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from Brown Corpus
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With and development
With the advent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, the development of the modern private detective begins.
With respect to Article 2,, paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ): Uses of Section 104 ( E ) and Section 104 ( G ) rupees: The Government of India will use the amount of rupees granted or loaned to it by the United States pursuant to paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ) for projects to promote economic development with emphasis upon the agricultural sector including food reserve storage structures and facilities as may from time to time be agreed upon by the authorized representatives of the United States and the authorized representatives of the Government of India, in the following sectors: A.
With the development of nuclear technology, isotopic materials, and machine radiation sources in recent years, the possibilities of applying ionizing radiation to the preservation of foods attracted the attention of investigators in the United States and throughout the world.
With the development of fast Internet in the last part of the 20th century along with advances in computer controlled telescope mounts and CCD cameras ' Remote Telescope ' astronomy is now a viable means for amateur astronomers not aligned with major telescope facilities to partake in research and deep sky imaging.
With the development of quantum mechanics, it was found that the orbiting electrons around a nucleus could not be fully described as particles, but needed to be explained by the wave-particle duality.
With other early members, Wilson and Smith developed AA's Twelve Step program of spiritual and character development.
With the purchase of NeXT and subsequent development of Mac OS X, AppleTalk was strictly a legacy system.
With the development of effective anti-aircraft artillery in the period before the Second World War, military pilots, once the " knights of the air " during the First World War, became far more vulnerable to ground fire.
With the development of military aircraft during World War II, battles were fought in the sky as well as below the ocean.
With modern biotechnology, these genes can be used as targets for the development of effective new therapies, which could significantly shorten the drug discovery process.
With the development of efficient computer technology in the 1940s, the solutions of elaborate wave equations for complex atomic systems began to be a realizable objective.
With the development of the lead chamber process in 1746 and the Leblanc process, allowing large-scale production of sulfuric acid and sodium carbonate, respectively, chemical reactions became implemented into the industry.
With shifts in competition and the increasing reliance by corporations on CRM systems, development of software has become more important than ever.
With the development of trade routes under the Ottoman Empire,
With regard to development, he described principles rather than stages.
With the development of the internet, by the late 1990s and early 2000, much of that regulation had been replaced where newer industry technologies developed, offering viewers alternate choices for local events and programming leading to what is today, that being Digital Cable, Internet, and Phone being offered to consumers, bundled, by 2010.
With the subsequent development of protease inhibitors and highly active antiretroviral therapy, numerous studies have documented the fact that anti-HIV drugs prevent the development of AIDS and substantially prolong survival, further disproving the claim that these drugs " cause " AIDS.
With the development of cryo-electron microscopy of vitreous sections ( CEMOVIS ), it is now possible to observe samples from virtually any biological specimen close to its native state.
With the onset of industrialization and the development of the food processing industry, a wider range of food could be sold and distributed in distant locations.
With the development of the software industry, other license schemes arose similar to limited free products in standard marketing.
With the development of modern microscopes in the 20th century, the discovery was confirmed.
With the advent of the evidence-based medicine and great advances of information technology the process of change is likely to evolve further, with greater development of international projects such as the Human genome project.
With overwhelming air superiority and truly intercontinental bombers, the newly forming US Air Force did not take the problem of ICBM development seriously.

With and Red
With Red Hogan, he rode to the Welcome Cafe.
With these completed and ice gone from the St. Peter's River ( present-day Minnesota river ) their 250 bushels of wheat, 100 bushels of oats and barley and 30 bushels of peas and some chickens were loaded onto the flat-bottomed boats and rowed up the river to Big Stone Lake, across into Lake Traverse, and down the Red.
With the win against the Boston Red Sox on September 30 and the loss of the Los Angeles Angels to the Texas Rangers in the second game of a double header, the Orioles clinched the playoff berth.
With help from foreign military advisers, Chiang's Fifth Campaign finally surrounded the Chinese Red Army in 1934.
With its position on the Red Sea, Djibouti holds a major strategic importance.
With Colorado beating Detroit in the third round in 1996, in the second round of both 1999 and 2000, and the Red Wings beating the Avs in the third round in 1997, the battles between these two teams had become one of the fiercest in the league.
With the 1920, militant strike activity by industrial workers reached its peak in Italy, where 1919 and 1920 were known as the " Red Years ".
With the aid of the studio, Hergé managed to produce The Calculus Affair from 1954 until 1956, followed by The Red Sea Sharks in 1956 to 1957.
With her predecessor, former First Lady Nancy Reagan, Bush dedicated the First Ladies Red Dress Collection at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in May 2005.
With David Angel's atmospheric string and horn arrangements giving the work a conceptual underpinning, Lee explores mainstream America's penchant for paranoia (' The Red Telephone ') and violence (' A House Is Not a Motel ') with songs that are as sonically subtle and lilting as they are lyrically blunt and harrowing.
With the exception of airborne formations, the Red Army mechanized all its infantry formations.
With the Red Army forces still stationed in the country and exerting de facto control, Communists and their allied parties claimed 80 % of the vote, through a combination of vote manipulation, elimination, and forced mergers of competing parties, thus establishing themselves as the dominant force.
With over 30, 000 of its army officers executed or imprisoned, including most of those of the highest ranks, the Red Army in 1939 had many inexperienced senior officers.
With Red Garland
With the authorization of the Colombian government and the participation of the International Red Cross, a Venezuelan helicopter transported them to Caracas from San Jose del Guaviare.
With its strong control of the Red Sea, Suleiman successfully managed to dispute control of the Indian trade routes to the Portuguese and maintained a significant level of trade with the Mughal Empire of South Asia throughout the 16th century.
With that improvement, the team was sold to Robert Kraft in January 1994 for a ( then ) record price of $ 200, 000, 000 — an astonishing price considering the Pats had generally been considered a laughing-stock and second rate team, had the worst stadium in the league, and couldn't sell out save for select home games resulting in most games going without television coverage — sports in New England centered on the beloved Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox, not the NFL team orphaned in remote Foxborough, Massachusetts, forty miles outside Boston.
With great reluctance he gave up Red House, and in 1865 established himself under the same roof with his workshops, now relocated to Queen Square, Bloomsbury.
* The Dragon With Red Eyes
With the building of the Salisbury Court Theatre in 1629 near the site of the defunct Whitefriars, the London audience had six theatres to choose from: three surviving large open-air " public " theatres, the Globe, the Fortune, and the Red Bull, and three smaller enclosed " private " theatres, the Blackfriars, the Cockpit, and the Salisbury Court.
With The Hilliard Ensemble, Red Byrd, Juice, Ebor Singers & Paul Gameson director, Linda Hirst, Joe Marsh narrator.
With more than 160 wineries within an hour ’ s drive, the Tri-Cities of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland is truly at the heart of the Columbia Valley which includes the Yakima Valley, Walla Walla Valley, Red Mountain, Horse Heaven Hills, and Wahluke Slope appellations ( areas with a distinctive growing climate that influences wine production ).
With the victory of the Red Army, the Cossack lands were subjected to extensive repression and the famine
With the outbreak of the Second World War the city was evacuated in 1939-1940, as it lay in theRed Zone ’ on the fortified Westwall ( Siegfried Line ).

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