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Within and universe
Within the Protestant tradition in England, 17th century Mystic, Universalist and founder of the Philadelphian Society Jane Leade wrote copious descriptions of her visions and dialogues with the " Virgin Sophia " who, she said, revealed to her the spiritual workings of the universe.
Within the Star Wars universe, the Jedi are usually portrayed as dressed in simple robes and carrying specialized field gear for their missions.
Within the fictional universe of Star Trek, Klingon is derived from the original language spoken by the messianic figure Kahless the Unforgettable, who united the Klingon home-world of Qo ' noS under one empire more than 1500 years ago.
Within this fictional universe it is a deep-space exploratory, peacekeeping and military service maintained by the United Federation of Planets (" the Federation ").
Within Hindu philosophy, there is a solid and ancient tradition of philosophical speculation on the nature of the universe, of God ( termed " Brahman " in some schools of Hindu thought ) and of the Atman ( soul ).
Within these contexts Tao signifies the primordial essence or fundamental nature of the universe.
Within the Buffy universe, magic is portrayed in a mostly female realm.
Within this universe, can the omnipotent being create a stone so heavy that the being cannot lift it?
Within the myriad of kaleidoscopic energies that comprise our universe, the energy of Clarity is critically important.
Within the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics the uncertainty principle was taken to mean that on an elementary level, the physical universe does not exist in a deterministic form, but rather as a collection of probabilities, or possible outcomes.
Within the fictional Harry Potter universe a Quidditch team is named after the town.
Within the Green Lantern stories, the Guardians of the Universe are the immortal founders and leaders of the Green Lantern Corps, which they administer from their homeworld Oa at the center of the universe.
Within small distances and short trips, the expansion of the universe during the trip can be ignored.
Within the two works, she explores how one can reconcile the idea of a benevolent deity in a universe filled with pain and evil.
Within the detail of the book the column's vertical axis is numbered from 1 to 32 signifying the 32-paths of wisdom which occur in the western Qabalah, numbers 1-10 are the sephirah of the universe and numbers 11-32 the paths which join them.
Within the series ' fictional universe, the Skywalkers are a bloodline with strong inherent capabilities related to the Force.
* The Universe Within 14 Billion Light Years — NASA Atlas of the Universe ( note — this map only gives a rough cosmographical estimate of the expected distribution of superclusters within the observable universe ; very little actual mapping has been done beyond a distance of one billion light years ):
Within the fictional universe of Red Dwarf, Rimmer was born on Io, somewhere during the 21st through 23rd centuries, where he suffered an unhappy childhood.
Within the Star Trek universe, Jefferies tubes and Captain Jefferies are named in his honor.
Within the Stargate franchise universe, force fields function in much the same way.
Within the work of Da Vinci fascination can be found within manuscripts describing the Platonic Solids, and also within the work of Kepler who supported the Copernican theory of heliocentrism and attempted a theory of the universe based on musical, geometrical harmony.
Within the fictional universe of the series, the starship Andromeda is shown to be somewhat unusual as it is clearly implied that the controlling AI has an emotional attachment to her Captain Dylan Hunt.
Within the Exalted universe, they are often presented as celestial bureaucrats who often work in the Bureau of Fate of the Celestial City of Yu-Shan, the home of the gods, directing events in the mortal world from behind the scenes.
Within the game's universe, the Necrons have become known and feared for their ability to absorb physical damage and repair themselves, as well as their enigmatic, yet powerful, Gauss weapons and arcane technology.

Within and limits
Within certain wide limits anatomy dictates function and, if one is permitted to speculate, potential pathology should be included in this statement as well.
Within its limits, this arrangement had the actual or potential characteristics of a cross-licensing agreement.
Within the city limits, five bridges connect greater and lesser Basel, from upstream to downstream:
Within limits, an arbitrary number of twists may be added to new stitches, whether they be knit or purl.
Within city limits both Carlow University and Chatham University have residential gender segregation above 90 %, as Duquesne University and Point Park University both have female populations at 60 % or greater as Carnegie Mellon University has a 60 % male population.
Within usefully broad limits, logic gates could be treated as ideal Boolean devices without concern for electrical limitations.
Within the city limits are six small rivers ( Myshka, etc.
Within those countries that openly advocate religious tolerance there remain debates as to the limits of tolerance.
Within the zoning regulations, Belmopan has set aside approximately of land made up mostly of one-acre ( 4, 000 m² ) parcels in city limits.
Within the city limits of Chorzów:
Within limits, a smaller pinhole ( with a thinner surface that the hole goes through ) will result in sharper image resolution because the projected circle of confusion at the image plane is practically the same size as the pinhole.
Within the city limits in the southwestern section is a large portion of the Great Dismal Swamp.
Within the city limits of Portsmouth, there are fourteen parks for the residents and for community use.
Within the city limits are two high schools ( Lafayette High School and the Chambers County Career Technical School ), one middle school ( JP Powell Middle School ), and one elementary school ( Eastside Elementary School ).
Within the city limits, most of Madison's businesses are retail, with stores and fast-food restaurants lining US 72 to the north and Madison Boulevard to the south.
Within city limits is Calexico International Airport, the U. S. Customs and Border Protection check-point for private passenger and air-cargo flights entering the U. S. from Mexico.
Within the city limits are 34, 295 housing units.
Within the town limits, there are 16 banks, six lodging facilities, and 29 day care facilities.
Within the city limits of Dunedin, there are four public elementary schools ( Curtis Fundamental, Dunedin, Garrison-Jones, San Jose ), one public middle school ( Dunedin Highland ), and one public high school ( Dunedin High School ).
Within the city limits are the localities of Meinhard and Monteith.
Within the corporate limits, there are virtually no residents under the poverty line.
Within the city limits lies the castle of the Counts of Almelo.
* Within the city limits, the only means of public transport is the bus.
Within the city limits of Hartford is one of the endpoints of the Van Buren Trail.

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