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Within and government
Within this context, his government undertook the nationalisation of major industries and public utilities as well as the creation of the National Health Service.
Within a few years, the federal government would create its own need-based program, known as Pell Grants, providing the neediest students with a tuition-free college education.
Within this system, macroeconomic plans are used as a general guidelines and as government goals for the national economy, but the majority of state-owned enterprises are subject to market forces.
Within the government, preparative discussions are conducted in the government committee of foreign and security policy ( ulko-ja turvallisuuspoliittinen ministerivaliokunta ), which includes the Prime Minister and at least the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defence, and at most four other ministers as necessary.
Within the Byzantine Empire, which included both Christians and Muslims, the government had likely been adopting Christian images more frequently.
Within the United Kingdom government, responsibility for relations between Jersey ( and the other Crown dependencies ) and the United Kingdom lie in the Crown Dependencies Branch within the International Directorate of the Ministry of Justice, which has a core team of three officials, with four others and four lawyers available when required.
Within a few years, the PDR Lao government realized these types of economic policies were preventing, rather than stimulating, growth and development.
Within the RSDLP, Lenin, Trotsky and Martov advocated various internationalist anti-war positions, while Plekhanov and other social democrats ( both Bolsheviks and Mensheviks ) supported the Russian government to some extent.
Within two months, a transitional government had been established under the leadership of Albert Zafy ( 1993 – 96 ), who went on to win the 1992 presidential elections and inaugurate the Third Republic ( 1992 – 2010 ).
Within a year of the Portuguese coup, almost all Portuguese population had left the African territory – some expelled by the new government of independent Mozambique, some fleeing in fear.
Within the framework of his science fiction stories, Heinlein repeatedly addressed certain social themes: the importance of individual liberty and self-reliance, the obligation individuals owe to their societies, the influence of organized religion on culture and government, and the tendency of society to repress nonconformist thought.
Within its government, power is shared between a directly elected president, a prime minister, and an incompletely bicameral legislature.
Within months, the coalition government had gone from holding about 70 % of south-central Somalia's conflict zones, territory which it had inherited from the previous Yusuf administration, to losing control of over 80 % of the disputed territory to the Islamist insurgents.
Within months, the coalition government had gone from holding about 70 % of south-central Somalia's conflict zones, territory which it had inherited from the previous Yusuf administration, to losing control of over 80 % of the disputed territory to the Islamist insurgents.
Within a decade Thai politics ran into turmoil as the revolutionary government plunged into factions ; military and civilian figures.
Within in six years, the Federal government would spend over a million dollars at the Yard. On October 13, 1915, the monitor, a submarine tender, and 4 submarines arrived in Groton.
Within United States government intelligence agencies, such as Central Intelligence Agency agencies, error refers to intelligence error, as previous assumptions that used to exist at a senior intelligence level within senior intelligence agencies, but has since been disproven, and is sometimes eventually listed as unclassified, and therefore more available to the American public and citizenry of the United States.
Within a month, Maurice's government had collapsed, the Emperor abdicated and fled the city, and the " Green " faction in Constantinople acclaimed Phocas as emperor.
Within weeks of the Congress, Stalin wrestled control of the Leningrad party organization and government from Zinoviev and had him dismissed from all regional posts, leaving only the Comintern as a potential power base for Zinoviev.
Within four years of Crassus ' death, Caesar would cross the Rubicon and begin a civil war against Pompey and the legitimate government of the Republic.
Within a few years, the education budget rose from 16 billion to 50 billion DM, while one out of every three DM spent by the new government was devoted to welfare purposes.
Within days the minority Conservative government was unseated ; the legislation died on the order paper.
Within Taiwan, there is a distinction between the positions of the Kuomintang ( KMT ): the Kuomintang also believes in the " One China Principle " and maintains its claim that under the ROC Constitution ( passed by the Kuomintang government in 1947 in Nanjing ) the ROC has sovereignty over most of China ( including by their interpretation both mainland China and Taiwan ) and, according to some interpretations of that constitution, Mongolia.

Within and was
Within seconds the big barn was blasted into smoking splinters, with every outlaw either dead or injured inside.
Within the narrow frame of military tactics, too, the experts agree that the campaign was brilliant.
Within the Organization of American States, there may be some criticism of this unilateral American intervention which was not without risk obviously.
Within two weeks Warren was ringing the bell at the abbey gate.
Within the pseudophloem cells the distribution of WTV antigen was irregular in the cytoplasm.
Within about an hour with the help of reports from seismic stations in Alaska, Arizona and California, the quake's epicenter was placed at 51 degrees North latitude and 158 degrees East longitude.
Within this framework, what followed was strained, even macabre.
Within a week after the injury, suffered in St. Louis's victory in the final game of the Kentucky tournament, Nordmann was sitting on the Bill's bench doing what he could to help Benington.
Within a week, however, I began to suspect that something was wrong.
Within a few minutes, Johnston was observed by his staff to be nearly fainting off his horse.
Within a week, Ambrose was baptized, ordained and duly consecrated bishop of Milan.
Within this worldview, it was reasonable to believe that astrology could be used to predict the probable future of a human being.
Within a few days after Canovas del Castillo took power as Premier, the new king, proclaimed on 29 December 1874, arrived at Madrid, passing through Barcelona and Valencia and was acclaimed everywhere ( 1875 ).
Within a few months, Emily unable to adapt to life at school, was physically ill from homesickness.
Within minutes, Flight 93 was hijacked as well.
' Within the beautiful red rose, there was a ring.
Within four days Nelson had been elevated to Baron Nelson of the Nile and Burnham Thorpe, a title with which he was privately dissatisfied, believing his actions deserved better reward.
Campbell and Raimi collaborated on a 30-minute Super 8 version of the first Evil Dead film, titled Within the Woods, which was initially used to attract investors.
Within Switzerland, Basel was chosen largely because of its location, with excellent railway connections in all directions, especially important at a time when most international travel was by train.
Within psychiatry the term anti-psychiatry was often used and now British activists prefer the term critical psychiatry.
Within months of beginning his tenure as university president, Eisenhower was requested to advise Secretary of Defense James Forrestal on unification of the armed services.
Within IBM, differential cryptanalysis was known as the " T-attack " or " Tickle attack ".
Within Persia, however, Narseh was destroying every trace of his immediate predecessors from public monuments.
Within twenty-four days the rebellion was crushed, and its leaders at Mainz savagely punished.

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