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With and release
With its release, AppleTalk Personal Network was renamed LocalTalk.
With a crossbow, archers could release a draw force far in excess of what they could have handled with a bow.
With the release of Sgt.
With one third of the game ( 9 levels ) distributed as shareware, Doom was played by an estimated 10 million people within two years of its release, popularizing the mode of gameplay and spawning a gaming subculture ; as a sign of its effect on the industry, games from the mid-1990s boom of first-person shooters are often known simply as " Doom clones ".
The Euphoria language interpreter was originally written in C. With the release of version 2. 5 in November, 2004 the Euphoria interpreter was split into two sections: the front-end parser and the back-end interpreter.
With the release of 1958's Hercules, starring American bodybuilder Steve Reeves, the Italian film industry gained entree to the American film market.
With the exception of this AA release, all 12-inch versions featured the following additional B-side tracks:
With the release of 2007's Snakes & Arrows, Lee sparingly adds a Mellotron and bass pedals to the instrument line-up.
With the release of the incredibly popular Adam Bede, speculation increased markedly, and there was even a pretender to the authorship, one Joseph Liggins.
With the release of new version of the GTK + widget toolkit, which was used to construct the user interface of Galeon, the team decided to write a new version of Galeon from scratch.
With the release of MS-DOS 5. 0, GW-BASIC's place was eventually taken by QBasic, the interpreter part of the separately available QuickBASIC compiler.
With the release of the Linux kernel in 1991, the primary user of GNU's userland components soon became operating systems based on the Linux kernel ( Linux distributions ), prompting the coining of the controversial term GNU / Linux.
With the Z-machine, Infocom was able to release most of their games for most popular home computers of the day simultaneously — the Apple II family, Atari 800, IBM PC compatibles, Amstrad CPC / PCW ( one disc worked on both machines ), Commodore 64, Commodore Plus / 4, Commodore 128, Kaypro CP / M, Texas Instruments TI-99 / 4A, the Mac, Atari ST, the Commodore Amiga and the Radio Shack TRS-80.
1998 then saw a further increase of activity, with the signing of Salako, and the release of albums for all three of their signed bands-most notably Belle & Sebastian's ' The Boy With The Arab Strap ', which enjoyed similar approval from reviewers and fans to the band's previous release.
With this album's release, Led Zeppelin's entire catalogue returned to the Billboard Top 200 in the weeks of 27 October and 3 November 1979.
With the release of the 2008 book What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception by George W. Bush's press secretary Scott McClellan, there are some who contend that this is evidence of Mark Halperin being correct instead of biased.
With business at Cold Chillin ' booming, Marl put out the first full-length release under his own name in 1988 ( he'd previously recorded the single " DJ Cuttin '" in 1985 with the alias NYC Cutter ).
With the release of The Sims 2 in 2004, Maxis ' logo was only displayed at the back of the box as well as the title screen at the launch of the game.
With the publication of Cryoburn, almost all Vorkosigan tales are available as free e-texts on a CD that accompanied the hardcover release.
With the release of Movement in November 1981, New Order initially started on a similar route as their previous incarnation, performing dark, melodic songs, albeit with an increased use of synthesisers.
With Bossanovas release, 4AD hoped to get the Pixies chosen to perform their single " Velouria " on the BBC music program Top of the Pops.
With the release of the Cayenne SUV, Porsche has met with renewed success with a front-engined, V8-powered model.
With the release of the US # 1-selling record of 1948, " Mañana ", her " retirement " was over.
The popularity of her number-one hit " With Every Heartbeat " and subsequent international album release Robyn ( 2005 ) in 2007 brought her mainstream success worldwide.

With and Quake
With Quake II filming now feasible, Strange Company's 1999 production Eschaton: Nightfall was the first work to feature entirely custom-made character models.
With the Quake engine source code now able to be changed, further features were added to QuakeC in the form of new builtin functions.
With a then unique style of play, realistic weapons and fast pace, AQ2 became one of the most popular Quake II mods.
With this Quake 3D engine optimization, if the player could not see into a nearby region, the 3D engine could be told ahead of time to not include any of the objects in that space in the rendering calculations, greatly reducing the rendering load on the CPU.
With its popularity, Quake ( which later got extensions for hardware acceleration ) and other 3D games of that time helped the sales of graphics cards, and more games started using hardware APIs like DirectX and OpenGL.

With and game
With these gadgets -- impressive to the gullible because of their flashing light bulbs, ticks, and buzzes -- he then carries out a vicious medical con game, capitalizing on people's respect for the electrical and atomic wonders of our scientific age.
With Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra both out of action due to injuries, the American League champs still mounted a 15-hit attack against a parade of eight Cincinnati pitchers, the most ever used by one team in a series game.
Bruce Halpenny, a games inventor said when interviewed about his game,With crime you deal with every basic human emotion and also have enough elements to combine action with melodrama.
With the win against the Boston Red Sox on September 30 and the loss of the Los Angeles Angels to the Texas Rangers in the second game of a double header, the Orioles clinched the playoff berth.
With the league rules permitting teams to wear their third jersey twice in the regular season and once in the preseason, the Panthers reserve the use of their alternate light blue jersey for a home game when there are one or two games that they don't wear them on the road.
With the series tied after game six, the Indians went into the ninth inning of Game 7 with a 2 – 1 lead, but closer Jose Mesa allowed the Marlins to tie the game.
With wins of 13 – 0 and 4 – 2, the Cubs needed to win only one game of the next three in San Diego to make to the World Series.
With the rapid advancement of real-time rendering quality, artists began to use game engines to render non-interactive movies.
With the advent of the World Wide Web and other multimedia technologies, bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins ( with the album Machina / The Machines of God ), Coheed And Cambria ( with the Amory Wars as a backing story for every one of their albums ), and Nine Inch Nails ( with the album Year Zero ) exploited emergent cultural phenomena such as the alternate reality game to provide additional web-based content beyond that on the album itself.
With Brian Blume he also designed the wild west-oriented role-playing game Boot Hill in 1975.
With the Wizards Davy Arnaud's goal in the first game to win the series as the defense and Kevin Hartman did the rest and kept Chivas USA off the scoreboard.
With the buyout of NexGen, AMD was able to come back into the game with a processor that could perform competitively with Intel's Pentium II.
With time winding down the Saints threw backward passes and brought the ball down the length of the field for a touchdown, but kicker John Carney missed the extra point, which would have tied the game, so the Saints lost by one point, 20 – 19.
With a spectacular offense led by quarterback Randall Cunningham ( who replaced an injured Brad Johnson ), running back Robert Smith, veteran wide receiver Cris Carter, and explosive rookie Randy Moss, the Vikings set a then-NFL record by scoring a total of 556 points, never scoring fewer than 24 in a game.
With a steady five game lead for the Wild Card, the hope of a playoff spot seemed secured, but the Brewers struggled in September, first getting swept by the New York Mets, and then just over a week later, getting swept in four games by the Philadelphia Phillies, losing their lead in the Wild Card.
With the Odyssey², each game could be a completely unique experience, with its own background graphics, foreground graphics, gameplay, scoring, and music.
With six or more players, the game can be played with two decks combined or with a 63-card deck from six-player 500.
With a record of 10 – 6 the Eagles clinched the 3rd seed and had to play a wild-card playoff game.
With a play by mail game, the players can play whenever they choose, since responses need not be immediate ; this is sometimes referred to as turn-based gaming and is common among browser-based games.
With 10 seconds left in the game, the Raiders had possession of the ball at the Chargers ' 14-yard line, down 20 – 14.
With the Kroz series, Apogee introduced the " episodic " shareware model that became the most popular incentive for " registering " ( or buying ) the game.
With the Oakland Raiders wearing their white jerseys at home for the first time ever in a game against the San Diego Chargers on September 28, 2008, the Seahawks have become the only NFL team to have never worn their white jerseys at home.

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