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Within and weeks
Within two weeks Warren was ringing the bell at the abbey gate.
Within weeks of the July 1959 announcement of the league's formation, Hunt received commitments from Barron Hilton and Harry Wismer to bring teams to Los Angeles and New York, respectively .< ref name =" chiefsafl ">
Within 2 weeks of the Golden Gate Yacht Club winning the America's Cup, Alameda city council with local support sent a unanimous letter of support to hold AC 34 in San Francisco Bay Area.
Within eight weeks after his death, to provide an income for the family, Beatrice opened an acting workshop in her home, the Henry C. De Mille School for Girls.
Within a week, the young can eat grass, but will continue to suckle — from any female in the group — until weaned at about 16 weeks.
Within two weeks, the site had received 10, 000 hits.
Within two weeks of Anne's execution, Henry married Jane Seymour.
Within a day, the mixture had turned pink in colour, and at the end of two weeks of continuous operation, Miller and Urey observed that as much as 10 – 15 % of the carbon within the system was now in the form of organic compounds.
Within a couple of weeks of forming, and before their second performance, bassist and lead vocalist Jones was replaced by Geddy Lee, a schoolmate of Lifeson.
Within weeks, Village residents quickly organized into activist groups to concentrate efforts on establishing places for gays and lesbians to be open about their sexual orientation without fear of being arrested.
Within only a few weeks of losing a piece of limb, a salamander perfectly reforms the missing structure.
Within a few weeks, a fifth of the population had died or fled.
Within a few weeks the Civil War was over.
Within a few weeks 40, 000 Patriots ( out of a population of 2, 000, 000 ) go into exile in France ( and learn from observation the ideals of the French Revolution ).
Within two weeks, the theses had spread throughout Germany, and after two months they had spread throughout Europe.
Within several weeks of the Mexican surrender, Johnson and Dr. James Grant enticed 300 of the Texans to join them in preparing to invade Mexico, leaving Colonel James C. Neill to oversee the remaining 100 Texan Army soldiers garrisoned at the Alamo.
Within 8 weeks of sowing, the plant will reach 10 – 15 cm in height, and will grow several centimeters per day under its optimal growth conditions, reaching 70 – 80 cm within fifteen days.
Within a few weeks, however, Sweyn died and Æthelred was called back to England by the witan.
Within two weeks, the Germans invaded Poland.
Within a few weeks, five new armies totaling more than 500, 000 troops were recruited.
Within weeks of the Congress, Stalin wrestled control of the Leningrad party organization and government from Zinoviev and had him dismissed from all regional posts, leaving only the Comintern as a potential power base for Zinoviev.
Within a few weeks, however, David was killed by Vlach vagrants and Moses was fatally injured by a stone during the siege of Serres.
Within the first few weeks, Isabella had granted herself almost £ 12, 000 ; finding that Edward's royal treasury contained £ 60, 000, a rapid period of celebratory spending then ensued.
Within weeks of the mutiny, the president's cabinet also approved a military pay raise retroactive to January 1, 1964, more than doubling the salaries of those in private to staff-sergeant ranks.

Within and Stonewall
Within minutes, between 100 and 150 people had congregated outside, some after they were released from inside the Stonewall, and some after noticing the police cars and the crowd.
Within six months of the Stonewall riots, activists started a city-wide newspaper called Gay ; they considered it necessary because the most liberal publication in the city — The Village Voice — refused to print the word " gay " in GLF advertisements seeking new members and volunteers.
Within two years of the Stonewall riots there were gay rights groups in every major American city, as well as Canada, Australia, and Western Europe.
Within months after Stonewall radical gay liberation groups and newsletters sprang up in cities and on college campuses across America and then across all of northern Europe as well.

Within and Craig
The stories were: an 11-page Iron Man tale, " The Torrent Without, The Tumult Within ", credited to Stan Lee and Archie Goodwin as writers, with art by penciler Gene Colan and inker Johnny Craig, a former EC Comics mainstay ; and an 11-page Sub-Mariner story, " Call Him Destiny, or Call Him Death ", credited to Lee and Roy Thomas as writers, with art by Colan and inker Frank Giacoia.
Within a space of a few years, it offered a Theatre of the Deaf course of study, housed offices for both the Berkshire Consortium Support Services and the national charity Friends for the Young Deaf Trust ( FYD ), and was home to the first-ever profoundly deaf Student Union President, Craig Crowley.
The next line up of Slapshot included founding member Jack ' Choke ' Kelly, longtime member Chris Laura ( back on bass guitar ), John Bean on drums and Craig Silverman ( formerly of Only Living Witness & currently of The Enemy Within and the touring guitar player for Blood for Blood ) on guitar.

Within and proprietor
Within tightly-knit and older neighborhoods, he found, elderly people at risk of heat stroke were more likely to be checked on by neighbors, less afraid to leave their homes to get help, and more likely to find sympathetic people and businesses that would allow them to relax in an air-conditioned environment ( for example, dropping into a neighborhood grocery or barbershop, and having a proprietor willing to simply let them sit ).

Within and Oscar
Within a few years other American and European-born artists joined them in Taos: Joseph Henry Sharp, W. Herbert Dunton, E. Irving Couse and Oscar E. Berninghaus.
Within Our Gates ( 1920 ) is a silent film by the director Oscar Micheaux that portrays the contemporary racial situation in the United States during the early twentieth century, the years of Jim Crow, the revival of the Ku Klux Klan, the Great Migration of blacks to cities of the North and Midwest, and the emergence of the " New Negro ".
Still from the 1919 Oscar Micheaux film Within Our Gates featuring actress Evelyn Preer
The underlying commentary on the severity of racial issues is one that has not been expressed by many other filmmakers in this way, however, Franklin ’ s film has been likened to Oscar Micheaux's Within Our Gates ( 1920 ), John Singleton's Boyz N the Hood ( 1991 ), and Roman Polanski's Chinatown ( 1974 ).
Still taken from the 1919 Oscar Micheaux film " Within Our Gates ".

Within and Wilde
Within days of the disaster, several crew members and passengers spoke of an officer committing suicide in the ship's final moments ; the officer is variously reported to be Moody, Wilde, or Murdoch.

Within and Memorial
Within the North Union Historic District is Memorial Garden.
Within Corporation Park is the Blackburn War Memorial which commemorates people who lost their lives in World War I and World War II.
Within the interchange, the Beltway nears the western approach to the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge.
* Within the grove stands the Reverend Thomas Starr King Memorial, originally one of two statues representing California in Statuary Hall in the U. S. Capitol, but replaced in 2009 by Governor and President Ronald Reagan.
Within a year, the state legislature had given LSU all of the funds it asked for, about 20 % more than the previous request, to be used mostly for higher staff salaries, but also including 3. 6 million dollars for the new library to be built across from the Hill Memorial Library in the central part of the campus.
His poem " The Wall Within " was read at the 1984 dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D. C. and has the distinction of being the only American work of poetry on display at the war memorial in Hanoi.
Within the same complex as the arena, the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum Exposition Center contains 108, 000-ft² ( 0. 100-km² ) devoted to hosting substantial trade shows, banquets, graduation ceremonies, concerts, truck and tractor pulls, and wrestling matches, with the capability of seating 7, 500 guests.
Within the school is another National Monument ; a War Memorial dedicated to those who died in the First World War.
Within the cemetery are three places that are listed separately on the National Register of Historic Places from the main cemetery: Confederate Soldier Monument in Lexington, the Ladies ' Confederate Memorial, and Lexington National Cemetery.
Within the suburb is the Armadale-Kelmscott District Memorial Hospital.

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