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Without and precise
" Without corroboration in surviving texts, this surmise that the Babylonian version of the story is based upon a modified version of an older epic, in which Enlil, not Marduk, was the god who slew Tiamat, is more recently dismissed as " distinctly improbable ", in fact, Marduk has no precise Sumerian prototype.
Without acknowledging that he was aware of the precise nature of the plot, Garnet tried in vain to dissuade Catesby from his course.
Whiteness has so many different definitions that the word is “ nothing less than a moving target .” Arnsen moreover notes that whiteness studies scholars are entirely on the far left of the political spectrum, and suggests that their apparent vitriol towards white Americans is due in part to white workers not fulfilling the predictions of Marxist theory that the proletariat would overcome racial, national and class distinctions to unite and overthrow capitalism ; he cites as an example Roediger ’ s afterword to the seminal < I > Wages of Whiteness </ i > which asserts that the book was written as a reaction to “ the appalling extent to which white male workers voted for Reaganism in the 1980s .” Arnsen also argues that in the absence of supporting evidence, whiteness studies often relies on amateurish Freudian speculation about the motives of white people: “ The psychoanalysis of whiteness here differs from the ' talking cure ' of Freudianism partly in its neglect of the speech of those under study .” Without more accurate scholarship, Arnsen writes that “ it is time to retire whiteness for more precise historical categories and analytical tools .”
Without the precise, angstrom-level alignment of the three slices, the interference results would not be meaningful.
Without a precise formulation of

Without and knowledge
A true university, like most successful marriages, is a unity of diversities Without forcing all components into a single pattern, the preparation of a master plan is an opportunity to consider interrelation of knowledge at its highest level, which a university -- in contrast to a multiversity -- should stand for.
Without that knowledge, without that capacity to think, you can easily become a victim of people who seek to take advantage of you ".
Without knowledge of the key, it should be difficult, if not nearly impossible, to decrypt the resulting ciphertext into readable plaintext.
Without experience of meditation, one's knowledge of the world is too limited to fully understand dukkha, as required by the first noble truth, and proceed to enlightenment.
Without the knowledge of the then-ruler of Kent, Vortigern agreed.
Without knowledge of the Bible there can be no peace in the life of the Church or of society, and outside of it there is no real and abiding good ; it is the one authority for the faith.
Without hesitation, Truman picked Marshall, adding " I don't think in this age in which I have lived, that there has been a man who has been a greater administrator ; a man with a knowledge of military affairs equal to General Marshall.
Without advanced medical knowledge, local customs become key to a healthy outcome.
Without the band's knowledge or permission, Candix Records had changed their name to The Beach Boys.
Without them, there would be only phenomena, and since we have complete knowledge of our phenomena, we would in a sense know everything.
Without Dan and Beth's knowledge, Alex picks up Ellen at school and takes her to an amusement park, buying her ice cream as well as taking her on a roller coaster.
Without the other three band members ' knowledge, Fogerty agreed to a tax shelter scheme proposed by Saul Zaentz and his lawyers in which most of the bandmembers ' assets were transferred to Castle Bank & Trust ( Bahamas ) of Nassau.
Without knowledge of the Skat, assuming Hand is not declared
Without prior knowledge of a person, a practiced cold reader can still quickly obtain a great deal of information about the subject by analyzing the person's body language, age, clothing or fashion, hairstyle, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnicity, level of education, manner of speech, place of origin, etc.
Without the capital, tools, metals, increased agricultural markets, scientific and technical knowledge generated by the Industrial and Scientific Revolution the Agricultural Revolution would not have been possible.
Without Eöl's leave, or knowledge, she departs Nan Elmoth with Maeglin while Eöl is away.
Without Golding's translation, common knowledge of the ancient text would not have been understood in the same clear light.
Without special knowledge of a reference world, one cannot say with absolute skeptical certainty one is experiencing " reality ".
Without any knowledge of the whereabouts of Duerst and Streiff, the former residents of Glarus left Baltimore searching for the two men who arrived before them and the land chosen for their new home.
Without Zelda's knowledge, he began a serious affair with the movie columnist Sheilah Graham.
Without his knowledge and organisation ... we'd be nowhere.
Without Jacobs ' knowledge, Cornelia Willis paid $ 300 to Messmore for the rights to Harriet and gave Jacobs her freedom.
Without the Scots ' knowledge, however, the English had already arrayed troops for just such an invasion.
Without images, therefore, it is not always easy to tell which side will be regarded as the obverse without some knowledge.

Without and however
The conflict slowed down production, however Devil Without a Cause was completed on schedule with Rock mostly playing all the instruments himself.
Without the band's consent or under their protest, however, some songs were released as singles, particularly in the US.
In 1588, however, the pope issued the papal bull, " Effraenatam " ( Without Restraint ), which declared that the canonical penalty of excommunication would be levied for any form of contraception and for abortions at any stage in fetal development.
" Without the benefits of Bene Gesserit mental conditioning, however, this later led to Alia's downfall, as she was unable to maintain control of the other egos striving for dominance.
Without pulmonary surfactant, atelectasis is a certainty ; however, there are other causes of lung collapse such as trauma ( pneumothorax ), COPD, and pleuritis.
Van Halen III did produce a hit however, " Without You ", and additionally the song " Fire in the Hole " appeared on the Lethal Weapon 4 soundtrack.
Without a railroad Refugio had difficulty competing with other towns in the region, however, and shrank during the 1890s ; its estimated population dropped to 800 by 1892 and to 600 by 1896 ; in 1900 there were 699 people living there.
After the German catchphrase " German snack " that was popular in the U. S. ( the product is there, however, now no longer available ( as of 2011 )), Ferrero recruits currently ( since May 2008 ) with " Perfectly Without chocolate ".
The word TWAIN is not an official acronym ; however, it is widely known as " Thing Without An Interesting Name " or " Technology Without An Interesting Name.
Without Ney's forces to seal them in, however, they again escaped the total defeat Napoleon had planned.
Without this ' device ' the hero would never find the headquarters and be unable to reach the climactic scene ; however the character becomes less of a plot device if the author gives them a back-story and a plausible motivation for defecting and makes them an interesting character in their own right.
Like their previous albums, Catch Without Arms was a concept album ; however, differing from the concrete stories and events surrounding their earlier releases, Catch Without Arms was about opposites, mainly focused on positives and negatives.
Without contemporary documentation, however, attributions of Roman buildings on basis of style are considered shaky.
Without doubt, however, the most important and celebrated part of the Prado's drawings collection is the large group of works by Goya, numbering more than 500.
Without exception, however, all sensory fibers from these nerves terminate in the trigeminal nucleus.
Without continued addition of mafic material, however, the melt will eventually reach a rhyolitic composition.
Without exception, however, they are based on hearsay, rumor, or intentional slander, and remain undocumented and unproved.
Without her husband, however, Morana turns into a frustrated old hag, a terrible and dangerous goddess of death, frost and upcoming winter, and eventually dies by the end of the year.
Without money to pay the bill, however, she was stranded in Gabon for 12 days until international women's groups and others intervened.
Without inline functions, however, the compiler decides which functions to inline.
Without Mycroft's Prose Portal, however, she'll have to learn a new way to travel between books.

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