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Within and mechanical
Within engineering, Stanford placed in aerospace, computer, electrical, environmental, and mechanical engineering ; in civil engineering ; and in chemical, material, and bioengineering.
Within five months, 5000 rats had been bred for the sequence ; 1000 mechanical rats stood in for those that were set on fire.
Within it there is a description of a much earlier encounter between King Mu of Zhou ( 1023-957 BC ) and a mechanical engineer known as Yan Shi, an ' artificer '.
Within the class of S-field systems, the fields evolve from mechanical fields to electro-magnetic fields.
Within the forest is the Cloud Peak Wilderness area in which no motorized or mechanical equipment is allowed.
Within a few years the Mechanics ' was offering classes in such subjects as woodworking, mechanical drawing, industrial design, electrical science, applied mathematics, and ironwork.

Within and systems
Within philosophy familiar names include Daniel Dennett who writes from a computational systems perspective, John Searle known for his controversial Chinese room, Jerry Fodor who advocates functionalism, and Douglas Hofstadter, famous for writing Gödel, Escher, Bach, which questions the nature of words and thought.
Within Colombia, the two cultures with the most complex cacicazgo systems were the Tayronas in the Caribbean region, and the Muiscas in the highlands near Bogotá, both of which belonged to the Chibchan language family.
Within some criminal justice systems, a preliminary hearing ( evidentiary hearing ) is a proceeding, after a criminal complaint has been filed by the prosecutor, to determine whether there is enough evidence to require a trial.
Within the federal systems where legal conflicts among federal states require resolution, as in the United States and Australia, the term conflict of laws is preferred simply because such cases do not involve an international issue.
Within Longyearbyen, Barentsburg and Ny-Ålesund, there are road systems, but they do not connect with each other.
Within organizations, wikis may either add to or replace centrally managed content management systems.
:: Within many switched telecommunications systems, it is possible to establish a permanent circuit.
In Discursive Struggles Within Social Welfare: Restaging Teen Motherhood, Iara Lessa summarizes Foucault's definition of discourse as “ systems of thoughts composed of ideas, attitudes, courses of action, beliefs and practices that systematically construct the subjects and the worlds of which they speak.
Within electrical engineering, the term DC is used to refer to power systems that use only one polarity of voltage or current, and to refer to the constant, zero-frequency, or slowly varying local mean value of a voltage or current.
Within a year, thousands of these systems replaced a century of 35 mm film editing equipment in major motion picture studios and TV stations world wide, making Avid the undisputed leader in non-linear editing systems for over a decade.
Within science fiction, and, more recently, within the scientific community, there has been consideration given to using advanced prostheses to replace healthy body parts with artificial mechanisms and systems to improve function.
Within most systems and at most levels, handicap is given to offset the strength difference between players of different ranks in the game of Go.
Within Longyearbyen, Barentsburg and Ny-Ålesund, there are road systems, but they do not connect with each other.
Within medical science, pattern recognition is the basis for computer-aided diagnosis ( CAD ) systems.
These regions of high link density are often referred to as cliques, hubs, compartments, cohesive sub-groups, or modules ... Within food webs, especially in aquatic systems, nestedness appears to be related to body size because the diets of smaller predators tend to be nested subsets of those of larger predators ( Woodward & Warren 2007 ; YvonDurocher et al.
Within months, Gold was placed in charge of constructing new radar systems.
Within a decade scores of cities would have lighting systems using a central power plant that provided electricity to multiple customers via electrical transmission lines.
Within capitalist economic systems, the drive of enterprises is to maintain and improve their own competitiveness.
Within a year some Sun systems used MBus, another interconnection standard, as a CPU-memory bus.
Within hip hop culture, scratching is one of the measures of a DJ's skills, as in DMC World DJ Championship where the DJs can use only scratch oriented gears ( turntables + mixer + digital vinyl systems ), and there are many scratching competitions.
Within the bowl, there are three main water-way design systems: the siphoning trapped system ( found primarily in North American residential installations, and in North American light commercial installations ), the non-siphoning trapped system ( found in most other installations both inside and outside of North America ), and the valve-closet system ( found in many specialty applications, such as in trains, planes, buses, and other such installations around the world ).
Within a week sufficient systems were brought back online to allow robot cargo ships to dock with the station.
Within a few months of being awarded the contract, Raytheon had already begun to mass manufacture magnetron tubes for use in radar sets and then complete radar systems.

Within and devices
Within usefully broad limits, logic gates could be treated as ideal Boolean devices without concern for electrical limitations.
* Chagai-I: ( Youm-e-Takbir ) Within half a month of Pokhran-II, on 28 May 1998 Pakistan detonated 5 nuclear devices to reciprocate India in the nuclear arms race.
Within the European Union, they can now only be supplied for replacement purposes although they can be supplied for certain specified types of new equipment such as medical devices.
Within Alpha the devices are reached by their hostname.
Within the mobile sector, the firm invests in advertising, applications, devices and enabling technology companies.
Within microprocessors and other logic devices, flags are commonly used to control or indicate the intermediate or final state or outcome of different operations.

Within and conventional
Within Western culture and over recent centuries, conventional Western medicine has become increasingly based on scientific reductionism and materialism.
Within conventional Western medicine, most physicians still pay heed to their ancient traditions:
Within ten years of the introduction of jet airliners in 1958, most of the conventional Atlantic liners were gone.
Within the budget, peace-building is financed as part of national security programs, and is recognized as an important adjunct to conventional defense spending and diplomacy.
Within the series story, An unscrupulous civil servant named Kazundo Gouda, of the Japanese Cabinet Intelligence Agency ( acronym of CIA-an allusion that is ultimately revealed to be a significant plot point at the conclusion of the series ) seeks to re-establish a Cold War scenario for Japan, despite the events of the Nuclear 3rd World War, and conventional 4th World War ( known within this series chronology as the 2nd Vietnam War ) having resolved any potential for this political environment.
Within the tangent space, conventional multivariate statistical methods such as multivariate analysis of variance and multivariate regression, can be used to test statistical hypotheses about shape.
Within South Africa itself, the SADF was organised with the aim of performing a dual mission: to counter possible insurgency in all forms, and to maintain a conventional military arm which could defend the republic's immediate borders, making retaliatory strikes as necessary.
) Within four years of Bohlen's breakthrough agreement, all Canadian Green parties had moved to adopt conventional political structures in which their leaders functioned as primary spokespeople.
Within the Yogacara in that text he also included the Sautrantika and " consciousness-only " views specifically when referring to ' conventional truth ', one of the two truths doctrine.

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