during World War I.
With its high food potential, it had become a staple food of the native populations of northern South America, southern Mesoamerica, and the Caribbean by the time of the Spanish conquest, and its cultivation was continued by the colonial Portuguese and Spanish.
With the decolonization of Africa, Uganda took over control of its postal system, although until 1961 stamps from the colonial postal system were being issued along side Uganda's stamps.
With the defences nearing completion and battle approaching, Chard had several hundred men available to him: Bromhead's B Company, Stevenson's large NNC company, Henderson's NNH troop, and various others ( most of them hospital patients, but ' walking wounded ') drawn from various British and colonial units.
With Wilson's 1918 proclamation of the Fourteen Points, whose fifth point proclaimed: " A free, open-minded, and absolutely impartial adjustment of all colonial claims, based upon a strict observance of the principle that in determining all such questions of sovereignty the interests of the populations concerned must have equal weight with the equitable claims of the government whose title is to be determined ", some Algerian intellectuals — dubbed oulémas began to nurture the desire for independence or, at least, autonomy and self-rule.
With her return to film in the 1950s, she portrayed an abused colonial wife in Carol Reed's Outcast of the Islands ( 1952 ), but had already transitioned into mature, supporting roles with Sailor of the King ( 1953 ) and a memorable victim of the Mau Mau uprising in Something of Value ( 1957 ).
With the British defeat of France and takeover of its colonial territory, the Chippewa learned to deal with a new trading culture.
With little help from the colonial government, St. Ange was able to build up the small village and attract new tribes to trade.
With the Treaty of Easton in 1758, the Lenape were required to vacate their lands in colonial New Jersey and to move westward.
With its antique colonial homes and outstanding schools, it is an attractive option for those seeking to move from New York City.
With the addition of French African colonies came a large number of African colonial troops.
With reference to it colonial history, Manila's waterfront expresses power through the dominant classes which uses the Baywalk for exercise, fishing or socialization.
With the advent of British rule during the 19th century, Madurai became the headquarters of a large colonial political complex and an industrial town – with the urbanisation, the social hierarchical classes became unitary.
With elected members in a decisive majority, Ghana had reached a level of political maturity unequaled anywhere in colonial Africa.
With the loss of the German colonial empire after World War I, some of these colonists returned to Germany with their " mixed-race " families.
With Howe personally leading the right wing of the attack, the first two assaults were firmly repulsed by the colonial defenders.
With the gradual extension into northern Somalia of European colonial rule, all three Kingdoms were eventually annexed to Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland in the early 20th century.
With such a far-flung business, the Oppenheimers soon realized the importance of improving transportation and joined a group which successfully lobbied the colonial government in 1862 to build the Cariboo Road to Barkerville.
With the Spanish conquest of Yucatán, Conquistador Francisco de Montejo made Motul a Spanish colonial town.

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