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With and new
With new mechanization the modern farmer must perform the work of six men: a machine stands between the agrarian and his soil.
With destructive tensions and pressures removed men have the vigor and energy to construct a new human life -- rebuilding entire cities, expanding facilities for entertainment, providing unlimited opportunities for education -- indeed, for the first time giving everyone the chance to employ his talents to the fullest.
There is, of course, nothing new about dystopias, for they belong to a literary tradition which, including also the closely related satiric utopias, stretches from at least as far back as the eighteenth century and Swift's Gulliver's Travels to the twentieth century and Zamiatin's We, Capek's War With The Newts, Huxley's Brave New World, E. M. Forster's `` The Machine Stops '', C. S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength, and Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, and which in science fiction is represented before the present deluge as early as Wells's trilogy, The Time Machine, `` A Story Of The Days To Come '', and When The Sleeper Wakes, and as recently as Jack Williamson's `` With Folded Hands '' ( 1947 ), the classic story of men replaced by their own robots.
With contemporary English changing with the rapidity that marks this jet age, some of the words and phrases of the new version may themselves soon become archaic.
With good reason it appeared that a new day was upon divided Christendom.
`` With this kind of new product log-jam, the premium for brilliant product planning will obviously go up geometrically ''.
With dealer stocks of new equipment averaging about 25% below a year ago, the affects of the rural recovery are being felt almost immediately by the country's farm equipment manufacturers.
With our growth came expansion into new fields of service.
With this movie-to-be in London, and new faces about her there, she would soon be a more tranquil, a wiser person, all the better for her stay out here.
With the expansion of the British Empire, and hence the growth of Anglicanism outside Great Britain and Ireland, the Communion sought to establish new vehicles of unity.
Under Title III of the ADA, all " new construction " ( construction, modification or alterations ) after the effective date of the ADA ( approximately July 1992 ) must be fully compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines ( ADAAG ) found in the Code of Federal Regulations at 28 C. F. R., Part 36, Appendix " A ".
With the withdrawal of these states, a congress was called on the holy island of Delos to institute a new alliance to continue the fight against the Persians ; hence the modern designation " Delian League ".
With LAFTA in place existing productive capacity could be used more fully to supply regional needs, industries could reduce costs as a result of potential economies through expanded output and regional specialization, and attraction to new investment occurred as a result of the regional market area.
(“ With So Little to be Sure Of ”) Word comes of a new miracle, two towns over, of a statue with a warm heart.
With additions, changes and new construction, the fort remained in use by the Army into the waning days of the Western Roman Empire, possibly the mid-5th century.
With the coronation of Frederick I in 1701 as king ( in Königsberg ), Berlin became the new capital of the Kingdom of Prussia ( instead of Königsberg ); this was a successful attempt to centralize the capital in the very outspread Prussian Kingdom, and it was the first time the city began to grow.
With no serious external or internal threats, the armed forces are searching for a new role.
With international investment, Bulgaria began constructing a new domestic gas transportation network beginning in 2005.
With the new constitution of 1949, the Bundestag was established as the new ( West ) German parliament.
With modern biotechnology, these genes can be used as targets for the development of effective new therapies, which could significantly shorten the drug discovery process.
With the departure and the completion of the new White Wing ( fronting Montague Street ) in 1884, more space was available for antiquities and ethnography and the library could further expand.
With the successes of the civil rights movement, a new term was needed to break from the past and help shed the reminders of legalized discrimination.
With the defeat of the revolution in mid-1907 and the adoption of a new, highly restrictive election law, the Bolsheviks began debating whether to boycott the new parliament known as the Third Duma.

With and reunion
With the collapse of Communism in 1989, reunion on West Germany's terms followed.
He later used slide extensively during his solo career on songs such as " My Sweet Lord ", " Cheer Down " and the Traveling Wilburys ' " Handle With Care ", as well as on The Beatles ' 1995 reunion single " Free as a Bird ".
With his bodyguard, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Ælfred intended to visit his mother, Emma, in Winchester, but he may have made this journey for reasons other than a family reunion.
With the last-named form of Eastern Christianity, reunion agreements were signed at the Second Council of Lyon and the Council of Florence, but these proved ineffective.
With the coronation of Queen Mary I and the reunion of the Church of England with the Roman Catholic Church, the Articles were never enforced.
Interestingly, on " Sleeping With the Enemy ," Moe Szyslak appears briefly during a Muntz family reunion.
With Kantner reunited with Balin and Casady, the KBC Band opened the door to a full-blown Jefferson Airplane reunion.
With their debut album, Effigy of the Forgotten, Suffocation rose to prominence of death metal and created a blueprint for the genre for the 1990s, retaining their style after the reunion in 2003.
With this win, Rated-RKO became the first team to " defeat " DX in a tag team match since their reunion in June 2006.
With the revelation in 2007 that Falkous and Chapple have not spoken since 2005 there is little possibility of a reunion.
With the exception of two lines constructed after the German reunion, the Berlin tram continues to be limited to the eastern portion of Berlin.
" With this reunion, the transitions in their lives becomes the end point of what the 1960s meant to so many as they see that the times have changed, and what was once a time of innocence is forever gone.
With the show culminating with members from both groups reuniting and performing on stage for a " Kumbia Kings " reunion.
With his return to Kiss in 1996 for their reunion tour, the song returned to the setlist.

With and band
With the help of Ziggy Elman, also in the band, he transformed a traditional Jewish melody into a popular song, `` And The Angels Sing ''.
With no set standards, there is the tendency to promote to the next highest level when the top of a salary band is reached regardless of performance.
With a foreign car you must wear a cap -- it has a leather band in the back.
With a near-infrared J band magnitude of-2. 2, only Betelgeuse (- 2. 9 ) and R Doradus (- 2. 6 ) are brighter.
With two horns in the band Wills realized he would have to add a drummer to balance things and create a fuller sound.
With its jazz sophistication, pop music and blues influence, plus improvised scats and wisecrack commentary by Wills, the band became the first superstars of the genre.
With that, Love sort of whispered, " Fucking idiots ," and launched the band into its next song.
With DeMille renowned for his flamboyance and showmanship, Queen frontman Freddie Mercury famously said of his band, " We're the Cecil B. DeMille of rock and roll, always wanting to do things bigger and better ".
With Tim as an official member, the band returned to the studio.
The third single from Woodface, " Weather With You ", peaked at No. 7 in early 1992 giving the band their highest UK chart placement.
With ADR, actors can average 10 – 12 lines per hour, while rythmo band can facilitate the reading of 35-50 lines per hour.
With the goal of becoming " the most extreme hardcore punk band of all time ," the group took Mick Harris from Napalm Death in 1987.
With a small band of companions, he headed south on 11 May to Friedrichskoog, without a final destination in mind.
With a chosen band, Jehu set forth with all speed to Jezreel, where Jehoram was recovering from his wound from the Battle of Ramoth-Gilead.
With the departure of more and more original band members, including Wallis Buchanan and his didgeridoo, Jamiroquai had become a very different band than that of 1992.
With live band karaoke, singers sing with a live band instead of the prerecorded backing track.
With the band living in a Manchester flat, he had a relationship with a girl named Tracy who bore him a son, Paul Inder, although it would not be until the boy was six that Lemmy had any involvement with him.
The final track of the 2004 album La Increíble Aventura ( The Incredible Adventure ) by Spanish band Migala is called " Lecciones de Vuelo con Mathias Rust " (" Flying Lessons With Mathias Rust ").
To promote the album, the band made their only video for MTV, " Down With Disease ", airing in June of that year.
Following the death of Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia in the summer of 1995 and the appearance of " Down With Disease " on Beavis and Butthead, the band experienced a surge in the growth of their fan base and an increased awareness in popular culture.
With the aid of Danniels and the newly enlisted engineer Terry Brown, the band released their self-titled debut album in 1974, which was considered highly derivative of Led Zeppelin.
With new producer Peter Collins, the band released Power Windows ( 1985 ) and Hold Your Fire ( 1987 ).
With the help of producer Paul Northfield the band returned in May 2002 with Vapor Trails, written and recorded in Toronto.

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