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Within and section
Within the entire Risk Management literature ( and this section of Wikipedia ) you will find little or no reference to the human part of the risk equation other than what might be implied by the term ' compliant '.
Within a short amount of time the head of Tekes intelligence section, Chen Geng, succeeded in planting a large network of moles inside the Investigation Section of the Central Operations Department in Nanjing, which was the center of KMT intelligence.
* Within each county, a quarter section of land shall be held in trust for the establishment of seats of justice therein, and also as many quarter-sections as the said legislative councils may deem proper for the permanent endowment of schools
Within the lodge, each north-south section included roles for the three classes of women:
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ", ( Neil Sanders, James W. Buck, John Burden, Tony Randall ), arranged and conducted by Martin and McCartney ; string section and harp on " She's Leaving Home ", arranged by Mike Leander and conducted by Martin ; harmonium, tabla, sitar, dilruba, eight violins and four cellos on " Within You, Without You ", arranged and conducted by Harrison and Martin ; clarinet trio on " When I'm Sixty Four ", as arranged and conducted by Martin and McCartney ; saxophone sextet on " Good Morning, Good Morning ", arranged and conducted by Martin and Lennon ; and forty-piece orchestra ( strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion ) on " A Day in the Life ", arranged by Martin, Lennon and McCartney and conducted by Martin and McCartney
Within a few decades the tam-tam became an important member of the percussion section of a modern symphony orchestra.
Within the city limits in the southwestern section is a large portion of the Great Dismal Swamp.
Within the core the magnetic field ( B ) will be approximately uniform across any cross section, so if in addition the core has roughly constant area throughout its length, the field in the core will be constant.
Within the city itself the West Branch of Norwegian Creek flows through the Fishbach section of the city and the East Branch of Norwegian Creek flows through the Jalappa section of the city.
Within the upper section, the lava is interbedded with scoria, tuffs and pyroclastic flows and falls.
The Fair Use agreement allows users to use copyrighted materials without asking the permission of the original creator ( section 107 of the federal copyright law ). Within this agreement, the copyrighted material that is borrowed must be used under specific government regulations.
Within the section Rhysocaryon, the nut oils of the U. S. native black walnuts J. microcarpa and J. nigra were reported to contain ( respectively ) 7 % and 3 % linolenate, 4 % and 3 % palmitate, and 70 % and 69 % linoleate.
* The sample in " Teethgrinder " (" He's losing his mind and he feels it going ") is taken from a 1960's information film by the US Navy warning of the dangers of LSD, a section of which was later included in a BBC documentary called The Beyond Within.
Within a British brass band, the tenor horn section usually plays a unique part in the middle of the band, with the Solo Horn having frequent solo passages.
Within this, there is a particularly large Canadian section, which includes 43 men who died of wounds following the Dieppe Raid in August 1942.
Within the Fairview section, Mobile Life Support Services is contracted to handle Advanced Life Support calls.
Within lilo. conf there are typically two section types.
Within 2012 tenders were announced for the construction of the section from Florina up to the border crossing with the Republic of Macedonia and is expected to start construction soon, while the section from Ptolemaida to Florina remains in planning.
Within each section, larger groups are listed first.
Within the London section the left hand lane is used for local traffic.
Within the reserve, there are of trails, including a paved section for wheelchair access, which traverse through the poppy fields.
Within the Roman Curia his membership includes: Secretariat of State ( second section ), and Causes of Saints, Bishops, Evangelization of Peoples ( Congregatio de Propaganda Fide ), Clergy, Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life ( congregations ).

Within and from
Within their confines, moreover, technological and industrial growth has proceeded at an accelerated pace, thus increasing the cornucopia from which material wants can be satisfied.
Within a few years various Du Pont manufactured items were filling the entire requirements of from four to seven of General Motors' eight operating divisions.
Within about an hour with the help of reports from seismic stations in Alaska, Arizona and California, the quake's epicenter was placed at 51 degrees North latitude and 158 degrees East longitude.
Within an easy walk from Capitol Hill where Pennsylvania Avenue comes together with Constitution Avenue, begins a series of great federal buildings, some a block long and all about seven-stories high.
Within the genus Prunus, it is classified with the peach in the subgenus Amygdalus, distinguished from the other subgenera by the corrugated shell ( endocarp ) surrounding the seed.
Within fifty years from his death his societies could claim 50, 000 members.
Within a few months, Emily unable to adapt to life at school, was physically ill from homesickness.
Within the later tradition of Western Civilization and classical revival the Acropolis, from at least the mid-18th century on, has often been invoked as a key symbol of the Greek legacy and of the glories of Classical Greece.
Within the valley itself are two " major " rivers, the Annapolis River which flows west from the Caribou Bog in the central part of the valley into the Annapolis Basin, and the Cornwallis River which flows east from Caribou Bog into the Minas Basin.
Within weeks of the July 1959 announcement of the league's formation, Hunt received commitments from Barron Hilton and Harry Wismer to bring teams to Los Angeles and New York, respectively .< ref name =" chiefsafl ">
Within any level of bidding ( i. e. from one to seven ), suit rank establishes the bid ’ s rank, i. e. a bid of two diamonds outranks a bid of two clubs, a bid of three spades outranks a bid of three hearts, a bid of three notrump outranks a bid of three spades.
Within five minutes Guerrier < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s foremast had fallen, to cheers from the crews of the approaching British ships.
Within the city limits, five bridges connect greater and lesser Basel, from upstream to downstream:
Within a season the Lions rose from the bottom of the ladder to 4th, before losing to the eventual Premiers the Kangaroos in the Preliminary Final.
Within the cells of eukaryote organisms the contents of the cell nucleus are separated from the cytoplasm, and are then called the nucleoplasm.
Within the infraphylum Gnathostomata, cartilaginous fishes are distinct from all other jawed vertebrates, the extant members of which all fall into Teleostomi.
Within philosophy familiar names include Daniel Dennett who writes from a computational systems perspective, John Searle known for his controversial Chinese room, Jerry Fodor who advocates functionalism, and Douglas Hofstadter, famous for writing Gödel, Escher, Bach, which questions the nature of words and thought.
Within chemical engineering, two broad subgroups include 1 ) design, manufacture, and operation of plants and machinery in industrial chemical and related processes (" chemical process engineers "); and 2 ) development of new or adapted substances for products ranging from foods and beverages to cosmetics to cleaners to pharmaceutical ingredients, among many other products (" chemical product engineers ").
Within a week, the young can eat grass, but will continue to suckle — from any female in the group — until weaned at about 16 weeks.
* " A Struggle Within the Chinese Communist Party "— Monthly Review article from May 2002
Within days, Catherine seemed entirely restored, rose from bed and donned the black and white habit of the Third Order of St. Dominic.
Within the record, joke commercials recorded by the band and actual jingles from recently outlawed pirate radio station Radio London were interspersed between the songs, ranging from pop songs to hard rock and psychedelic rock, culminating with a mini-opera titled " Rael.

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