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With and onset
With the onset of World War I, Hale organized the National Research Council to coordinate and support scientific work on military problems.
With the onset of industrialization and the development of the food processing industry, a wider range of food could be sold and distributed in distant locations.
With the onset of the dechristianisation campaign the Republic silenced these bells and sought simultaneously to silence the religious fervor of the majority Catholic population.
With the onset of Ragnarök, Loki is foretold to slip free from his bonds and to fight against the gods among the forces of the jötnar, at which time he will encounter the god Heimdallr and the two will slay each other.
With the onset of stagflation in the 1970s, some Canadian Tories came under the influence of neo-liberal developments in Great Britain and the United States, which highlighted the policies for privatization and supply-side interventions.
With acute transverse myelitis, the onset is sudden and progresses rapidly in hours and days.
With the onset of the Great Depression, domestic support for the Nazis rose and, in 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.
With the onset of the Cold War, Europe was divided by the Iron Curtain.
With the onset of the Spanish Civil War, the form rapidly declined, and the last romantic zarzuelas to hold the stage were written in the 1950s.
With the onset of World War II, the Stooges released several entries that poked fun at the rising Axis powers.
With the onset of the Crisis of the Third Century, however, this vast internal trade network broke down.
With the onset of the Global War on Terror and Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, DISA has been at the heart of providing the telecommunications and information systems that enable 21st century joint warfighting.
With the onset of British rule in 1760, Quebec French became isolated from European French.
With the onset of a recession in the 1970s, this system became an increasing burden on the economy and accounted for much of the government budget deficits.
With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, people began to move out of the country and into towns and cities to find work.
With the onset of nightfall they would enter the town and avenge themselves on those who had crossed them in the preceding year by committing assaults and damaging property, often looting the belongings of victims from their houses and burning them on bonfires in the middle of the street.
With the onset of the Depression, intercollegiate baseball disappeared only to be resurrected in 1947 by then-athletics director Brother Bill Siemer, S. M.
With the onset of World War II wool and mohair were in demand for the defense industries.
With the onset of European settlers and after gold was discovered in northern Georgia, the federal government forcibly removed the Cherokees to Oklahoma from Chattooga county in the early 1830s in what has become known as " the Trail Of Tears.
With the onset of the wet season, when the billabongs and swamps start to fill with water, the night air is filled with the sounds of frogs such as the northern bullfrog and the marbled frog.
With the onset of the Civil War these warehouses were converted to Confederate supply depots.
With the onset of World War II the Department of the Navy located its new warfare center in Inyokern.
With the onset of World War I, most of students went to the war in Europe and the college closed its doors.
With the onset of World War II in 1940, the AAC established the Technical Data Branch in February 1940.

With and Walker
With those two deals, Larry Walker remained as the only player of the Blake Street Bombers still with the team.
* Captain Jonathan Walker, " The Man With Branded Hand ", abolitionist
With a budget of just over $ 100 earned from contributors, Walker was able to advertise and prepare the town for a parade that consisted of 4 full divisions.
With the help of the late James Dent Walker, head of Genealogical Services at the National Archives in Washington, D. C., Batchelor was contacted by the Ezra Parker Chapter in Royal Oak, Michigan, who invited her to join their chapter ; she officially became DAR member # 623, 128.
With the support of businessman Colonel Lewis Walker, Judson launched the Universal Fastener Company to manufacture the new device.
With only four lightly equipped and poorly trained divisions, Walker began landing troops on the southeast side of the Korean peninsula in July.
With a capacity of 31, 367, the facility comprises four sections: the Darwen End, Riverside Stand ( named as such because it stands practically on the banks of the River Darwen ), Blackburn End, and Jack Walker Stand, which is named after Blackburn industrialist and club supporter, Jack Walker.
Doug Walker of That Guy With The Glasses reviewed the series as his Nostalgia Critic persona alongside The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
With Castellón's consent, Walker attacked the Legitimists in the town of Rivas, near the trans-isthmian route.
With this in mind, Walker revoked Nicaragua's emancipation edict of 1824.
With the aid of his major artistic influence, the photographer Walker Evans, Frank secured a grant from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 1955 to travel across the United States and photograph its society at all strata.
With further tutelage, Walker soon developed into one of the Expos ' best young prospects, overcoming a serious knee injury along the way.
With the exception of the area bounded by Mary, Walker, Marquet and Gauthorpe Streets, almost all of the land on the western side of the railway line has needed remediation.
With increasing disruption in the country, Walker orders the president shot and assumes the presidency.
* Cry Baby / I'm Not Falling In Love With You ( by Johnny Otis ) ( Regent # 1016 ) ( 1950 ) ( Mel Walker & The Bluenotes )
The 1980 satire film Loose Shoes ( which also starred Bill Murray ) included a sketch called " A Visit With Ma and Pa " where Ma Kettle was played by Ysabel MacCloskey and Pa Kettle was played by Walker Edmiston.
With the help of University of Edinburgh professors like Joseph Black, William Cullen and John Walker, this society transformed itself into the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1783 and in 1786 it issued the first edition of its new journal Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
With Scott Walker
With the absence of Marty, Pearl is attracted to the new " Blouse Man " Walker Jerome ( Viggo Mortensen ).
With the growth of the distillery and the flour mill, Walker expanded the business in many ways.
With more success and the hiring of more employees, the area grew and grew, creating a small community, with Walker ’ s business institutions being the centre of it.
With text by Hartley Burr Alexander, Ralph Adams Cram, George Ellery Hale, Lee Lawrie, and C. Howard Walker.
In May 2007, Canadian country group Doc Walker had a number five hit single on the Canadian Country Music chart with the Currie penned " Driving With The Brakes On ".

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