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With and method
With this method, for example, the character 日 is assigned to the A key, and 月 is assigned to B. Typing them together will result in the character 明 (" bright ").
With a briefing in a limited detail, the structural engineer needed to start work The diaphragm wall design allowed for the basement to be constructed by the top-down method.
With charity, the other concept that most defines the work and spirituality of the Order, study became the method most used by the Dominicans in working to defend the Church against the perils that hounded it, and also of enlarging its authority over larger areas of the known world.
Munch's Self-Portrait With Skeleton Arm ( 1895 ) is done with an etching needle-and-ink method also used by Paul Klee.
With his solar and lunar theories and his trigonometry, he may have been the first to develop a reliable method to predict solar eclipses.
With a table of appropriate size, this method is likely to be much faster than any alternative approach ( such as sorting the file and comparing all consecutive pairs ).
With this method, the plants grow much faster because of the high amount of oxygen that the roots receive.
With this method, seventy-two hours ( three 24-hour periods ) are covered by only two calendar dates, resulting in a constant 364-day calendar year.
With the aid of empirical correlation method, a divalent metallic radius of ( 0. 194 ± 0. 010 ) nm has been estimated.
With his precise, analytical mind he tried to apply a scientific method to depict objects in three-dimensional space.
With the rise of the scientific method and the emphasis on a " plain " style of speaking and writing, even formal oratory has become less polished and ornate than in the Classical period, though politicians today can still make or break their careers on the basis of a successful ( or unsuccessful ) speech.
With such torpedoes the method of attack in small torpedo boats, torpedo bombers and small submarines was to steer a predictable collision course abeam to the target and release the torpedo at the last minute, then peeling away, all the time subject to defensive fire.
With the rise of the World Wide Web as a platform for collaborative discussion and media dissemination, it became popular for adherents and practitioners of Wicca to establish ( often paid subscription-based ) " online covens " which remotely teach tradition-specific crafts to students in a similar method of education as non-religious virtual online schools.
With the conception of hybridized atomic orbitals by John C. Slater and Linus Pauling, which rationalized observed molecular geometries, the method was based on the premise that the bonds in any molecule could be described in a manner similar to the bond in H < sub > 2 </ sub >, namely, as overlapping atomic orbitals centered on the atoms involved.
With its description of the electron wave functions in molecules as delocalized molecular orbitals that possess the same symmetry as the molecule, Hund and Mulliken's molecular-orbital method, including contributions by John Lennard-Jones, proved to be more flexible and applicable to a vast variety of types of molecules and molecular fragments, and has totally eclipsed the valence-bond method.
With the demise of the Congressional nominating caucus in the election of 1824, the political system was left without an institutional method on the national level for determining Presidential nominations.
With polarity reversed the low voltage provides a simpler method of making mezzotint plates as well as the " steel facing " copper plates.
With this process, Searle concludes that he has found a method that will satisfactorily reconstruct what happens when an indirect speech act is performed.
With the catapult launch, the plane successfully traveled the distance outlined by the competition, but was declined the prize due to the takeoff method.
With the maggot method you are attempting to bring the fish into the upper layers of the water and catch them with a waggler " on the drop " ( as the hookbait sinks with the loosefeed ).
With a faulty outgroup or character set, no method of evaluation is likely to produce a phylogeny representing the evolutionary reality.
With the triangulation method, distances, elevations and directions between objects at great distance from one another can be determined.
With genetic tests becoming more common, a wide variety of tests may use the blood drawn by this method.

With and much
Ramillies And The Union With Scotland has fewer high spots than Blenheim and much less of its dramatic unity.
With this excuse I have never been much impressed.
With a large and circumspect 20th-Century technique, he wove the materials of national heroes and events, national folklore and children's fairy tales -- Slavic dances and love songs -- into a solid musical literature which served his people well, and is providing much enjoyment to the World at large.
With greater investments in plant facilities, with automation growing, you can't switch around, either in volume or in product design, as much as was formerly possible -- or at least not as economically.
With over 120 million visitors a year tourism is integral to the Alpine economy with much it coming from winter sports although summer visitors are an important component of the tourism industry.
With the increase of wealth and power, abbots had lost much of their special religious character, and become great lords, chiefly distinguished from lay lords by celibacy.
With the interstitial mechanism, one atom is usually much smaller than the other, so cannot successfully replace an atom in the crystals of the base metal.
With the introduction of the blast furnace to Europe in the Middle Ages, pig iron was able to be produced in much higher volumes than wrought iron.
With the shift from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, art likewise changed its focus, as much in its content as in its mode of expression.
With the advent of wireless and radio goods, people came to be much more connected.
With his father's death in 1892, and his appointment as head of the Bahá ’ í faith, there was much opposition against him, including virtually all his family members.
With the advent of steel, which has a high tensile strength, much larger bridges were built, many using the ideas of Gustave Eiffel.
With the establishment of a German state in Prussia, and the eradication or flight of much of the Baltic Prussian population in the 13th century, the remaining Prussians began to be assimilated, and by the end of the 17th century, the Prussian language had become extinct.
With the Mediterranean undefended, a Russian fleet entered the Ionian Sea, while Austrian armies recaptured much of the Italian territory lost to Bonaparte in the previous war.
With his death, the family lost much of its remaining political appeal, though claimants continue to assert their right to the imperial title.
" With total world emissions from fossil fuels growing rapidly, the proportion of fossil-fuel emissions absorbed by the oceans since 2000 may have declined by as much as 10 %, indicating that over time the ocean will become " a less efficient sink of manmade carbon.
With CVD diamond growth areas of greater than fifteen centimeters ( six inches ) diameter have been achieved and much larger areas are likely to be successfully coated with diamond in the future.
With Hampton out of town and Neagle injured much of the year, Jennings became the centerpiece of the Rockies ' pitching staff in 2003.
With the poor understanding of hygiene however, cuts that could get infected were much more of a problem.
With the development of the internet, by the late 1990s and early 2000, much of that regulation had been replaced where newer industry technologies developed, offering viewers alternate choices for local events and programming leading to what is today, that being Digital Cable, Internet, and Phone being offered to consumers, bundled, by 2010.
With British forces occupying much of the country, Sher Ali's son and successor, Mohammad Yaqub Khan, signed the Treaty of Gandamak in May 1879 to prevent a British invasion of the rest of the country.
With Danish help, Estonian crews began cleaning up the site, although they estimated the likely cost to be as much as 4 million EEK.
A 2010 study by Sean Aday comparing Fox News Channel's Special Report With Brit Humes and NBC's Nightly News coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during 2005 found that both underplayed bad news ; it concluded that " Fox News was much more sympathetic to the administration than NBC ", suggesting that " if scholars continue to find evidence of a partisan or ideological bias at FNC ... they should consider Fox as alternative, rather than mainstream, media ".
With Panormus captured, much of western inland Sicily fell with it.
With much focus on the militia, Touré kept much of the armed forces in poverty.

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