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Within and year
Within a year or two several thousand might be in service.
Within a year, without reducing wages, Underwood's production costs were cut one third, prices were slashed.
Within a year, Tom Slick, who had funded searches for Yeti in the Himalayas earlier in the decade, organized searches for Bigfoot in the area around Bluff Creek.
Within the year he may have abandoned his new faith and repudiated his wife, but before Æthelstan and he could fight, Sihtric died suddenly in 927.
Within a year, the younger sister named Giovanna also died.
Within the collective Chianti region more than 8 million cases of wines classified as DOC level or above are produced each year.
Within a year all the settlers were killed in a dispute with area Indian tribes.
Within a year of her inauguration she survived two unsuccessful coups and in October 1983, as chairperson of the Organization of East Caribbean States, endorsed the US Invasion of Grenada.
Within a year, it became outdated as Sutton improved her system.
Within a year the book had sold some 200, 000 copies and by the end of the 19th Century it had sold more copies than any other book published in America outside of Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Within the first year, the diagnosis of patients with expressive aphasia may change to anomic aphasia.
Within a year, the Taira and Minamoto clashed, and a twenty-year period of Taira ascendancy began.
Within a few months, several dozen people had joined, and over a thousand by the end of the first year.
Within a year, most of the country's production was threatened.
Within a year the Antonine Wall was recaptured, but by 163 or 164 it was abandoned.
Within a year, he abandoned her and married Annia Aurelia Faustina, a descendant of Marcus Aurelius and the widow of a man recently executed by Elagabalus.
Within a year, in April 2006, Harry completed his officer's training and was commissioned as a Cornet in the Blues and Royals, a regiment of the Household Cavalry in the British Army.
Within the World Bank's Doing Business Survey, Indonesia rose to 122 out of 178 countries in 2010, from 129 in the previous year.
Within a year of Major's general election win, general public and media opinion of him had plummeted, with Black Wednesday, mine closures, the Maastricht dispute and mass unemployment being cited as four key areas of dissatisfaction with the prime minister.
Within a year of their first act together, they went from earning $ 150-175 a week each at one club to $ 30, 000. 00 a week as a team at The Copacabana.
" Within a year, Sloane was being performed in New York, Spain, Israel and Australia, as well as being made into a film and a television play.
Within the next year, he appeared in three more jungle movies, playing himself.
Within a year of serious border clashes in 1987, Lao and Thai leaders signed a communiqué, signaling their intention to improve relations.

Within and completing
Within three years he was officiating at the highest level of regional matches, while also completing his compulsory military service.
Within each game the player must explore a world rendered in realtime 3D graphics, completing a number of non-linear tasks in order to achieve a single main objective.
Within Halliburton it was merged with Welex Jet Services to become Halliburton Logging Services completing the circle which began 33 years earlier.
Within minutes of completing a live acoustic showcase in the label's offices, Wave was offered a record deal.
She later served as chief translator for Natan Yonatan, completing Within the Song to Live, his bilingual volume of selected work, following that popular poet ’ s death in 2004.

Within and Adam
Within the rabbinic tradition, the Kabbalah, chapter 20 of the Book of Enoch, and the Life of Adam and Eve, the usual number of archangels given is at least seven, who are the focal angels.
Within classical economics, Adam Smith ( Wealth of Nations, Book II, Chapter 1 ) distinguished fixed capital from circulating capital.
Within the next week, Adam had moved in with John in Bellmore and was the full time bassist.
Within the storyline, from the summer of 1985 to the summer of 1986 Jeremy rescues her from Adam, his father, and Latin American terrorists, all of whom kidnap and attempt to sexually assault Erica.
* 2006: Adam Green, The Answer, Apocalyptica, Archive, Arctic Monkeys, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, Ben Jammin, Billy Talent, Blackmail, Coheed and Cambria, The Cooper Temple Clause, Death Cab for Cutie, Nada Surf, dEUS, Delays, Donavon Frankenreiter, Duels, Elbow, Element of Crime, Fettes Brot, Hard-Fi, Karamelo Santo, Klee, Lagwagon, The Lightning Seeds, Live, Mad Caddies, Mando Diao, Manu Chao Radio Bemba Sound System, Maxïmo Park, Photonensurfer, The Raconteurs, Muse, Panteón Rococó, Seeed, Shout Out Louds, Sigur Rós, Skin, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Cardigans, The Feeling, The Hives, The Kooks, The Strokes, Tomte, Two Gallants, Wallis Bird, The Weepies, Wir sind Helden, Within Temptation, Wolfmother, Zebrahead
Within the series, when the two give birth to their children on the same night ( Bianca to Miranda and Babe to Little Adam ), their bond further endeared them to the audience.
Within East Princes Street Gardens there are statues of the explorer David Livingstone, the publisher and Lord Provost Adam Black and the essayist Professor John Wilson, who wrote under the pseudonym Christopher North.
Within it is the Adam Lake and Max Lake campgrounds.
* Victory Within – Conor Adam Logan

Within and she
Within the Protestant tradition in England, 17th century Mystic, Universalist and founder of the Philadelphian Society Jane Leade wrote copious descriptions of her visions and dialogues with the " Virgin Sophia " who, she said, revealed to her the spiritual workings of the universe.
Within a year, she had been cast by Steven Spielberg to appear in his World War II drama, Empire of the Sun ( 1987 ).
Within months of the marriage Mary was pregnant ; however, on a visit to her husband at the fortified city of Breda, she suffered a miscarriage, which may have permanently impaired her ability to have children.
Within three months, she became head choreographer.
Within months she was granted the title Princess Royal.
Within a century of her death she was highly regarded as a classical writer.
Within a year, her father and Pullman decide that she should marry Pullman, and shortly thereafter Bea becomes pregnant.
Within weeks, she had left her husband and moved into a cheap boarding house with her two daughters.
Within days she joined the cast in San Francisco to begin filming.
Within two weeks of her surgery she suffered four strokes which caused paralysis in the left side of her face and in her left arm, and left her with slurred speech.
Within 14 months in 2009-10, she lost both a daughter and her two younger siblings.
Within a few weeks, she reunited with Barrow.
Within the fictional narrative of the show, she was briefly seen on the program Larry King Live being interviewed about a criminal legal case.
Within a very short stretch of time she wielded considerable power within the realm.
Within Egypt, she was later assimilated and identified as Neith, who by that time had developed her aspects as a war goddess.
Within weeks of this she made her first official overseas trip to Lebanon.
Within three years, she moved to Vienna, Austria and joined the Vienna Volksoper.
Within a few weeks, Elisabeth started to display health problems: she had fits of coughing and became anxious and frightened whenever she had to descend a narrow steep staircase.
Within one year, she had lost her mother, her father, her sister, and now her son.
Within a few weeks she had visited his home, and they developed a deeply affectionate relationship, leading to her request to be cast to sing Frau Luna at the Apollo Theater.
Within 30 months, she suffered two strokes, becoming totally incapacitated and requiring constant care.
Within months of their meeting, she became his road companion, and, in 1982, moved in with him.

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