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With and defences
With these lessons in mind, Alfred capitalised on the relatively peaceful years immediately following his victory at Ethandrun by focusing on an ambitious restructuring of his kingdom's military defences.
With fewer men, Chard realised the need to modify the defences, and gave orders for the construction of a biscuit-box wall through the middle of the post in order to make possible the abandonment of the hospital side of the station if the need arose.
With the River Nith on two sides and the Lochar Moss on another, Dumfries was a town with good natural defences.
With resistance solidifying it became clear to the British that any opportunity to rush Caen's defences with small-scale actions had passed.
With the outbreak of war extensive anti-aircraft defences were also installed, including smoke generating machines to conceal the Berghof complex from hostile aircraft.
With the occupation of Romani, the area became part the Northern or No. 3 Sector of the Suez Canal defences, which originally stretched along the canal from Ferdan to Port Said.
With this victory Operations Commander Yigal Allon realised that there were no Egyptian defences left west of el-Arish and was prepared to capture the entire Sinai peninsula.
With this knowledge of the plans General Freyberg began to prepare the island's defences, hampered by a lack of modern and heavy equipment as the troops from Greece had in most cases had to leave only with their personal weapons.
With the failure of Upnor castle it was seen necessary to increase the defences.
With the Allies out of position after defeating the first two attacks, Foy hit a weak spot in their defences.
With the Japanese threatening in south-east Asia, Brooke-Popham knew he had to build up the defences of the region.
With the key defences of the city lost, the Confederate troops evacuated Mobile on the 12th.
With the successful conclusion of the preceding Battle of Morval at the end of September, the Fourth Army of Lieutenant General Henry Rawlinson had finally captured the third line of German defences on the Somme.
With the other armies of 3rd Belorussian Front, 5th Army then took part in the failed Gumbinnen Operation of October 1944, in which the Soviets were not able to break the German East Prussian defences.
With the bat, however, Ulyett failed in the first innings, lasting just a quarter of an hour before Nat Thomson had him trapped in front ; in the second innings, however, with England in dire straits, he fought hard with John Selby for about 45 minutes — but then the rampant Tom Kendall got one through his defences and effectively brought an end to England's resistance, the match being lost by 45 runs.
With a counterpart in barristers and silks uninvolved at any level in organized crime who conducted the defences ; often provided for in written submission form ; one set of whom were referred to as the ‘ Kiwi Mafia ’.

With and nearing
With the trading monopoly nearing collapse smuggling and piracy were rife.
With Stalin nearing 70, the post-war years were dominated by a concealed struggle for succession among his supporters.
With the impending milestone nearing, Lees boasted that the BDO has been able to build relationships with acts during their careers, which has become a part of the culture of BDO.
With the nearing of Tarmon Gai ' don, old talents are said to be returning to mankind.
With the title of duke of Rovigo ( a small town in Venetia ), Savary set out for Madrid when Napoleon's plans for gaining the mastery of Spain were nearing completion.
With the 1960 elections nearing, congressional Democrats sought issues on which they could conspicuously oppose the Republican administration.
With the siege works nearing completion and food running low, Lysimachus decided to abandon the camp, and marched away during a night-time storm.
With the new ballpark safely nearing completion, Seals Stadium was demolished in November 1959.
With the 1960 elections nearing, congressional Democrats sought issues on which they could conspicuously oppose the Republican administration.
With the lease on Little Holland House nearing its end and the building soon to be demolished, in the early 1870s he commissioned a new London home nearby from CR Cockerell ( New Little Holland House, backing onto the estate of Lord Leighton ) and acquired a house at Freshwater on the Isle of Wight-his friends Julia Margaret Cameron and Lord Tennyson already had homes on the islands.
With their debut album nearing completion, in early 2004 Sluts of Trust travelled to the BBC's Maida Vale Studios in London to record a live session for John Peel's show on BBC Radio 1.
With this system flights nearing were possible, but the lack of atmospheric pressure at that altitude caused the pilot's heart to enlarge visibly, and many pilots reported health problems from such high altitude flights.
With the departure of Tampa Bay's previous starter, Bill Ranford, to the Detroit Red Wings and Darren Puppa nearing the end of his career, Cloutier assumed the starting position for his new club.
With the taxiway also completed, and parking ramps nearing completion, the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing and one of its F-51 combat squadrons arrived on December 26, 1952.
With the Statehouse exterior nearing completion by 1854, Columbus architect Nathan Kelley was hired to supervise the design and construction of the building ’ s interiors.
With the passage of the Butler Bill in 1847, the state's financial crisis was finally nearing its end.
With the 1960 elections nearing, congressional Democrats sought issues on which they could conspicuously oppose the Republican administration.

With and completion
With completion of filling, net-like anastomoses were noted to be present between these separately derived branches.
With the departure and the completion of the new White Wing ( fronting Montague Street ) in 1884, more space was available for antiquities and ethnography and the library could further expand.
With the completion of the transnational Øresund Bridge in 2000, Copenhagen has become the centre of the increasingly integrating Øresund Region.
With the completion of the merger in 1970, the Cleveland Browns were moved to the AFL-based American Football Conference and placed in the AFC Central, the same division as the Bengals.
With the completion of the port at Haifa and its oil refineries, significant industry was added to the predominantly agricultural Palestinian economy.
With the completion of Remember Last Night?
With the closing of the prison in 1816, the town almost collapsed, but the completion of the Dartmoor Railway in 1823 brought back many people to the granite quarries.
With the completion of critical testing, Enterprise was partially disassembled to allow certain components to be reused in other shuttles, then underwent an international tour visiting France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Canada, and the US states of California, Alabama, and Louisiana ( during the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition ).
With the substantial completion of the ISS following STS-133 in March 2011, plans for space exploration by the USA remain in flux.
With 1: 22 left in the game, Staubach started out the drive with an 11-yard scramble to midfield, and then followed it up with a 12-yard completion to Preston Pearson at the Steelers 38-yard line.
With the score 24-14 in the closing minutes of the first half, Aikman threw 3 straight incompletions, and a short punt by the Cowboys set up Young's 28-yard touchdown completion to Rice with 8 seconds remaining in the first half.
With the completion of the Maine Turnpike and Interstate 95 in 1955, local commercial developments began to move away from Water Street and closer to the Interstate.
With the completion of Mexico's State of Tamaulipas new ' autopista ', the Free Trade Bridge will provide a seamless highway connection for more efficient distribution of industrial products to and from interior Mexico.
With the completion of the Afsluitdijk in 1932, the Zuiderzee became the IJsselmeer, and large areas of water could be reclaimed for farming and housing.
With the completion of the new legislative council building in Jalan Mabohai, the Lapau will soon become a symbol of the sultanate's constitutional history.
With this and the completion of the construction of the satellite uplink center in Cheyenne, Wyoming, The Dish Network brand name was born to represent the home satellite TV service.
With the successful completion of the TX-0, work turned immediately to the much larger and far more complex TX-1.
With the completion of the interchange in 1972, the city had a freeway loop in conjunction with I-10 and I-35 around the central business district of the city.
With the completion of the interchange at SH 72 and other bridges in the Pleasanton area in 1981, I-37 was complete.
With the completion of this new building the number of beds on campus will increase to 3000.
With the completion of the Sturgeon Bay Shipping Canal in 1881, the northern half of the peninsula, in actuality, became an island.
With the completion of the railroad from New Orleans to the Ohio River, Water Valley was an important railroad community on the Mississippi Central railroad at the outset of the Civil War.
With the completion of high-speed road connections to St. Tammany from New Orleans and its older suburbs ( Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, the I-10 Twin Span ), the parish began to develop as a bedroom community.
With the chancel built, work reached the south aisle and moved on through the nave until its completion around 1390.

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