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Page "777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley" ¶ 5
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Within and detail
Within both Greater Manchester Police and the wider Police Service James Anderton had a reputation as a highly competent administrator and manager with an excellent grasp of detail.

Within and book
Within this structure, the sub-points of the book are marked by a series of summary statements, or what one commentary calls a " progress report ".
Within a year the book had sold some 200, 000 copies and by the end of the 19th Century it had sold more copies than any other book published in America outside of Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Within the book, the statement of divine immanence verbalized between the main characters, " Thou Art God ", is logically derived from the concept inherent in the term grok.
Within a year of completing Adam Bede, she finished The Mill on the Floss, inscribing the manuscript: " To my beloved husband, George Henry Lewes, I give this MS. of my third book, written in the sixth year of our life together, at Holly Lodge, South Field, Wandsworth, and finished 21 March 1860.
Within the general framework of a ' ladder ', Climacus ' book falls into three sections.
Within the Anglo-American tradition, the book is considered by many as being one of the most important philosophical works of the 20th century, and it continues to influence contemporary philosophers, especially those studying mind and language.
Merrill Jensen, in his book " The American Revolution Within America ", writes:
Since the passages call for total nonresistance to the point of facilitating aggression against oneself, and since human governments defend themselves by military force, this has led some into Christian anarchism, including the notable Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy, author of the nonfiction book The Kingdom of God Is Within You.
Shortly after de Man's death, Derrida authored a book Memoires: pour Paul de Man and in 1988 wrote an article in the journal Critical Inquiry called " Like the Sound of the Sea Deep Within a Shell: Paul de Man's War ".
Within the book, " Catch-22 " is a military rule, the self-contradictory circular logic that, for example, prevents anyone from avoiding combat missions.
Within the book industry, some copies of the finished book are often flown to publishers as sample copies to aid sales or to be sent for pre-release reviews.
Within the book publishing industry, the publisher of record for a book is the entity in whose name the book's ISBN is registered.
Within the second volume of the Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the popular comic book heroes are revealed as specimens of the red-eared slider.
Within this narrative, which itself is somewhat self-referential, the two characters find a book entitled " Provocative Adventures of Achilles and the Tortoise Taking Place in Sundry Spots of the Globe ", which they begin to read, the Tortoise taking the part of Achilles, and Achilles taking the part of the Tortoise.
She described the ' Friends Pictured Within ' and ' The Enigma ' in two chapters of her book Edward Elgar, ' Memories of a Variation '.
Within two months of its publication, the book had sold 60, 000 copies and remained listed as a best-seller for six months.
Within weeks the book outsold almost all of his albums.
Within L-Space the Library contains every book ever written, possibly written, unwritten and yet to be written.
Within a year, 300 babies were named " Eva " in Boston alone and a play based on the book opened in New York in November of that year.
* Transformers: The War Within, a comic book series
Her book Freedom Within Reason argues for a view of free will as the ability to do what one reasonably thinks is the right thing.
Within two years he was however cut down by a sudden illness ; the Augustinus, the book of his life, was published posthumously in 1640.

Within and vertical
Within the physical domain the vertical axis differentiates between high speeds and low speeds depending upon the turbomachinery application.
Within its range, almost any environment rich in rodents, and vertical escape options, proves a suitable habitat for the gray rat snake.
Within the Cluniac Monastic Association, the cantors of the following generation like Adémar de Chabannes who was taught by his uncle Roger at Saint-Martial Abbey of Limoges ( Aquitaine ), developed a new diastematic neume notation which allowed to indicate the ligatures, even if they were separated by the vertical disposition according to their pitch class.
Within weeks a lightning strike destroyed the transmitter and WAXO's new owners were granted permission for an increase in power to 10, 000 Watts horizontal and 8, 100 Watts vertical and a new antenna tower at Dexter's Corner, Wisconsin.
Within the blocks, the ore deposits tend to occur in nearly vertical mineralized faults or fault zones in the rhyolite.
Within 1000 Metres of the monument there are three Dolines which were formed by the chalk being dissolved in a vertical fissure in its structure.
Within a year, he was an active figure in the nascent climbing community of Yosemite Valley, the huge glacial valley in which big-wall or multi-day vertical technical or roped rock climbing developed in the United States after World War II.
Within the vertical vessel was the inner firebox and the space between the two was filled with water ( to a level just about the same as the driver ’ s ankle ).

Within and axis
Within mechanical systems or devices, a conventional gyroscope is a mechanism comprising a rotor journaled to spin about one axis, the journals of the rotor being mounted in an inner gimbal or ring ; the inner gimbal is journaled for oscillation in an outer gimbal for a total of two gimbals.
Within these circular rings is a small terrestrial globe J, fixed on an axis K, which extends from the north and south poles of the globe at n and s, to those of the celestial sphere at N and S. On this axis is fixed the flat celestial meridian L L, which may be set directly over the meridian of any place on the globe, so as to keep over the same meridian upon it.
Within the central known universe a specific locale-often a mountain or other elevated place, a spot where earth and sky come closest-gains status as center of the center, the axis mundi.
Within each row, the long axis of the enamel rod generally is perpendicular to the underlying enamel-dentine junction.
Within this pit were placed two substantial wooden posts in postholes at either end of the long axis.

Within and is
Within this notion clarity is possible, but for us who are neither Greek nor Jansenist there is not such clarity.
Within institutions there is a marked decline of the process of persuasion and the substitution of a force-fear process which masquerades as the earlier one of persuasion.
Within this frame of reference policies appropriate to claims advanced in the name of the Jews depend upon which Jewish identity is involved, as well as upon the nature of the claim, the characteristics of the claimant, the justifications proposed, and the predispositions of the community decision makers who are called upon to act.
Within the units in the National Forest System the pattern of land ownership is quite irregular.
Within sixty days after the receipt of notice that the Export-Import Bank is prepared to act favorably upon an application the Department of Economic Affairs will indicate to the Export-Import Bank whether or not the Department of Economic Affairs has any objection to the proposed loan.
Within certain wide limits anatomy dictates function and, if one is permitted to speculate, potential pathology should be included in this statement as well.
Within only a few years, foamed plastics materials have managed to grow into an integral, and important, phase of the plastics industry -- and the end is still not yet in sight.
Within the first five minutes of this interview it is apparent to the therapist that `` everybody '' truthfully refers to the woman's husband.
Within a system, however, the autonomy of each member library is preserved.
Within the membership of this group, as has been found true of men in other professional or trade associations, the most ready portrayal of oneself to `` the public '' is that of a neutral agent simply serving the interests of a seller or buyer and mediating between them.
Within a short while, he grasps what is at stake and warns the authorities that unless steps are taken immediately, the epidemic could kill off half the town's population of two hundred thousand within a couple of months .</ br > During the epidemic, Rieux heads an auxiliary hospital and works long hours treating the victims.
Within the genus Prunus, it is classified with the peach in the subgenus Amygdalus, distinguished from the other subgenera by the corrugated shell ( endocarp ) surrounding the seed.
Within a shell where n is some integer n < sub > 0 </ sub >, ranges across all ( integer ) values satisfying the relation.
Within a subshell where is some integer, ranges thus:.
Within an expression containing two or more occurrences in a row of the same associative operator, the order in which the operations are performed does not matter as long as the sequence of the operands is not changed.
Within are three officials, whom Gylfi in the guise of Gangleri is allowed to question about the Asgard and the Æsir.
Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as the City of Abakan — an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts.
Within 4 – 5 days the inflammation and the concomitant dead brain tissue are surrounded with a capsule, which gives the lesion the famous ring-enhancing lesion appearance on CT examination with contrast ( since intravenously applied contrast material can not pass through the capsule, it is collected around the lesion and looks as a ring surrounding the relatively dark lesion ).
Within this potential, a variational ansatz for the wave function is proposed.
Within the prevailing Standard Model of particle physics, the number of baryons may change in multiples of three due to the action of sphalerons, although this is rare and has not been observed under experiment.
Within states, whether sovereign or federated, a constitution defines the principles upon which the state is based, the procedure in which laws are made and by whom.
Within software engineering, programming ( the implementation ) is regarded as one phase in a software development process.
Within the forestry sector, the largest contributor to total production is pulp, followed by wood-based panels and lumber.
Within the corporate office or corporate center of a company, some companies have a Chairman and CEO as the top ranking executive, while the number two is the President and COO ; other companies have a President and CEO but no official deputy.

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