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Within and Municipality
Within the Regional Municipality of Halton, the QEW is signed concurrently with Highway 403.
Within 20 years of the settlement of Melbourne in 1835, the Prahran Municipality ( later City of Prahran ) was formed in 1855, followed by the Gardiner Road Board ( later City of Malvern ) in 1856.
Within the Regional Municipality of York, Highway 27 passed along the western edge of suburban sprawl in Vaughan, near the community of Woodbridge.
Within these, there are significant populations centers, some of which have the status of municipality, others are part of recently formed cities by decree, and then there are also those that do not have enough inhabitants and are therefore often considered simple population entities with no mayor or government, remaining under the direct jurisdiction of the Municipality of Canelones ( in Spanish, Intendencia Municipal Canelones or Comuna Canaria ), which is based in the departmental capital, Canelones.
Within a local authority merger program initiated by the Israeli Ministry of the Interior in 2003, the Municipality of Yehud was merged with the Local Council of Neve Monosson.

Within and Pass
Within Dragon Pass ( where most players set their adventures ), goats are generally considered ritually unclean animals ( perhaps because of their association with Broo ) and are rarely herded.
Within three days the resort community of Camp Sherman is evacuated, affecting 1, 500 residents and campers, closure of US highway 20 over Santiam Pass, and burning at least 41, 000 acres ( 170 km < sup > 2 </ sup >).
Within this territory, he granted a right-of-way to Southern Pacific through what is now Newhall Pass, and he also sold them a portion of the land, upon which the company built a town they named after him: Newhall.
Within the Flemish Pass, Petrie and Isenor ( 1985 ) report that the width of the Labrador Current is reduced to with a speed of which they believe is actually.
Ge was recognized for his previous military service with the honorary title of " Marquis of the Region Within the Pass ", and awarded an income of two hundred households in Jurong.
Within their response range, including all of Tampa Bay and up to ten miles into the Gulf of Mexico from Longboat Pass to John's Pass, some of the services provided include:

Within and one
Within institutions there is a marked decline of the process of persuasion and the substitution of a force-fear process which masquerades as the earlier one of persuasion.
Within certain wide limits anatomy dictates function and, if one is permitted to speculate, potential pathology should be included in this statement as well.
Within a year, without reducing wages, Underwood's production costs were cut one third, prices were slashed.
Within this structure, the sub-points of the book are marked by a series of summary statements, or what one commentary calls a " progress report ".
Within any level of bidding ( i. e. from one to seven ), suit rank establishes the bid ’ s rank, i. e. a bid of two diamonds outranks a bid of two clubs, a bid of three spades outranks a bid of three hearts, a bid of three notrump outranks a bid of three spades.
Within software engineering, programming ( the implementation ) is regarded as one phase in a software development process.
Within Chinese medicine texts the Wu Xing are also referred to as Wu Yun ( 五運 wŭ yùn ) or a combination of the two characters ( Wu Xing-Yun ) these emphasise the correspondence of five elements to five ' seasons ' ( four seasons plus one ).
Within this section, from near Phipps Bridge to near Reeves Corner, route 3 follows the Surrey Iron Railway, giving Tramlink a claim to the one of the world's oldest railway alignments-beside Mitcham tram stop had its name long before Tramlink.
Within his " one party, two factions " model, Li Chen has noted that one should avoid labelling these two groupings with simplistic ideological labels, and that these two groupings do not act in a zero-sum, winner take all fashion.
Within one or two hours, the cuticle hardens and darkens following a tanning process similar to that of the tanning of leather.
Within two years RotoNews had become one of the top ten most trafficked sports sites on the web, according to Media Metrix, ranking higher than such sites as NBA. com.
At least one work of fiction, the film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, uses Gaia philosophy as a central point to the plot, and may arguably represent a fictional parallel to Sir James Lovelock in the character of Dr. Cid, who is met with skepticism from the scientific and social community when he promotes the idea of a " living Earth ".
Within Anglicanism, three bishops are normally required for ordination to the episcopate, while one bishop is sufficient for performing ordinations to the priesthood and diaconate.
Within Modern Orthodox Judaism, there is no one committee or leader, but Modern Orthodox rabbis generally agree with the views set by consensus by the leaders of the Rabbinical Council of America.
Within the realm of Newtonian mechanics, an inertial frame of reference, or inertial reference frame, is one in which Newton's first law of motion is valid.
Within the native culture, however, establishing a connection between English Language Teaching ( ELT ), patriotism and Muslim faith is seen as one of the aims of ELT, as the chairman of the Punjab Textbook Board openly states: " The board ... takes care, through these books to inoculate in the students a love of the Islamic values and awareness to guard the ideological frontiers of your students home lands " ( Punjab Text Book Board 1997 ).
Within a year of their first act together, they went from earning $ 150-175 a week each at one club to $ 30, 000. 00 a week as a team at The Copacabana.
Within the fictional universe of Star Trek, Klingon is derived from the original language spoken by the messianic figure Kahless the Unforgettable, who united the Klingon home-world of Qo ' noS under one empire more than 1500 years ago.
Within the space of these tendencies there has developed a coherent critique of " orthodox Marxism " that includes not only a rejection of the concept of " the transition " but a reconceptualization of the process of transcending capitalism that has remarkable similarities to ( Peter ) Kropotkin's thinking on this subject ... Thus one of the earliest political tendencies within which this approach appeared after the Russian revolution of 1917 was that of " Council Communism " which saw the " workers councils " in Germany ( see Bavarian Soviet Republic ), or the soviets in Russia, as new organizational forms constructed by the people.
Within that part, the chapter on Viaticum is followed by two more chapters, one on Commendation of the Dying, with short texts, mainly from the Bible, a special form of the litany of the saints, and other prayers, and the other on Prayers for the Dead.
Within our own galaxy, molecular gas accounts for less than one percent of the volume of the interstellar medium ( ISM ), yet it is also the densest part of the medium comprising roughly one-half of the total gas mass interior to the Sun's galactic orbit.
Within the Doce Pares Eskrima fighting system, it is one of the three ranges of engagement, specifically the closest one.
Within Internet message handling services ( MHS ), a message transfer agent or mail transfer agent ( MTA ) or mail relay is software that transfers electronic mail messages from one computer to another using a client – server application architecture.

Within and can
Within their confines, moreover, technological and industrial growth has proceeded at an accelerated pace, thus increasing the cornucopia from which material wants can be satisfied.
Within the fixed frame of these aspirations, they can afford to place a high value on the expressive and people-oriented aspects of occupation and to minimize the instrumental-reward values of power, prestige, and wealth.
Within a people, different means to accomplish the same goal can be adopted by subsets of the larger group.
Within 4 – 5 days the inflammation and the concomitant dead brain tissue are surrounded with a capsule, which gives the lesion the famous ring-enhancing lesion appearance on CT examination with contrast ( since intravenously applied contrast material can not pass through the capsule, it is collected around the lesion and looks as a ring surrounding the relatively dark lesion ).
Within these churches, bishops are seen as those who posess the full priesthood and can ordain clergy including other bishops.
Within the realm of postcolonial discourse, cultural imperialism can be seen as the cultural legacy of colonialism, or forms of social action contributing to the continuation of Western hegemony.
Within a week, the young can eat grass, but will continue to suckle — from any female in the group — until weaned at about 16 weeks.
Within this view of physics, any other phenomenon that is usually attributed to centrifugal force can be used to identify absolute rotation.
Within close range, he can manipulate almost any number of minds for such simple feats.
Within the overall Art Department is a sub-department, called the Art Department, which can be confusing.
Within a few hours of birth, the calf can run around and is almost indistinguishable from a one-week-old.
Within each of the subfields, various philosophical approaches can be used in research ; therefore, an urban geographer could be a Feminist or Marxist geographer, etc.
Within a society can be measured by various methods, including the Lorenz curve and the Gini coefficient.
Within a cubic metre of water placed right outside a nuclear reactor, only relatively few such interactions can be recorded, but the setup is now used for measuring the reactor's plutonium production rate.
Within these chapters it is revealed that all persons can attain Buddhahood in this lifetime and Shakyamuni transfers the essence of the sutra to the Bodhisattvas of the Earth led by Bodhisattva Superior Practices ( Jogyo ), entrusting them with the propagation of the essence of the sutra in the Latter Day of the Law.
Within the mahogany base is a concealed drawer which contains six alternate finials, each a silver replica of one of the team emblems, which can be screwed on the detachable lid.
Within a given approach, statistical theory gives ways of comparing statistical procedures ; it can find a best possible procedure within a given context for given statistical problems, or can provide guidance on the choice between alternative procedures.
Within the large or global region of a process, for a suitably small local region, this approximation assumes that a quantity known as the entropy of the small local region can be defined in a particular way.
Within the United States alone, an average of 1, 000 people die each year due to extreme heat .< ref name =" Changnon "> As UHIs are characterized by increased temperature, they can potentially increase the magnitude and duration of heat waves within cities.
Within a Bayesian framework, the power PC theory can be interpreted as a noisy-OR function used to compute likelihoods ( Griffiths & Tenenbaum, 2005 )
Within these walls, much of which can still be seen, successive monumental palaces were built.
Within the same kingdom one generic name can apply to only one genus.
Within the United States, the term Yankee can have many different contextually and geographically dependent meanings.
Within those restrictions the voucher can be split among any number of candidates for any federal race and between the primary and general elections.

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