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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1039
from Brown Corpus
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Without and further
Without further discussion he appeared the next morning with a pile of boards sticking over the end of his light truck and proceeded with the paneling, which he then stained and waxed according to his taste.
Without the deactivation of the catalyst, the ethene produced will be further reduced to ethane.
Without Coleman, Essendon's fortunes plummeted, and there were to be no further premierships in the 1950s.
Without further recourse, and until the lawsuit was settled, the RIAA actively sued thousands of people across the USA for sharing copyrighted music across the network.
Without further orders, the Army of the Cumberland continued up hill and captured the Confederate's secondary entrenchments on top of Missionary Ridge ; forcing the defeated Confederates into disorganized retreat.
Without the forces necessary for a counter-offensive south of the Gheluvelt plateau towards Kemmel Hill, Rupprecht began to plan for a slow withdrawal from the Ypres salient, even at the risk of uncovering German positions further north and the Belgian coast.
Without further continuing congressional intervention, the SGR is expected to decrease physician payments from 25 % to 35 % over the next several years.
Without further narrowing, the label is of limited usefulness for patients or doctors.
The sitar saw further use in popular music after The Beatles featured the sitar in their compositions, namely " Norwegian Wood ( This Bird Has Flown )" and " Within You Without You ".
Without further fighting, Cyrus captured Babylon.
Without further qualification, an equilibrium is stable only if it is stable in all directions.
Without transportation or sufficient supplies of food or water, west bank law enforcement personnel determined that they were unable to further assist the evacuees.
Without further qualification, a 64-bit computer architecture generally has integer and addressing registers that are 64 bits wide, allowing direct support for 64-bit data types and addresses.
Without the further expense and responsibility of a monument above the grave, the catacombs have afforded a secure, dignified and exclusive resting place for the well-to-do, particularly the unmarried, the childless and young children of those without family plots or mausolea elsewhere.
Without leaving the courtroom the jury found Turpin guilty of the first charge of stealing the mare and foal, and following further proceedings, guilty of stealing the gelding.
Without the further use of the ships of the Telerin fleet the Host of the Valar cannot be ferried to East Beleriand flanking the line of Sirion in the south but must fight their way across at one or more of those crossings.
Without further tests, the accuracy of these calculations is uncertain.
Without prospect of further French assistance the capitulation at Limerick finally sealed victory for William III and his supporters in Ireland with the signing of the Treaty of Limerick on 3 October ( O. S ).
Without treatment, the individual with schizoaffective disorder may further worsen in their abnormal emotions and delusional thought processes.
Without such control, broadcasting can never be the agency by which national consciousness may be fostered and sustained and national unity still further strengthened.
Without any further qualification, the phrase usually means closed in this sense.
After a further trip to Africa, abridged by the necessities of his position as a pensioner of the school of Rome, he painted Judith, then, in 1870, Salomé, and, as a work due from the Roman school, dispatched from Tangier the large canvas, Execution Without Hearing Under the Moorish Kings, in which the painter had played with the blood of the victim as if he were a jeweller toying with rubies.
Without further specification, it is rather outdated in use.
Without hesitation, Chappell made the recommended change and at season's end, wrote to the English county team Somerset, asking for a contract to play county cricket to further his development.

Without and inquiry
Without judicial inquiry, Vetsera's uncles were summoned to remove their niece's body from Mayerling as secretly as possible, and to bury it just as secretly.
Without job security, the scholarly community as a whole might favor " safe " lines of inquiry.

Without and jumped
* In the Tom Clancy novel Without Remorse, Emmet Ryan, father of Jack Ryan, claimed to have jumped on D-Day with " E 2-506th ".
Without worrying about whether it was hostile or not, Tanma ( and the others soon afterwards ) jumped into battle.

Without and conclusion
* Paul Freeman appeared as Professor Moriarty in the 1988 comedy Without a Clue, revolving around the premise that Holmes is a fictional creation of Watson's, and Watson is the real crime-solving genius ; Moriarty is apparently aware of the deception, with ' Holmes ' clearly terrified at the thought of facing him, although he shows his skills when facing Moriarty in a duel at the film's conclusion.
They enjoyed a minor UK hit with a cover of " I Don't Want To Go On Without You " ( No. 33 ) in February 1965, while the Pinder-Laine original " From The Bottom of My Heart ( I Love You )" ( No. 22 ) produced by Denny Cordell ( with a vocal choral sound towards the conclusion that anticipated their later more famous vocal sound on " Nights in White Satin ") was issued as a UK single in May 1965.
In 1922 Lorentz first examined Martin Knudsen's investigation on rarefied gases and in connection with that he discussed Le Sage's particle model, followed by a summary of his own electromagnetic Le Sage model-but he repeated his conclusion from 1900: Without absorption no gravitational effect.
The most controversial conclusion of the report, that Rose had bet on baseball games while managing the Cincinnati Reds, was confirmed fifteen years later by Rose himself through his autobiography My Prison Without Bars.
Without the resources to build another fleet or to reinforce its land troops, Carthage admitted defeat and signed a peace treaty with Rome, bringing the First Punic War to a conclusion.
On 20 August 2003, an episode of the television program Without A Trace was aired, which contained a Crime Stoppers segment, with information about Solon and her photograph, at the conclusion of the program.
This episode parodied the episode " Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus " in which that episode was shown instead of the conclusion of " Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut ", which angered many South Park fans.

Without and Robinson
Without a healthy David Robinson, the Spurs were swept out of the first round of the playoffs by the Phoenix Suns.
Without Robinson and Elliott, the Spurs were a rudderless team.
The following year, she released Without Walls, a collection of duets with a number of country, pop and rock and roll performers, including Wynonna Judd, Elton John, Lyle Lovett, Aaron Neville, Smokey Robinson, Sting and a number of others.
Best known for " When Smokey Sings ", a tribute to Smokey Robinson, the album also spawned " The Night You Murdered Love " and " King Without a Crown " as singles.
Without cutting away, Robinson was filmed falling backwards off a hotel balcony emptying his revolver at Reynolds ' as he fell.

Without and was
Without a precise knowledge of Germanic philology, however, it is debatable whether their use was not more often a source of confusion and error than anything else.
He was interested in Robert Musil's The Man Without Qualities.
Without saying so, she was really grateful ; ;
Without surviving male issue, Anton was succeeded as King by his nephew, Frederick Augustus II.
Without using the term, 1920 saw the first rule that would be referred to today as defensive indifference, as stolen bases would not be credited, unless an effort was made to stop the runner by the defense.
Without a television station to subsidize the newspaper, the Herald Traveler was no longer able to remain in business, and the newspaper was sold to Hearst Corporation, which published the rival all-day newspaper, the Record American.
Without their best general and his veterans, the French suffered a series of defeats and it was not until Bonaparte returned to become First Consul that France once again held a position of strength on mainland Europe.
Without massive Soviet subsidies and its primary trading partner Cuba was comparatively isolated in the 1990s, but has since entered bilateral co-operation with several South American countries, most notably Venezuela and Bolivia.
[...] Without the oblivion that drugs had brought, he was now in a healthy enough mental condition to want to make friends.
Without a working star tracker, ion thrusting was temporarily suspended.
Without such a formal cooperation, the Swedish Conversations-lexicon ( 4 volumes, 1821 – 1826 ) was a translation of Brockhaus 2nd edition.
The scene in which Lee states that his style was the style of " Fighting Without Fighting " and then lures Parsons into boarding a dinghy is based upon a famous anecdote involving the 16th century samurai Tsukahara Bokuden.
Life Without Zoe was mostly panned by critics and was generally considered the segment that brought the film's overall quality down.
Without a pretense to allegorical or mythological meaning, the painting was " the first totally profane life-size female nude in Western art ".
Though used earlier in papers and discussions, the term 4GL was first used formally by James Martin in his 1982 book Applications Development Without Programmers to refer to non-procedural, high-level specification languages.
Without naval support, Hamilcar Barca was cut off from Carthage and forced to negotiate peace and agree to evacuate Sicily.
Without issue, after his death Frederick Augustus was succeeded by his younger brother, Johann.
Without Abkhazia and South Osetia, the population in the regions controlled by the central government of Georgia was 4, 321, 500 in 2005 and 4, 382, 100 in 2008 ( compare the 2008 figure with the CIA estimate of 4, 630, 841 for all of Georgia, including Abkhazia and South Osetia ).
Without the use of pulleys, wheels, or iron tools, they used critical path analysis to suggest the Great Pyramid was completed from start to finish in approximately 10 years.
Without the benefit of spring training, he returned to the Tigers, was again voted to the All-Star Team, and helped lead them to a come-from-behind American League pennant, clinching it with a grand slam home run in the dark — no lights in Sportsman's Park in St. Louis — ninth inning of the final game of the season.
* Without Colors — Before there was an atmosphere, everything was the same shade of gray.

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