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With and settlement
With a population of about 66, 000, Aalen is the 15 most-populated settlement in Baden-Württemberg.
With the world at war Ecuador attempted to settle the matter by means of a third party settlement.
With the growth of dense settlement, humans designed ways of identifying houses and / or parcels of land.
With the ongoing Oregon boundary dispute, Adams sought to negotiate a settlement with England to decide the border between the western United States and Canada.
With the help of lawyers in August 1937 he was successful in claiming a pension ; he received a cash settlement for his house, which had been taken over by the city of Cologne ; his unpaid mortgage, penalties and taxes were waived.
However the final delimitation of the western frontier of Poland should await the peace settlement ( which would take place at the Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany in 1990 )
The provisional western border should be the Oder-Neisse line, parts of East Prussia and former Free City of Danzig should be under Polish administration, but that the final delimitation of the western frontier of Poland should await the peace settlement, which had to await the Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany in 1990.
With the hope of negotiating a peace settlement, on 7 November 1998, President Andrés Pastrana granted FARC-EP a safe haven meant to serve as a confidence building measure, centered around the San Vicente del Caguán settlement.
With the bankruptcy of the London Company in 1624, the settlement was taken into royal authority as a British crown colony.
With the establishment of a new colony, flame from Hestia's public hearth in the mother city would be carried to the new settlement.
With the assistance of Truganini as guide and translator, Robinson convinced remaining tribesmen to surrender to an isolated new settlement at Flinders Island, where most later died of disease.
With a population of 55, 800 people, it is the largest settlement in the county.
With pioneer settlement within Ohio made legal and safe from Indian raids, developers began to speculate in land sales in earnest.
With expanded irrigation development came expanded settlement has several new towns were established.
With permanent settlement came the establishment of the sugar cane industry and its intensive labor demands which were met with Native and later African slaves.
With the railroad came increased settlement and the first tourists.
With Dublin, an early Viking settlement, as the setting for Finnegans Wake, it is perhaps not surprising that Joyce incorporated a number of Norwegian linguistic and cultural elements into the work ( notably Riksmål references for the most part ).
With its history based on its port and canal, Lancaster is an ancient settlement, dominated by Lancaster Castle.
With Chamberlain still seeking to end Britain's isolation and the negotiations with Germany having been terminated, a settlement with France was attractive.
With the settlement of the northern boundary with Canada, the Chippewa within the Dakota Territory were forced to deal with the United States.
With early settlement in the mid-17th century by English colonists, the county was organized in 1779 from parts of Chowan County, Hertford County, and Perquimans County.
With an original meaning of " hill farm " or " hill settlement ", Hilton is a very common place name in English speaking countries.
With the increasing prosperity of the country, the population numbered 10, 436 in 1881, while improvements that were made kept pace with the settlement.

With and Louis
With Prince Eugene's subsequent success at the Battle of Turin in northern Italy, the Allies had imposed the greatest loss of territory and resources that Louis XIV would suffer during the war.
With his opponent defeated, Captain Thomas Louis then took Minotaur south to join the attack on Franklin.
With Johanna ( 1780 – 1809 ), his children were Joseph ( 1806 – 1873 ), Wilhelmina ( 1808 – 1846 ) and Louis ( 1809 – 1810 ).
With Eugene's help Louis found employment in the Imperial army, only to be killed in action against the French in 1702.
With the Dutch Republic they formed the Triple Alliance to check Louis XIV's expansion.
With the support of Prince Louis the French Heir and of King Alexander II of the Scots, they entered London in force on 10 June 1215, with the city showing its sympathy with their cause by opening its gates to them.
With the election of Celestine, both Bernard and Theobald appealed to the pope, while Louis sent ambassadors to have the interdict lifted.
With Louis ’ invitation, Stephen left Rome in August 816, crossing the Alps together with Bernard, the King of the Lombards, who was ordered to accompany Stephen to the emperor.
With regards to the imperial question, although both Sergius and Theophylact did not support the continued nominal rule of Emperor Louis, they were somewhat unwilling to grant the imperial title to the only other contender, Berengar I of Italy.
With the support of Louis, Henry the Young King attracted many barons to his cause through promises of land and money ; one such baron was Philip, Count of Flanders, who was promised £ 1, 000 and several castles.
With the reign of Louis XV, Versailles grew even further.
* With the backing of Antipope John XXIII, supporters of Louis II overthrow the underage King Ladislaus as King of Naples.
* With the death of Duke Charles IV of Anjou, Anjou reverts to the French crown under Louis XI of France.
With the Golden Bull of 1356, Louis was invested with the electoral dignity.
In 1323 Louis gave Brandenburg as a fiefdom to his eldest son Louis V. With the Treaty of Pavia the emperor returned the Palatinate to his nephews Rudolf and Rupert in 1329.
With the death of duke John I in 1340 Louis inherited Lower Bavaria and then reunited the duchy of Bavaria.
With the Treaty of Pavia in 1329, the emperor Louis IV, a son of Louis II, returned the Palatinate to his nephews Rudolf and Rupert.
With Louis Armstrong, Beiderbecke was one of the most influential jazz soloists of the 1920s.
With the succession in 1714 of Elector George Louis of Hanover as King George I, the Whigs returned to government.
With the help of First Nations Chiefs Poundmaker and Big Bear they facilitated the return of Louis Riel to the coalition he founded in 1869.
With the abdication of Napoleon on 11 April 1814 the Bourbon Dynasty was restored to the kingdom of France in the person of Louis XVIII, brother of Louis XVI.

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