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Without and true
A true university, like most successful marriages, is a unity of diversities Without forcing all components into a single pattern, the preparation of a master plan is an opportunity to consider interrelation of knowledge at its highest level, which a university -- in contrast to a multiversity -- should stand for.
Without apostles or prophets left on the earth with the legitimate Priesthood Authority, the true teachings and practices of Christianity were lost.
Without understanding, there cannot be true faith and that understanding is built on the foundation of the community of believers, the scriptures and traditions and on the personal experiences of the believer.
: Without hoping to know whether each separate hypothesis is true or false, we may search for rules to govern our behaviour with regard to them, in following which we insure that, in the long run of experience, we shall not be too often wrong.
Its motto, from Figaro's monologue in the play's final act, is " Sans la liberté de blâmer, il n ' est point d ' éloge flatteur " (" Without the freedom to criticise, there is no true praise ").
Without political pluralism, he argued, there could be no true democracy in Albania.
For twenty years Napoleon III had been the true sovereign of Rome, where he had many friends and relations Without him the temporal power would never have been reconstituted, nor, being reconstituted, would have endured.
" Without contextual supporta statement of what those appropriate conditions arethe sentence is true but incontestable.
Without this intimate foundation, citizens seeking individualism would be unable to reach a true, personal identity.
Without a true and natural leader ( a king ) the feeble and corrupt men of position abuse their power.
Without true GPRS connectivity the WAP feature proved unpopular and the version was unable to replace the 3310 in the European market.
* Without defining the mode or method ( i. e. the " how "), Moravians believe that they receive the true Body and Blood of Christ in Holy Communion ( see " real presence " and the Lutheran notion of sacramental union ).
Without much in the way of success, the two took to London to set up a new band called " Hum ", but the true turning point came when a Japanese bassist called Taka Hirose answered an ad in " Loot " magazine to form a new band called " Reel " and a record contract with the Echo Label followed in November 1994 when their name was " Real ".
Without the right decision for choosing Rieleros fans, as I mentioned in the review above lines, baseball in the state is linked with the development of railways as well as in all these years, it has become a true team roots among the Aguascalientes.
Without the culture which could excite a true spirit of poetry, they devoted themselves to careful researches in all arts subordinate to proper literature.

Without and tail
Without all-seeing devices like radar, a pilot could approach his foe stealthily, using clouds, haze or even using the enemy aircraft's own wings or tail to conceal his approach.

Without and provide
Without it, democracy loses any tie ─ argumentative or practical ─ to a coherent design of public policy endeavoring to provide the resources for the realization of democratic citizenship.
Without it, democracy loses any tie ─ argumentative or practical ─ to a coherent design of public policy endeavoring to provide the resources for the realization of democratic citizenship.
Without solid exterior walls, full-height draperies on a perimeter track allow freedom to provide full or partial privacy when and where desired.
Without a normal gene to provide normal proteins in addition to the abnormal proteins caused by a MECP2 mutation, the XY karyotype male fetus is unable to check the development of the disease, hence the failure of many male fetuses with a MECP2 mutation to survive to term.
Without the full series of shots, the vaccination will not provide prevention against the virus.
Without finances for college, Leadbeater sought work soon after graduating from high school in order to provide for his mother and himself.
" Without resolution, Thoreau used " his retreat to the woods as a way of framing a reflection on both what ails men and women in their contemporary condition and what might provide relief.
Without the size constraints of smaller hearing devices body worn aid designs can provide large amplification and long battery life at a lower cost.
Without a case to provide these functions, caseless rounds using nitrocellulose will begin to cook off, firing from the residual chamber heat, much sooner than metal cased cartridges would.
Without the case to provide this seal, the firearm design must account for this and provide a means of sealing the rear of the chamber.
Without history to provide evidence for names, places and motivations, prehistoric archaeologists speak in terms of cultures which can only be given arbitrary modern names relating to the locations of known occupation sites or the artifacts used.
Without this qualification, the principle can be seen as a description of a certain notion of closed system, in which there is no ' outside ' to provide unexplained events with causes.
As two musicologists write about this absence, " Without music's acoustic balm, all our empathetic attention is on the characters and their state of bewilderment ... Music would provide a conceptualization and a catharsis ... but a catharsis at this point would in some measure trivialize the loss.
Without a code of honor to follow or ancestors to provide guidance, they fight constantly for food and territory.
Without telling each other, both think they paid money to Pyne and he didn ’ t provide anything for them.

Without and thrust
Without the use of spinning or any gimballing of the thrust, they had a strong tendency to veer sharply off of their intended course.
* Without applying thrust ( such as firing a rocket engine ), the height and shape of the satellite's orbit won't change, and it will maintain the same orientation with respect to the fixed stars.
Without engine power, the aircraft not only lost all thrust, but also its primary source of electrical power.
Without engine thrust, a 747-200 has a glide ratio of approximately 15: 1, meaning it can glide forward 15 kilometres for every kilometre it drops.

Without and for
Without any regard for rest-room protocol, the hulking stranger almost knocked Herford off his pins.
Without a great acceleration in the metropolitan area's economy, there will not be sufficient jobs for the growing numbers of youngsters, and St. Louis will slip into second-class status.
Without exception Hino's brothers turned to either one or both of their father's occupations, but Hino showed a talent for neither and instead spent most of his time on the beach where he repaired nets and proved immensely popular as a storyteller.
Without losing the distinctive undertow of Brahmsian rhythm, the pacing is firm and the over-all performance has a tightly knit quality that makes for maximum cumulative effect.
Without math the men who are continually seeking the causes of and the reasons for the many things that make the world go 'round would not have any means of analyzing, standardizing, and communicating the things they discover and learn.
Without warning, without giving her a chance to prepare for it.
Without dissent, senators passed a bill by Sen. A. R. Schwartz of Galveston authorizing establishment in the future of a school for the mentally retarded in the Gulf Coast district.
`` Without any officious and improper interference on the subject, the price of labor or the wages of mechanics will be regulated by the demand for the manufactured article and the value of that which is paid for it ; ;
Without the axiom of choice, these theorems may not hold for mathematical objects of large cardinality.
Without such precautions, most programs may compile only on a certain platform or with a particular compiler, due, for example, to the use of non-standard libraries, such as GUI libraries, or to the reliance on compiler-or platform-specific attributes such as the exact size of certain data types and byte endianness.
The following year, he won the Parents Without Partners Exemplary Service Award for 1972.
Without nurturing feelings of the heart a subtle form of anxiety arises which results in the self reaching out for experience.
Without it, a panel of experts set up to ‘ rationalise production ’, likely closely linked to the cobblers for expertise, would tend to support the cobblers interests in a ‘ conspiracy against the public ’.
Without the price system to match consumer utility to incentives for production, or even indicate those utilities " without providing incentives ", state planners are much less likely to invest in new ideas to satisfy consumers ' desires.
* Grammy Awards of 2002, Best New Age Album for A Day Without Rain
Without ambiguity, for all in, we denote by the unique inverse of.
Without his approval, he became the first African American nominated for Vice President of the United States as the running mate of Victoria Woodhull on the impracticable and small Equal Rights Party ticket.
Without Abkhazia and South Osetia, the population in the regions controlled by the central government of Georgia was 4, 321, 500 in 2005 and 4, 382, 100 in 2008 ( compare the 2008 figure with the CIA estimate of 4, 630, 841 for all of Georgia, including Abkhazia and South Osetia ).
Without access to cheap Indian saltpeter ( controlled by the British ), for hundreds of years France had relied on saltpetermen with royal warrants, the droit de fouille or " right to dig ", to seize nitrous-containing soil and demolished walls of barnyards, without compensation to the owners.
Dennis R. Hoagland and Daniel I. Arnon wrote a classic 1938 agricultural bulletin, The Water Culture Method for Growing Plants Without Soil, debunking the exaggerated claims made about hydroponics.
Without doubt Joseph is torn to pieces .” He rent his clothes and put sackcloth around his waist mourning for days.

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