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Within and year
Within a year or two several thousand might be in service.
Within a year, without reducing wages, Underwood's production costs were cut one third, prices were slashed.
Within a year, Tom Slick, who had funded searches for Yeti in the Himalayas earlier in the decade, organized searches for Bigfoot in the area around Bluff Creek.
Within the year he may have abandoned his new faith and repudiated his wife, but before Æthelstan and he could fight, Sihtric died suddenly in 927.
Within a year, the younger sister named Giovanna also died.
Within the collective Chianti region more than 8 million cases of wines classified as DOC level or above are produced each year.
Within a year of her inauguration she survived two unsuccessful coups and in October 1983, as chairperson of the Organization of East Caribbean States, endorsed the US Invasion of Grenada.
Within a year, it became outdated as Sutton improved her system.
Within a year the book had sold some 200, 000 copies and by the end of the 19th Century it had sold more copies than any other book published in America outside of Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Within the first year, the diagnosis of patients with expressive aphasia may change to anomic aphasia.
Within a year, the Taira and Minamoto clashed, and a twenty-year period of Taira ascendancy began.
Within a few months, several dozen people had joined, and over a thousand by the end of the first year.
Within a year of completing Adam Bede, she finished The Mill on the Floss, inscribing the manuscript: " To my beloved husband, George Henry Lewes, I give this MS. of my third book, written in the sixth year of our life together, at Holly Lodge, South Field, Wandsworth, and finished 21 March 1860.
Within a year, most of the country's production was threatened.
Within a year the Antonine Wall was recaptured, but by 163 or 164 it was abandoned.
Within a year, he abandoned her and married Annia Aurelia Faustina, a descendant of Marcus Aurelius and the widow of a man recently executed by Elagabalus.
Within a year, in April 2006, Harry completed his officer's training and was commissioned as a Cornet in the Blues and Royals, a regiment of the Household Cavalry in the British Army.
Within the World Bank's Doing Business Survey, Indonesia rose to 122 out of 178 countries in 2010, from 129 in the previous year.
Within a year of Major's general election win, general public and media opinion of him had plummeted, with Black Wednesday, mine closures, the Maastricht dispute and mass unemployment being cited as four key areas of dissatisfaction with the prime minister.
Within a year of their first act together, they went from earning $ 150-175 a week each at one club to $ 30, 000. 00 a week as a team at The Copacabana.
" Within a year, Sloane was being performed in New York, Spain, Israel and Australia, as well as being made into a film and a television play.
Within the next year, he appeared in three more jungle movies, playing himself.
Within a year of serious border clashes in 1987, Lao and Thai leaders signed a communiqué, signaling their intention to improve relations.

Within and all
Within the individual the reaction has been called various names, all, however, pointing to the same basic experience.
Within an easy walk from Capitol Hill where Pennsylvania Avenue comes together with Constitution Avenue, begins a series of great federal buildings, some a block long and all about seven-stories high.
Within a shell where n is some integer n < sub > 0 </ sub >, ranges across all ( integer ) values satisfying the relation.
Within no time, the Curb Exchange became the leading international stock market, listing more foreign issues than all other U. S. securities markets combined.
Within algebraic geometry itself, his theory of schemes has become the universally accepted language for all further technical work.
Within two years, 72 % achieved symptomatic recovery ( no symptoms at all ) and 43 % achieved functional recovery ( regaining of prior occupational and residential status ).
Within minutes all three of his ship's masts had fallen, but the battle around Spartiate continued until 21: 00, when the badly wounded Emeriau ordered his colours struck.
Within Switzerland, Basel was chosen largely because of its location, with excellent railway connections in all directions, especially important at a time when most international travel was by train.
Within the infraphylum Gnathostomata, cartilaginous fishes are distinct from all other jawed vertebrates, the extant members of which all fall into Teleostomi.
Within the class of human beings are all of the human beings, or the extension of the term ' human being '.
Within a few years of nationalisation, a number of progressive measures had been carried out which did much to improve conditions in the mines, including better pay, a five-day workweek, a national safety scheme ( with proper standards at all the collieries ), a ban on boys under the age of 16 going underground, the introduction of training for newcomers before going down to the coalface, and the making of pithead baths into a standard facility.
Within the definitional framework adopted here, all such things amount to ( psychological ) coercion if and only if the fear of falling out with the group is the result of purposeful threats by someone.
Turing adds another definition, Rosser equates all three: Within just a short time, Turing's 1936 – 37 paper " On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem " appeared.
Within his " one party, two factions " model, Li Chen has noted that one should avoid labelling these two groupings with simplistic ideological labels, and that these two groupings do not act in a zero-sum, winner take all fashion.
Within the cultures of the term's provenance ( Byzantine and Hellenic ) Gnosis was a knowledge or insight into the infinite, divine and uncreated in all and above all, rather than knowledge strictly into the finite, natural or material world.
Within seconds, with all its supports demolished, the bridge and several motor cars on top of it crashed onto the carriages, crushing them and the passengers inside.
Within the zone, they are allowed to touch the ball with all parts of their body including their feet.
Within eight years of the breakup, the band's three founding members – Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee – had all died.
Within four years he had published commentaries on all the Pauline epistles, and he also revised the commentary on Romans.
Within an octahedral sheet, there are three octahedral sites in a unit structure ; however, not all of the sites may be occupied.
Within a year of the Portuguese coup, almost all Portuguese population had left the African territory – some expelled by the new government of independent Mozambique, some fleeing in fear.
Within a year, all funding requests for SEI had been denied.

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