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Within and days
Within sixty days after the receipt of notice that the Export-Import Bank is prepared to act favorably upon an application the Department of Economic Affairs will indicate to the Export-Import Bank whether or not the Department of Economic Affairs has any objection to the proposed loan.
Within a few days after Canovas del Castillo took power as Premier, the new king, proclaimed on 29 December 1874, arrived at Madrid, passing through Barcelona and Valencia and was acclaimed everywhere ( 1875 ).
Within days Wilson admitted himself to the Charles B.
Within five days after the beginning of their terms, the four Aediles ( two Plebeian, two Curule ) were required to determine, by lot or by agreement among themselves, what parts of the city each should hold jurisdiction over.
Within a few days, on 4 June 1876, they arranged for Sultan Abdülaziz to kill himself with scissors, cutting his two wrists at the same time.
Within 4 – 5 days the inflammation and the concomitant dead brain tissue are surrounded with a capsule, which gives the lesion the famous ring-enhancing lesion appearance on CT examination with contrast ( since intravenously applied contrast material can not pass through the capsule, it is collected around the lesion and looks as a ring surrounding the relatively dark lesion ).
Within four days Nelson had been elevated to Baron Nelson of the Nile and Burnham Thorpe, a title with which he was privately dissatisfied, believing his actions deserved better reward.
Within two days following the assassination, Austria-Hungary and Germany advised Serbia that they should open an investigation, but Serbian Foreign Minister Gruic, speaking for Serbia replied, " Nothing had been done so far, and the matter did not concern the Serbian Government ," after which " high words " were spoken on both sides.
Within days, Catherine seemed entirely restored, rose from bed and donned the black and white habit of the Third Order of St. Dominic.
Within twenty-four days the rebellion was crushed, and its leaders at Mainz savagely punished.
Within days, Philip received a command from his cousin and sovereign, King George II of Greece, to resume his naval career in Britain which, though given without explanation, the young prince obeyed.
Within days, and after interviews with several prominent firms, he was hired as a draftsman with the architectural firm of Joseph Lyman Silsbee.
Within four days after the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Capra quit his highly successful directing career in Hollywood and enlisted as a major in the United States Army.
Within two days of the encyclical's release, a group of dissident theologians, led by Rev.
Within a few days, he had designs for the HOUR and Half HOUR notes.
Within a few days a ship arrived and evacuated the four Norwegians and their would-be reinforcements after demolishing the weather station to prevent it from falling into German hands.
Within days of the events in Germany, Khrushchev persuaded the other leaders to support a Party coup against Beria ; Beria's principal ally Malenkov abandoned him.
Within days, these officers joined with the Coordinating Committee of Democratic Associations to form a predominantly civilian, 25-member ruling body, the Transitional Committee for the Salvation of the People ( CTSP ).
Within the first few hundred days of Schwartz's instatement as Vice-Chancellor, the ' Macquarie @ 50 ' strategic plan was launched, which positioned the university to enhance research, teaching, infrastructure and academic rankings by the university's 50th anniversary in 2014.
Within days, the " unbeatable candidate " was dismissed as Tánaiste and Minister for Defence.
Within the first few days of the invasion, Germany began conducting massacres of Polish and Jewish civilians and POWs.
Within the fictional history of the Marvel Universe, the tradition of using costumed secret identities to fight or commit evil had long existed, but it came into prominence during the days of the American " Wild West " with heroes such as the Phantom Rider.
Within four days Guy was elected Pope and was crowned at Vienne as Calixtus II.
Within days, Scott became a national icon.

Within and was
Within seconds the big barn was blasted into smoking splinters, with every outlaw either dead or injured inside.
Within the narrow frame of military tactics, too, the experts agree that the campaign was brilliant.
Within the Organization of American States, there may be some criticism of this unilateral American intervention which was not without risk obviously.
Within two weeks Warren was ringing the bell at the abbey gate.
Within the pseudophloem cells the distribution of WTV antigen was irregular in the cytoplasm.
Within about an hour with the help of reports from seismic stations in Alaska, Arizona and California, the quake's epicenter was placed at 51 degrees North latitude and 158 degrees East longitude.
Within this framework, what followed was strained, even macabre.
Within a week after the injury, suffered in St. Louis's victory in the final game of the Kentucky tournament, Nordmann was sitting on the Bill's bench doing what he could to help Benington.
Within a week, however, I began to suspect that something was wrong.
Within a few minutes, Johnston was observed by his staff to be nearly fainting off his horse.
Within a week, Ambrose was baptized, ordained and duly consecrated bishop of Milan.
Within this worldview, it was reasonable to believe that astrology could be used to predict the probable future of a human being.
Within a few months, Emily unable to adapt to life at school, was physically ill from homesickness.
Within minutes, Flight 93 was hijacked as well.
' Within the beautiful red rose, there was a ring.
Campbell and Raimi collaborated on a 30-minute Super 8 version of the first Evil Dead film, titled Within the Woods, which was initially used to attract investors.
Within Switzerland, Basel was chosen largely because of its location, with excellent railway connections in all directions, especially important at a time when most international travel was by train.
Within psychiatry the term anti-psychiatry was often used and now British activists prefer the term critical psychiatry.
Within months of beginning his tenure as university president, Eisenhower was requested to advise Secretary of Defense James Forrestal on unification of the armed services.
Within IBM, differential cryptanalysis was known as the " T-attack " or " Tickle attack ".
Within Persia, however, Narseh was destroying every trace of his immediate predecessors from public monuments.

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