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Within and matter
Within an expression containing two or more occurrences in a row of the same associative operator, the order in which the operations are performed does not matter as long as the sequence of the operands is not changed.
Within two days following the assassination, Austria-Hungary and Germany advised Serbia that they should open an investigation, but Serbian Foreign Minister Gruic, speaking for Serbia replied, " Nothing had been done so far, and the matter did not concern the Serbian Government ," after which " high words " were spoken on both sides.
Within contemporary Christianity, the appropriateness of describing Christian narratives as “ myth ” is a matter of disagreement.
Within Talmudic literature, Jewish law is divided into the six orders of the Mishnah, which are categories by proximate subject matter: Zeraim (" Seeds ") for agricultural laws and prayer, Moed (" Festival "), for the Sabbath and the Festivals, Nashim (" Women "), dealing primarily with marriage and divorce, Nezikin (" Damages "), for civil and criminal law, Kodashim (" Holy things "), for sacrifices and the dietary laws, and Tohorot (" Purities ") for ritual purity.
" Within the ecosystem, species are connected and dependent upon one another in the food chain, and exchange energy and matter between themselves as well as with their environment.
Within a few years, the studio, in a matter reminiscent of their problems with James Cagney and Bette Davis, provoked hostility among their emerging contract TV stars like Clint Walker and James Garner, who sued over a contract dispute and won.
Within a matter of seconds, the ship re-appeared steaming toward the British ships at high speed.
Within a matter of seconds, the strip changes color indicating the level of ketone bodies detected, which reflects the degree of ketonuria, which, in turn, can be used to give a rough estimation of the level of hyperketonemia in the body ( see table below ).
Within a matter of years following the ‘ excavation ’, the reporter in the New Statistical Account wrote that a fosse was quite discernible, although ‘ the foundations of the walls cannot now be traced '.
Within the capacity of the rear suspension, this truck rides level no matter what load is carried in the bed!
Within this decision, it is stated that " juries are not entitled as a matter of right to refuse to apply the law — but they do have the power to do so when their consciences permit of no other course.
Within a matter of minutes, the whole American left wing had evaporated.
Within the currently favoured cosmological Lambda-CDM model, small objects ( consisting of dark matter and gas ) are the first to form.
Within Humanistic Judaism, Jewish identity is largely a matter of self-identification.
Within a matter of years, these young authors had transformed their nation ’ s literary landscape.
Within a matter of minutes, Guan Yu returned with Hua Xiong's head in hand, while the wine was still warm.
Within a matter of months after this change, Sony Interactive Studios America was renamed 989 Studios.
Within a matter of months, the troops of both Jurchen vice-marshals, Wolibu and Nianhan, were back south again, and this time they were determined to overcome the walls of Kaifeng.
Within the event horizon, matter would have to move outwards faster than the speed of light in order to remain stable and avoid collapsing to the center.
" Within ground Hegel brings together such basic constituents of reality as form, matter, essence, content, relation, and condition.
Within a matter of months Manto produced an Urdu translation of Victor Hugo's The Last Day of a Condemned Man, which was published by Urdu Book Stall, Lahore as Sarguzasht-e-Aseer ( A Prisoner's Story ).
Within our galaxy, VISTA is expected to find many new brown dwarf stars and be able to test ideas about the nature of dark matter.
Within a matter of weeks, Iris reconnected and became romantically involved with her first love, Alex Wheeler ( Bert Kramer ).
Within a matter of weeks, encouraged by conservatives and backed by the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, he abolished the constitution on 4 May and arrested many liberal leaders on 10 May, justifying his actions as the repudiation of an unlawful constitution made by a Cortes assembled in his absence and without his consent.

Within and years
Within a few years various Du Pont manufactured items were filling the entire requirements of from four to seven of General Motors' eight operating divisions.
Within only a few years, foamed plastics materials have managed to grow into an integral, and important, phase of the plastics industry -- and the end is still not yet in sight.
Within a few years the Scots, engaged in breaking the thick sod and stirring the rich soil of the valley, were joined by a group called Meurons.
Within fifty years from his death his societies could claim 50, 000 members.
Within a few years, Emperor Manuel died as well, and Saladin remained the only strong leader in the east.
* Within a few years of Salieri's death in 1825, Alexander Pushkin wrote his " little tragedy " Mozart and Salieri ( 1831 ) as a dramatic study of the sin of envy.
Within two years, however, al-Husayn broke off relations with Abd al-Rahman and announced that Zaragoza would be an independent city-state.
Within two years, the Sikhs rebelled again and rebuilt their holy city of Amritsar.
Within few years of his departure, St. Gregory of Nazianzus called him the " Pillar of the Church ".
Within 9 years, more than 84, 000 IBC-type companies had been established.
Within a few years there were thousands of these domes around the world.
Within two years, 72 % achieved symptomatic recovery ( no symptoms at all ) and 43 % achieved functional recovery ( regaining of prior occupational and residential status ).
Within a few years of nationalisation, a number of progressive measures had been carried out which did much to improve conditions in the mines, including better pay, a five-day workweek, a national safety scheme ( with proper standards at all the collieries ), a ban on boys under the age of 16 going underground, the introduction of training for newcomers before going down to the coalface, and the making of pithead baths into a standard facility.
Within seven years it would grow to a population of over 4, 000.
Within ten years, the Supreme Court interpreted Rule 48 in such a way so that it could apply to absent parties under certain circumstances, but only by ignoring the plain meaning of the rule.
Within a few years, the federal government would create its own need-based program, known as Pell Grants, providing the neediest students with a tuition-free college education.
Within twenty-five years of the persecution's inauguration, the Christian Emperor Constantine would rule the empire alone.
Within a couple of years, Detroit was rejuvenated and made the Finals for four of the next six years between 1961 and 1966.
Within a few years a majority of households were FM equipped, by the 1980s a majority of cars sold had FM stereo radios and a majority of listening in the U. S. was devoted to FM signals according to the Arbitron rating service.
Within two years RotoNews had become one of the top ten most trafficked sports sites on the web, according to Media Metrix, ranking higher than such sites as NBA. com.
Within three years of its publication, it had been reprinted nine times with 11, 000 copies circulating in the United States ; it was also translated into French and Dutch and published in Europe.
Within two years Bessel had left Kulenkamp and become an assistant at Lilienthal Observatory near Bremen.
Within a few years of independence, Touré led the nation into one-party rule.
Within a billion years of a galaxy's formation, key structures begin to appear.

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