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With and chance
With destructive tensions and pressures removed men have the vigor and energy to construct a new human life -- rebuilding entire cities, expanding facilities for entertainment, providing unlimited opportunities for education -- indeed, for the first time giving everyone the chance to employ his talents to the fullest.
With that wife of his, I think he feels every chance he gets is his big chance.
With the advent of the Union and the demise of Jacobitism, access to London and the Empire opened up very attractive career opportunities for ambitious middle-class and upper-class Scots, who seized the chance to become entrepreneurs, intellectuals, and soldiers.
With a protection bet, some or all of them may fold, leaving fewer opponents and a better chance of winning.
With one card to come, Alice holds a made hand with little chance of improving and faces a $ 10 call to win a $ 30 pot.
With 9 opponents remaining to act, there is approximately a 40 % chance that at least one of them will have a better hand than Carol's like A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, A-K, A-Q, A-J or K-Q.
With an observation arc of only 6 days it showed a 1 in 7140 chance of impact on 1 June 2015.
With little care for his studies and " itching for a chance to go and see some excitement ", Tracy enrolled in the Navy when he turned eighteen.
With the idea of forcing his first-born son to take the holy vows, Władysław intended to deprive him of any chance of succession.
With the climactic image of the Statue of Liberty as the boatload of immigrants docks in New York Harbor, Stavros puts his tribulations behind him, starting out as a shoeshine boy and gathering the pennies and dollars that will eventually bring his family to the land where their descendants, including Elia Kazan, will have the chance to fulfill their potential.
With a slim 1. 7 % chance of winning the rights to draft number 1, the Bulls won the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery and selected first overall.
With this, the Bulls became the team with the lowest chance of winning to ever win the lottery since it was modified for the 1994 NBA Draft, and second lowest ever.
With a chance to overtake the Thrashers one final time and once again become division champions for the third time in team history, on April 6, 2007, in the final week of the regular season, the Lighting suffered a loss to the Florida Panthers, the night before the season finale in Atlanta.
With no chance of regaining his judicial posts, he instead returned to Parliament, where he swiftly became a leading member of the opposition.
With this defeat the last chance of saving Sevastopol vanished.
With the failure of the British attempt to force a crossing of the Rhine at Arnhem ( Operation Market Garden ) in late September, the chance of invading Germany before the winter set in was lost, and Rundstedt was given time to consolidate his position.
With Harrison likely to be the Republican candidate in 1892, the first real chance would be in 1896.
With Williams out, the remaining trio of Ashford, Beard and Reeves renamed themselves The Vandellas, Barry Gordy phoning down and telling the girls what their name would be after giving them a chance to name themselves.
With the arrival of the standard gauge, the CM & RDT saw the chance to greatly expand their operation.
With UA's new success, Pickford saw a chance to exit gracefully, though she still held out for top dollar, walking away with $ 1. 5 million in 1955.
With random UUIDs, the chance of two having the same value can be calculated using probability theory ( Birthday paradox ).
With a chance to win the Finals in game 4, the Shock and Mercury battled back and forth all game.
In 2005, the Lied Discovery Children's Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, opened " Growing Up With the Berenstain Bears ", an exhibition offering children the chance to experience life-size versions of Bear Country landmarks.

With and quick
With his quick wits and the assistance of drunken gunslinger Jim ( Gene Wilder ), also known as " The Waco Kid " (" I must have killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille "), Bart works to overcome the townsfolk's hostile reception.
With the use of intravenous hypertonic saline, the correction can be too quick, not allowing enough time for the brain's cells to adjust to the new tonicity.
With letters of introduction to prominent Englishmen, Audubon gained their quick attention.
With a little help from Suegar, an apparent religious fanatic, and Tris, the leader of the female prisoners, he instills order and hope in the apathetic, distrustful inmates, makes them rehearse for quick embarkation ( disguised as a food distribution procedure ), and stages one of the largest mass breakouts in history.
" With the colonial and native civilizations in collision, compounded by British incitement of Indian tribes and mounting hostilities between the two peoples, Jefferson's administration took quick measures to avert another major conflict.
With disease rampant in the American army in Cuba, Shafter and many of his officers favored a quick withdrawal from Cuba.
With the abundance of PCR technology, primers that flank microsatellite loci are simple and quick to use, but the development of correctly functioning primers is often a tedious and costly process. A number of DNA samples from specimens of Littorina plena amplified using polymerase chain reaction with primers targeting a variable simple sequence repeat ( SSR, a. k. a. microsatellite ) locus.
With the acquisition of guard Brent Barry from Seattle, the Spurs would get off to a quick start, posting a 12 – 3 record in November.
With the quick turnover at the top, Shooter rapidly found himself rising in the ranks, and in 1978 he succeeded Archie Goodwin to become Marvel's ninth editor-in-chief.
With quick firing guns ( those using metallic cartridge cases ) the case itself is fitted with the igniting medium ; in England these are called primers.
With the introduction of weapons such as the Thompson submachine gun and Winchester Model 1912 shotgun and the thick vegetation that could provide cover for a quick overrun of a patrol, a team of four men armed with these weapons had more firepower and maneuverability than the standard nine-man squad.
With few pictures on the schedule, Skouras wanted to rush Zanuck's big-budget war epic The Longest Day, a highly accurate account of the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, with a huge international cast, into release as another source of quick cash.
With chatrooms replacing many face-to-face conversations it is necessary to be able to have quick conversation as if the person were present, so many people learn to type as quickly as they would normally speak.
With proper patient selection, laparoscopic fundoplication has low complication rates and a quick recovery.
* With 20 seconds left in the third overtime and the Celtics seemingly in control at 128 – 122, Westphal scored two quick baskets to cut it to 128 – 126 and nearly made a steal at midcourt after the second, but failed and the Celtics ran out the clock to the victory.
With a management team made up entirely of longtime movie industry insiders, Orion was off to a quick start.
With the Ottomans appearing close to collapse Louis XIV's ministers, Louvois and Colbert de Croissy, felt it essential to have a quick resolution along the German frontier before the Emperor turned from the Balkans to lead a comparatively united German Empire against France on the Rhine and reverse the Ratisbon settlement.
With its quick pace and scathing subject matter, the Goliards ' poetry became part of the model for English satirical verse that flourished in the age of Samuel Butler, Jonathan Swift, and others.
With only rear-drive, the Sierra struggled to compete on looser surfaces but was very quick on asphalt, Didier Auriol winning his first World Championship rally in a Sierra in Corsica, 1988.
With the silk trade and quick collapse of the North American beaver-based fur trade in the later 1830s – 1840s, many of the mountain men settled into jobs as Army Scouts, wagon train guides and settlers through the lands which they had helped open up.
With Primula production ceasing in 1970 and the quick demise of the A111, Autobianchi became effectively a one-model brand.
With his customary mobility Napoleon multiplied himself, divided and destroyed the British and the Spanish in quick and precise blows.
With quick hands and exceptional upper-body strength, Killebrew was known not just for the frequency of his home runs but also for their distance.
With a series of quick strikes and the support of Kido Takayoshi, Takasugi achieved victory by March 1865.

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