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With and rise
With the rise to power of the middle class the centre of gravity in human affairs shifted from the public to the private.
With a 15-to-one engine, a supersonic aircraft weighing 300,000 pounds could rise vertically.
With the expansion of family formation in the Sixties, a continued substantial rise in expenditures by state and local government units seems to be indicated.
With increasing cold, the former gave rise to water, earth and stones.
With the rise of education, cheap newspapers and cheap printing, modern concepts of fame and celebrity began to develop, and the beneficiaries of this were not slow to cash in on this by producing autobiographies.
With many traditional domestic Liberal policies now regarded as irrelevant, he focused the party on opposition to both the rise of Fascism in Europe and the appeasement foreign policy of the British government, arguing that intervention was needed, in contrast to the Labour calls for pacifism.
With the emergence of Christianity and the rise of Islam, Constantinople became the last bastion of Christian Europe, standing at the fore of Islamic expansion, and repelling its influence.
With no backboard or sidewalk curb to hit against, this gave rise to presumed methods of dice control, of which the best was known as the " army blanket roll.
With the rise of Nazism in 1933, agrarian conservatism faded and was supplanted by a more command-based economy and forced social integration.
With Vladimir Putin's rise to power, the reference to the FSB members as " Chekists " arose, particularly by Putin's political opponents, often with negative connotations.
With a rise in extracellular tonicity, the cells compensate by losing a small amount of water.
With the swift rise of Islamism and religious groups such as Hamas in the 1980s, the DFLP faded among the Palestinian youth, and internal confusion over the future path of the organization paralysed political decision-making.
With the rise and official sanction of socialist realism in 1934, Vertov was forced to cut his personal artistic output significantly, eventually becoming little more than an editor for Soviet newsreels.
With the rise of nation-states and the Protestant Reformation, the theory of divine right justified the king's absolute authority in both political and spiritual matters.
With the rise of Islam in the 7th century the power of Aksum declined and the Kingdom became isolated, the Dahlak archipelago, northern and western Eritrea, came under increasing control of Islamic powers based in Yemen and Beja lands in Sudan. The Beja were often in alliance with the Umayyads of Arabia who themselves established footholds along stretches of the Eritrean coastline and the Dahlak archipelago while the Funj of Sudan exacted tribute from the adjacent western lowlands of Eritrea.
With the rise of Hitler and the Nazis to power in 1933, liberal democracy was dissolved in Germany, and the Nazis mobilized the country for war, with expansionist territorial aims against several countries.
With the rise of the Internet, in-canon online material has become more prominent.
With the inheritance of Burgundy, the House of Habsburg began to rise to predominance in Europe.
The roots of the gospel in the Matthew-community of the late 1st century give rise to another important title bestowed on Jesus by Matthew, Emmanuel, " God is With Us "— meaning that through Jesus, God is with the ecclesia ( literally " assembly ", but translated as " church ").
With Eli Bard, Selene resurrects the massacred residents of Genosha, with Cerebro and Bastion's computers detecting the rise of mutant numbers into the millions.
With the rise in popularity of home theater, however, multi-channel playback systems became affordable, and many consumers were willing to tolerate the six to eight channels required in a home theater.
With his academic career blocked by the rise of the Third Reich, in 1933 Marcuse joined the Institute for Social Research based in Frankfurt.
With the rise of Shaivism and Vaishnavism in the early centuries of the Common era, Hinduism is generally monistic and henotheistic: there is practically a consensus that there is a supreme, absolute, and omnipresent divine entity.
With the rise of the Churches, attacks on Jews became motivated instead by theological considerations specifically deriving from Christian views about Jews and Judaism.

With and drilled
With these zones safely isolated and the formation protected by the casing, the well can be drilled deeper ( into potentially more-unstable and violent formations ) with a smaller bit, and also cased with a smaller size casing.
With this technology a mesh / membrane with 1000-7000 laser drilled holes vibrates at the top of the liquid reservoir, and thereby pressures out a mist of very fine droplets through the holes.

With and trained
With capacity to produce up to 5, 000 engines a year by 100 specially trained personnel, like traditional Aston Martin engine production from Newport Pagnell, assembly of each unit is entrusted to a single technician from a pool of 30, with V8 and V12 variants assembled in under 20 hours.
With Gen. Ben McCulloch, Pike trained three Confederate regiments of Indian cavalry, most of whom belonged to the " civilized tribes ", whose loyalty to the Confederacy was variable.
With a series of men trained to do a single task on a product, then having it moved along to the next worker, the number of finished goods also rose significantly.
With the loss of the family funds tied up in David's business venture, Maimonides was constrained to assume the vocation of physician, for which he was to become famous, having been trained in medicine in both Córdoba and in Fes.
With this in mind, Cockburn ’ s claim seems valid: “ The U. S. problem with the contras was that they were by and large the very same group who had been trained by the United States to protect the interests of the Somozas.
With the Champion limited to his own power, without an omnipotent external power-source, and the She-Hulk having trained to increase both her strength and combat skills in the time between her first trial and the appeal, the Champion was swiftly dealt his first known defeat inside the ring.
With the influx of missionary priests trained in the English Colleges in Douai and Rome from the 1570s onwards relations between the authorities and the Catholic community took a further turn for the worse.
With the exodus of trained Portuguese personnel, the newly independent country had no time to allocate resources in order to maintain its well-developed infrastructure.
With no rifles, Thiệu's class of Việt Minh recruits trained in jungle clearings with bamboo.
With the " cold war " confrontation between the Soviet-backed Warsaw Pact nations and the Western powers in NATO, many new combat aircraft were produced and many new pilots trained.
With few U. S. Army soldiers in the region, most American troops were part-time, poorly trained militiamen.
With no trained engineering assistance, the settlers made their calculations, started from opposite sides of the hill, dodged numerous cave-ins of the treacherous Mancos shale, maintained the correct level inside the tunnel and connected both tunnels nearly perfectly.
The kazoo is not often found in European classical music, a rare exception being David Bedford's With 100 Kazoos, a piece which emphasizes the simplicity of the instrument — rather than being played by trained musicians, kazoos are handed out to members of the audience, who accompany a professional instrumental ensemble.
With the approval and support of the Grau government, an expeditionary force was trained with the intention of invading the Dominican Republic and overthrowing Trujillo ; however, international pressure, including from the United States, led to the abortion of the expedition.
With its images and reflections upon death and the meaning of life, The Seventh Seal had a symbolism that was " immediately apprehensible to people trained in literary culture who were just beginning to discover the ' art ' of film, and it quickly became a staple of high school and college literature courses ...
With £ 200 that she had inherited from an aunt, she journeyed to New York, then London where she trained herself as a journalist.
With his determination and grit, Halsey had bolstered his command's resolve and seized the initiative from the Japanese until ships, aircraft and crews being produced and trained in the States could arrive in 1943 and 1944 to tip the scales of the war in favor of the allies.
With the 3 / 325, was a Task Force of 6 Blackhwaks and highly trained Special crews lead by Cpt Morris and SSG Bluman from Geibelstadt Germany.
With the Cuban Missile Crisis, Air National Guard fighter units trained for “ no notice ” deployments, and volunteer ANG airlift crews and their aircraft augmented Air Force global airlift operations.
With offices in other countries, employees also have trained foreign armies at ranges in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Kuwait, and South Africa.
With these games, one or two programmers may dedicate all their time to building and refining the game's sound engine, and sound programmers may be trained or have a formal background in digital signal processing.
With only four lightly equipped and poorly trained divisions, Walker began landing troops on the southeast side of the Korean peninsula in July.
With his herd of highly trained elephants, he stole a stately house and threatened to send it back a brick at a time unless he was paid a ransom for it.
With fellow Conservative Dr Julian Lewis, Bercow ran an Advanced Speaking and Campaigning course for over ten years, which trained over 600 Conservatives ( including several current MPs ) in campaigning and communication techniques.

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