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With and end
With the end of the trial Diane disappeared from New York.
With 32 bytes, France would have been able to implement an ATM-based voice network with calls from one end of France to the other requiring no echo cancellation.
With the end of western Roman power, the islands, to the extent that they were governed at all, were part of territories of Goths, Vandals, Saracens, before the Normans fortified Favignana in 1081.
With the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the end of the Cold war, Bulgaria could no longer support a vast military.
With the establishment of a German state in Prussia, and the eradication or flight of much of the Baltic Prussian population in the 13th century, the remaining Prussians began to be assimilated, and by the end of the 17th century, the Prussian language had become extinct.
With the end of the war in 1945, there was a great expectation that the Soviet people would not only see the end of the devastation of Nazism, but also the end of Stalin's Purges.
With the chance of a quick profit removed, the wave of demutualisations came to an end in 2000.
With the end of the battle, Octavian exerted himself to save the crews of the burning vessels, and had to spend the whole night on board.
With assistance from Libya, Goukouni regained control of the capital and other urban centers by year ’ s end.
With the reform of its apartheid government, South Africa no longer needed Comoros as evidence of its ostensible ability to enjoy good relations with a black African state ; the end of the Cold War had also diminished Comoros ' strategic value to Pretoria.
With hinged, fixed or free end support conditions the deflected shape in neutral equilibrium of an initially straight column with uniform cross section throughout its length always follows a partial or composite sinusoidal curve shape, and the critical load is given by
With no central authority individual congregations are responsible for maintaining orthodoxy in belief and practice, and the statement of faith is seen by many as useful to this end.
With the end of the Cold War, however, Denmark has been supportive of U. S. policy objectives in the Alliance.
With the emergence of chemical engineering as a discipline at the end of the 19th century, scientific rather than empirical methods could be applied.
With the signing of the Treaty of Ryswick in September / October 1697, the desultory war in the west was finally brought to an inconclusive end, and Leopold I could once again devote all his martial energies into defeating the Ottoman Turks in the east.
With the Bombers looking towards a new era, it was announced on 27 September that Matthew Lloyd would replace James Hird as Essendon captain for the 2006 season, marking the end of Hird's reign since he took over the captaincy in 1998.
Line No. 1 dessert habitat areas such as: CHATENAY, HORTH, GRANT, COULEE D ’ OR, JARDIN DE ZEPHIR, BOURDA, COLIBRI, et ZEPHIR, and major traffic generators in the Greater Cayenne ( center city ​​ and administrative district schools ). With a bus every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday, and a bus every hour on Saturday afternoon. Amplitude ( 2 bus Max ): 5 h beginning 45, 20 end 14 h.
Line No. 2 dessert habitat areas such as: RESIDENCE UNIVERSITAIRE, STANILAS, PASTEUR, RESIDENCE DE BADUEL, and major traffic generators in the Greater Cayenne ( downtown and schools ). With a bus every 35 minutes Monday to Saturday, and a bus every hour on Saturday afternoon. Amplitude ( 2 bus Max ): 6 h beginning 15, 01 end 20 h.
Line No. 3 serves residential areas such as: MANGUIER, THEMIRE, MANGO, BONHOMME, NOVA PARC, VENDÔME, CHEMIN TARZAN, MONT-LUCAS, and major traffic generators in the Greater Cayenne ( downtown, administrative district and schools ). With a bus every 22 minutes Monday to Saturday, and a bus every hour on Saturday afternoon. Amplitude ( 4 buses Max ): 5 h beginning 45, end 19 h 56Line 4
dessert habitat areas such as: RENOVATION URBAINE, EAU LISETTE, URANUS, ROSERAIE, MORTIN, ZENITH ( Matoury ), and major traffic generators in the Greater Cayenne ( downtown, industrial park and schools ). With a bus every 40 minutes Monday to Saturday, and a bus every hour on Saturday afternoon. Amplitude ( 2 bus Max ): 5 h beginning 50, 20 end 13 h.
Line No. 5 serves residential areas such as: LES ALIZES, ANATOLE, BRUTUS, CESAIRE, EAU LISETTE, BONHOMME, CABASSOU, and major traffic generators in the town of Cayenne ( city, district administrative and schools ). With a bus every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday, and a bus every hour on Saturday afternoon. Amplitude ( 2 bus Max ): 6 pm start 00, end 20 h 04.
KATOURY ) and corresponds with all lines of the network by structuring ways. With a bus every hour from Monday to Saturday. Amplitude ( 1 bus ): 5 h beginning 55, 19 end 20 h.
Line No. 2 PC ( inner ring 2 ), serves the same areas as the PC one in reverse. With a bus every hour from Monday to Saturday. Amplitude ( 1 bus ): 6 h beginning 10, 20 end 10 h.

With and Communist
With justified bitterness the author speaks of `` what seems to me to have been an inexcusable body of ignorance about the nature of the Russian Communist movement, about the history of its diplomacy, about what had happened in the purges, and about what had been going on in Poland and the Baltic States ''.
With Soviet backing, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia assumed undisputed control over the government of Czechoslovakia in the Czechoslovak coup d ' état of 1948, ushering in a dictatorship.
With assistance from the Soviet Union ( themselves fresh from a socialist uprising ), he entered into an alliance with the fledgling Communist Party of China.
With Saville and others, he set up the New Reasoner, a journal that sought to develop a democratic socialist alternative to what its editors considered the ossified official Marxism of the Communist and Trotskyist parties and the managerialist cold war social democracy of the Labour Party and its international allies.
With a Communist insurgency threatening Greece, and Britain financially unable to continue its aid, the President announced his Truman Doctrine on 12 March 1947, " to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures ", with an aid request for consideration and decision, concerning Greece and Turkey.
With the death of Stalin in 1953, Nikita Khrushchev gradually ascended to power in the Soviet Union and announced a radical policy of de-Stalinization of the Communist Party and the country, condemning Stalin for excesses and tyranny.
With a Senate minority for the new Menzies government, Menzies introduced legislation in 1951 to ban the Communist Party, hoping that the Senate would reject it and give him a trigger for a double dissolution election, but Labor let the bill pass.
With the division of Berlin's city government and administration in September 1948 the Neues Stadthaus was in the Communist Ostsektor ( eastern sector ) and became off limits to West Berlin.
*: With the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia in 1978, Communist Vietnam had a combined force of about 300, 000 in Laos and Cambodia.
With the creation of the Communist International, the Leninist concept of party building was copied by emerging communist parties worldwide.
With the end of World War II, the Cold War began almost immediately, as the Soviet Union installed repressive Communist puppet régimes across Central and Eastern Europe, while the United States backed right-wing forces in Greece and China.
With the encouragement of the Soviet Union, Manchuria was then used as a staging ground during the Chinese Civil War for the Communist Party of China, which emerged victorious in 1949.
With the democratization of Taiwan in the 1990s, the phrase mainland China soon grew to mean not only the area under the control of the Communist Party of China, but also a more neutral means to refer to the People's Republic of China government ; this usage remains prevalent by the KMT today.
With this superior intellect cats become the dominant species in the Communist world.
With the coming of the world wars and then the Communist state, folk traditions were oppressed or subsumed into state-approved folk ensembles.
< p > With full responsibility for my words, I am now compelled to say that the cruel massacre of the Chinese proletariat and the Chinese Revolution at its three most important turning points, the strengthening of the position of the trade union agents of British imperialism after the General Strike of 1926, and, finally, the general weakening of the position of the Communist International and the Soviet Union, the party owes principally and above all to Stalin.
With the Communist takeover of mainland China in 1949, that country switched from a close friend of the U. S. to a bitter enemy — the two powers were at war in Korea by 1950.
With the goal of reforming the government to be more efficient and true to the Communist ideal, Liu himself chaired the enlarged Politburo meeting that officially began the Cultural Revolution.
Elsewhere he has insisted: With regard to the 1930s, he has written that Gina Herrmann, in her 2010 study of Spanish communists ' memoirs, claimed that " of the many myths that Western Communists lived by, perhaps the most abiding is that of Communist anti-Fascism of the 1930s and 1940s — one that was consolidated in Spain's Civil War of 1936 – 1939.
With the coming of the Communist Revolution in 1949, new interpretations again surfaced.
With the failure of the rising, in part due to black workers failing to strike, the Communist Party was forced by Comintern to adopt the Native Republic thesis which stipulated that South Africa was a country belonging to the Natives, that is, the Blacks.
With the appointment, on American advice, of former USAFFE guerilla Rep. Ramon Magsaysay as Secretary of National Defense in September 1950 and the subsequent appropriation by Congress of more funds for the drive against the Communist movement in the Philippines, more BCTs were formed.
With the exception of Kun, every Commissar was a former Social Democrat and every Deputy Commissar a former Communist.
With civil liberties suspended, the government instituted mass arrests of Communists, including all of the Communist parliamentary delegates.
With Communist electoral participation also suppressed ( the Communists previously polled 17 % of the vote ), the Nazis were able to increase their share of the vote in the March 5, 1933, Reichstag elections from 33 % to 44 %.

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