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Within and usefully
Within the category of contraltos are three generally recognized subcategories — coloratura contralto, lyric contralto, and dramatic contralto — that usefully describe the voice type in general terms.

Within and broad
Within this broad three-part structure are a series of alternating oracles of judgment and promises of restoration:
Within chemical engineering, two broad subgroups include 1 ) design, manufacture, and operation of plants and machinery in industrial chemical and related processes (" chemical process engineers "); and 2 ) development of new or adapted substances for products ranging from foods and beverages to cosmetics to cleaners to pharmaceutical ingredients, among many other products (" chemical product engineers ").
Within these two broad categories ( monotheism and polytheism ) there is a wide variety of possible beliefs.
Within federal jurisdiction, statements made in two broad categories of judicial proceedings may qualify as perjurious: 1 ) Federal official proceedings, and 2 ) Federal Court or Grand Jury proceedings.
Within academia, two broad schools of definitions emerge: those aligned with 20th-century sociological stratum models of class society, and those aligned with the 19th-century historical materialist economic models of the Marxists and anarchists.
Within these two broad eras, there were many differences in the individual and regional impact of the colonizers and their " civilizing projects ".
Within each of the broad groups proteases have been classified, by Rawlings and Barrett, into families of related proteases.
Within this field there are many sub-fields, ranging from the broad philosophical theories to the focused study of minutiae within specific markets, macroeconomic analysis, microeconomic analysis or financial statement analysis, involving analytical methods and tools such as econometrics, statistics, economics computational models, financial economics, mathematical finance and mathematical economics.
Within each broad category, the prize rotates among subfields, e. g. the technology prize rotates across electronics, biotechnology, materials science and engineering, and information science.
Within this broad framework, he gave Castlereagh a discretion at the Congress of Vienna, the next most important event of his ministry.
Within this broad definition Jung defines several attitudes.
Within the broad Christian church, certain denominational and inter-denominational movements exist which promote Expository preaching as being essential in the life of the church, and should be the normative way in which sermons should be preached.
Within this broad family, the ethnic groups of Sekong fall into two linguistic branches: the Katuic ( including the Katu and the Nge / Krieng ) and the Bahnaric ( Alak and Tarieng ).
Within this broad definition, theories of spiritual evolution are very diverse.
Within the park are several spectacular features based around rock formations, including Old Man's Cave, a narrow, deep gorge featuring waterfalls ; Rock House, a cliffed area with a rock shelter ; Cantwell Cliffs, a broad gorge at the head of a hollow with a unique stone stairway ; and Ash Cave, a large rock shelter with a small waterfall, and Cedar Falls, a larger waterfall south of Old Man's Cave.
Within theistic mysticism two broad tendencies can be identified.
Within its research focus areas, the CNMS provides a broad community of scientists, engineers, and students from throughout the nation, but particularly the southeastern United States, with ready access to the full range of tools and collaborative capabilities needed for nanoscale research, in a single location.
Within this area it deals with a broad range of issues, ranging from various programming topics, server hardware reviews and virtualization, computer security to articles about emerging technologies and current IT related legal or political issues.
Within these broad categories there are wide varieties of hook types designed for different applications.
Within the astrocytomas, there are two broad classes recognized in literature, those with:
Within these fields of study, workshops, conferences, seminars and lectures are organized in order to bring together a broad spectrum of expertise and to exchange views on subjects studied at the Institute.
Within the field of microbial ecology, oligonucleotide probes are used in order to determine the presence of microbial species, genera, or microorganisms classified on a more broad level, such as bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes via fluorescence in situ hybridization ( FISH ).
Within the broad Unidad Popular alliance, the communists sided with Allende, a relative moderate from the Socialist Party, and other more moderate forces of that coalition, supporting more gradual reforms and urging to find a compromise with the Christian Democrats.
Within the somewhat interior floor is a broad central rise offset just to the northeast of the midpoint.

Within and limits
Within certain wide limits anatomy dictates function and, if one is permitted to speculate, potential pathology should be included in this statement as well.
Within its limits, this arrangement had the actual or potential characteristics of a cross-licensing agreement.
Within the city limits, five bridges connect greater and lesser Basel, from upstream to downstream:
Within Eddings ' universe, this limits their capacity for exertion in an oxygen atmosphere, and also determines the tactics used to fight them and eventually to destroy them in their encampments.
Within limits, an arbitrary number of twists may be added to new stitches, whether they be knit or purl.
Within city limits both Carlow University and Chatham University have residential gender segregation above 90 %, as Duquesne University and Point Park University both have female populations at 60 % or greater as Carnegie Mellon University has a 60 % male population.
Within the city limits are six small rivers ( Myshka, etc.
Within those countries that openly advocate religious tolerance there remain debates as to the limits of tolerance.
Within the zoning regulations, Belmopan has set aside approximately of land made up mostly of one-acre ( 4, 000 m² ) parcels in city limits.
Within the city limits of Chorzów:
Within limits, a smaller pinhole ( with a thinner surface that the hole goes through ) will result in sharper image resolution because the projected circle of confusion at the image plane is practically the same size as the pinhole.
Within the city limits in the southwestern section is a large portion of the Great Dismal Swamp.
Within the city limits of Portsmouth, there are fourteen parks for the residents and for community use.
Within the city limits are two high schools ( Lafayette High School and the Chambers County Career Technical School ), one middle school ( JP Powell Middle School ), and one elementary school ( Eastside Elementary School ).
Within the city limits, most of Madison's businesses are retail, with stores and fast-food restaurants lining US 72 to the north and Madison Boulevard to the south.
Within city limits is Calexico International Airport, the U. S. Customs and Border Protection check-point for private passenger and air-cargo flights entering the U. S. from Mexico.
Within the city limits are 34, 295 housing units.
Within the town limits, there are 16 banks, six lodging facilities, and 29 day care facilities.
Within the city limits of Dunedin, there are four public elementary schools ( Curtis Fundamental, Dunedin, Garrison-Jones, San Jose ), one public middle school ( Dunedin Highland ), and one public high school ( Dunedin High School ).
Within the city limits are the localities of Meinhard and Monteith.
Within the corporate limits, there are virtually no residents under the poverty line.
Within the city limits lies the castle of the Counts of Almelo.
* Within the city limits, the only means of public transport is the bus.
Within the city limits of Hartford is one of the endpoints of the Van Buren Trail.

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