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With and reform
The last film is not based on any Christie work but displays a few plot elements from They Do It With Mirrors ( viz., the ship is used as a reform school for wayward boys and one of the teachers uses them as a crime force ), and there is a kind of salute to The Mousetrap.
With institutional and legal machinery at their disposal, agents of the State can compel populations to conform to codes and can opt to punish or attempt to reform those who do not conform.
With the Gabo reform of 1896, the class system of Korea was officially abolished.
With Haidallah's ambitious political and social reform program undone by continuing instability, regime inefficiency and a plethora of coup attempts and intrigues from within the military establishment, the CMSN chairman turned increasingly autocratic, excluding other junta officers from power, and provoking discontent by frequently reshuffling the power hierarchy to prevent threats to his position.
With Ibn Mu ' ammar's support, Ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab began to implement some of his ideas for reform.
This form of transnational policing plays an increasingly important role in United Nations peacekeeping and this looks set to grow in the years ahead, especially as the international community seeks to develop the rule of law and reform security institutions in States recovering from conflict ( Goldsmith and Sheptycki, 2007 ) With transnational police development-aid the imbalances of power between donors and recipients are stark and there are questions about the applicability and transportability of policing models between jurisdictions ( Hills, 2009 ).
From the beginning of times, W had in Swedish been considered as a mere decoration of V. In Swedish typography, blackletter ( fraktur ) used W where antiqua used V. With orthographic standardization and spelling reform, W was abandoned except for some family names and a few loan words such as whisky, whist, wienerbröd and wobbler ( also spelled visky and vobbler ).
With an external debt of U. S .$ 2, 495 million, and with its economic reform program on track, Senegal qualified for the multilateral debt relief initiative for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries ( HIPC ).
With successive waves of reform, and the introduction of effective evidence-based treatments, modern psychiatric hospitals provide a primary emphasis on treatment, and attempt where possible to help patients control their own lives in the outside world, with the use of a combination of psychiatric drugs and psychotherapy.
With respect to political reform the King achieved little.
With the public order restored, he turned to the economy and a reform of the tax system to stimulate trade with neighboring provinces.
With the help of Sémonville he now started to push a project of constitutional reform that followed the French Constitution of the Year VIII in important respects: a bicameral legislature would be appointed by a " National College " ( akin to the French Senate ) from a list of names produced by a convoluted system of national elections.
With the fighting far away, the period of World War II in British Guiana was marked by continuing political reform and improvements to the national infrastructure.
With a high foreign debt ( originally $ 5. 7 billion at 1998 net present value ) and a good track record on economic reform, Mozambique was the first African country to receive debt relief under the initial Heavily Indebted Poor Country ( HIPC ) Initiative.
With assistance from the Fund and the Bank, the government has made considerable progress toward macroeconomic stabilization and economic reform.
With regard to Berlusconi's program for the reform of the judicial system, he boasted that this had been an integral part of his original project.
With the proposed reform of Local government in Northern Ireland in 2011, County Armagh is proposed to be form part of two new council areas, Armagh City and Bann District, and Newry City and Down.
With approximately 102 of the remaining Unionist M. P. s supportive of Chamberlain, it seemed that he might become leader of the Unionists, or at least win a major concession in favour of tariff reform.
With the fast development of reform and opening-up, Haier, Hisense, Aucma, Sinopec, CSIC, CNOOC, CIMC etc.
With the Ordainers ready to present their programme of reform, Edward had to summon a parliament.
With the municipal reform in the 1970s, Värmdö was created through a merger between six small municipalities and adopted the coat of arms of Gustavsberg, with two porcelain ovens.
With the local government reform of 1971 it became a municipality of unitary type without addition of territory.
With the major reform of its Armed Forces in 2004, the Swiss Army abandoned the old regimental system and adopted a combat team approach centred on battalions as the building blocks of mission-oriented task forces.
With increasing court backlogs, it was clear to many law reformers and politicians that serious reform was needed.

With and its
Ramillies And The Union With Scotland has fewer high spots than Blenheim and much less of its dramatic unity.
With these and similar tales he was entertaining his English friends, all of whom he was seeing when he was not showing Blackman the sights of London and its environs.
With its history standing astride all but the very beginnings of the industrial revolution, Brown & Sharpe has become over the years a singular monument to the mechanical foresight of its founder, Joseph R. Brown, and a world-renowned synonym for precision and progress in metalworking technology.
With each vertex we associate certain numerical values, namely the set of positive differences in the parameter T between the vertex and its corresponding forward corner points.
With a few important and a few more unimportant exceptions, no expression can be deemed le mot juste for its context, because each was very probably the only expression that long-established practice and ease of rapid recitation would allow.
With its coating of gold radiator paint removed -- a gaucherie of some earlier tenant -- it will now occupy its rightful place in the oval Blue Room on the first floor of the White House.
With its power to investigate, the Senate can paralyze the Secretary by keeping him in a state of perpetual testimony before committees, as it did with Dean Acheson.
With a Democratic administration, party patronage would normally begin to flow to Mississippi if it had held its Democratic solidarity in the November election.
With loud huzzahs for the artistic success of the Presbyterian-St. Luke's Fashion show still ringing in her ears, its director, Helen Tieken Geraghty ( Mrs. Maurice P. Geraghty ) is taking off tomorrow on a 56 day world trip which should earn her even greater acclaim as director of entertainment for next summer's International Trade fair.
With this ultimate weapon, the two Yankees may have saved baseball from its dullest season.
With traditional nationalistic spirit, some Englishmen claim that English Catholicism is Catholicism at its best.
With its zeal for liberty and its dependence on God it breathed the spirit which had been nourished on the Evangelical revivals.
With justified bitterness the author speaks of `` what seems to me to have been an inexcusable body of ignorance about the nature of the Russian Communist movement, about the history of its diplomacy, about what had happened in the purges, and about what had been going on in Poland and the Baltic States ''.
With a total area of about, it covers approximately 20 percent of the Earth's surface and about 29 percent of its water surface area.
With its adjacent seas, it occupies an area of about ; without them, it has an area of.
* 1776 – American Revolution: With the Halifax Resolves, the North Carolina Provincial Congress authorizes its Congressional delegation to vote for independence from Britain.
With de Broglie's suggestion of the existence of electron matter waves in 1924, and for a short time before the full 1926 Schrödinger equation treatment of hydrogen like atom, a Bohr electron " wavelength " could be seen to be a function of its momentum, and thus a Bohr orbiting electron was seen to orbit in a circle at a multiple of its half-wavelength ( this historically incorrect Bohr model is still occasionally taught to students ).
With this title and its lands, he became the most powerful man in Portugal and one of the richest men in Europe.
With its release, AppleTalk Personal Network was renamed LocalTalk.
With the shift from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, art likewise changed its focus, as much in its content as in its mode of expression.

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