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Within and five
Within the first five minutes of this interview it is apparent to the therapist that `` everybody '' truthfully refers to the woman's husband.
Within five days after the beginning of their terms, the four Aediles ( two Plebeian, two Curule ) were required to determine, by lot or by agreement among themselves, what parts of the city each should hold jurisdiction over.
Within the city limits, five bridges connect greater and lesser Basel, from upstream to downstream:
Within Chinese medicine texts the Wu Xing are also referred to as Wu Yun ( 五運 wŭ yùn ) or a combination of the two characters ( Wu Xing-Yun ) these emphasise the correspondence of five elements to five ' seasons ' ( four seasons plus one ).
Within each of these maturity levels are Key Process Areas which characterise that level, and for each such area there are five factors: goals, commitment, ability, measurement, and verification.
Within five years the Rainey Committee, a Special Committee on Investigation appointed by Secretary of the Treasury William Gibbs McAdoo and led by Congressman T. Rainey, reported in June, 1919 that drugs were being smuggled into the country by sea, and across the Mexican and Canadian borders by nationally established organisations and that the United States consumed 470, 000 pounds of opium annually, compared to 17, 000 pounds in both France and Germany.
Within five years there were 1, 200 students in the grammar school and 300 in the advanced school.
Within twenty seconds " Mr. T " gave the six foot five competitor a bloody nose, and later a bloody mouth.
Within five years of Vladmir Lenin's death in 1924, Stalin completed his rise to power in the Soviet Union.
Within these five academic divisions 180 undergraduate and graduate degree programs are offered.
Within five years, he was rated a millionaire.
Within five years, the Romanov male line ended with the death of Peter II.
Within this circle stood five trilithons of dressed sarsen stone arranged in a horseshoe shape across with its open end facing north east.
Within the scope of these five thematic clusters, the UN University undertakes:
Within Valhalla exists Thor's hall Bilskirnir, and within it exist five hundred and forty rooms, and of all the halls within Valhalla, Odin states that he thinks his son's may be greatest.
Within the district, there is one high school, one alternative high school, two middle schools, and five elementary schools.
Within a few weeks, five new armies totaling more than 500, 000 troops were recruited.
Within five years after his defeat in the Battle of Uhud however, Muhammad took control of Mecca and announced a general amnesty for all.
Within five months, 5000 rats had been bred for the sequence ; 1000 mechanical rats stood in for those that were set on fire.
Within five months, seventeen other disciples of Siyyid Káẓim had independently recognized the Báb as a Manifestation of God.
Within five seasons, the season would only be Ryan's fourth-highest strikeout total.
Within five days the federal government and neighboring states had dispatched 20, 000 National Guard and active duty troops to South Dade County to set up temporary housing.
Within five months of its release it sold 200, 000 copies, an unheard-of number for a piece of contemporary classical music at that time.

Within and minutes
Within a few minutes, Johnston was observed by his staff to be nearly fainting off his horse.
Within minutes, Flight 93 was hijacked as well.
Within minutes all three of his ship's masts had fallen, but the battle around Spartiate continued until 21: 00, when the badly wounded Emeriau ordered his colours struck.
Within minutes the flames had ascended the rigging and set the vast sails alight.
Within two minutes, the tentacles will have surrounded the prey and moved it into the opened mouth aperture.
Within ten minutes, the prey will have been enclosed within the body cavity, and digestion will have started.
Within minutes he and his laboratory assistant began to experience miosis ( constriction of the pupils of the eyes ), dizziness and severe shortness of breath.
Within 90 minutes of the explosion, Timothy McVeigh was stopped by Oklahoma State Trooper Charlie Hanger for driving without a license plate and arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon.
Within 23 minutes of the bombing, the State Emergency Operations Center ( SEOC ) was set up, consisting of representatives from the state departments of public safety, human services, military, health, and education.
Within minutes of the attacks, the Federal Bureau of Investigation opened the largest FBI investigation in United States history, operation PENTTBOM.
Within minutes, between 100 and 150 people had congregated outside, some after they were released from inside the Stonewall, and some after noticing the police cars and the crowd.
Within minutes, Flight 93 was hijacked as well.
Within minutes, around 9: 28 am, Flight 93 was hijacked as well.
Within minutes of that report hitting the airwaves, a battery of city trucks, police and fire vehicles converged on the bridge.
Within minutes after infection, the microbe is encapsulated within melanin ( melanization ), and the generation of free radical byproducts during the formation of this capsule is thought to aid in killing them.
Within minutes he spotted the wreckage less than northwest of the airport ().
Within 15 minutes of landing at Dog Green on the western end of the beach, A / 116 had been cut to pieces, the leaders among the 120 or so casualties, the survivors reduced to seeking cover at the water's edge or behind obstacles.
Within thirty minutes of the 4 August incident, President Johnson had decided on retaliatory attacks.
Within a few minutes, on station aircraft would direct their missions to cover the ground vehicle.
Within three minutes, he chose Alan Ladd, Van Heflin and Jean Arthur, though Arthur was not the first choice to play Marian ; Katharine Hepburn was originally considered for the role.
Within 90 minutes, the battle was over, and the Mexican soldiers retreated.
Within minutes of the initial fire, the safety valve on the car opened from the dangerously increased pressure in the tank car.
Within a few minutes the Confederate defeat was unmistakable.

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