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Without and are
Without preliminaries, Esther asked him, `` If you are a world citizen, will you take Garry Davis' place in his tent while he goes to the hospital ''??
Without such forward planning, investment funds are wasted because manufacturing facilities are completed before there is power to operate them or before there is transport to service them ; ;
Without math the men who are continually seeking the causes of and the reasons for the many things that make the world go 'round would not have any means of analyzing, standardizing, and communicating the things they discover and learn.
Without such uncertainty we are left with a set of dogmas and myths.
Without time-gating all of the species reaching the detector are analyzed.
Without a freewheel, coasting is impossible, so when the rear wheel is moving, the cranks are moving.
Without observational constraints, there are a number of candidates, such as a stable supersymmetric particle, a weakly interacting massive particle, an axion, and a massive compact halo object.
Without one official teaching on the death penalty, Thai monks are typically divided on the issue with some favoring abolition of the death penalty while others see it as bad karma stemming from bad actions in the past.
His best known films are La jetée ( 1962 ), A Grin Without a Cat ( 1977 ), Sans Soleil ( 1983 ) and AK ( 1985 ), an essay film on the Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.
* Discordian texts and scriptures include Principia Discordia, Black Iron Prison, Zen Without Zen Masters, Liber Malorum, Book 5 ( The Zenarchist's Cookbook ), Zenarchy Unapologia, The Book of the Apocalypso, The Book of Eris, The Book of Inconveniences, The Honest Book of Truth ( portions of which are used in Principia Discordia ), Jonesboria Discordia, Metaclysmia Discordia, Novus Ordo Discordia, Principia Harmonia, Aeturnus Ille Discordia, The Wise Book of Baloney, The Book of Life, The Book of Chaos and Its Virtue, Chao Te Ching, Summa Discordia, Voices of Chaos, The Book of Chaos, Apocrypha Discordia, Principia Entropius, etc.
" Without these questions there is no clear fulcrum on which to balance law, politics, and the practice of arbitration — in fact, no common assumptions of all participants — so the ability to formulate the questions are prior to rights balancing.
Without the price system to match consumer utility to incentives for production, or even indicate those utilities " without providing incentives ", state planners are much less likely to invest in new ideas to satisfy consumers ' desires.
Without social context, users are often helpless to know the intentions of their counterparts.
Without these precautions, cracks in overgrown and overly brittle hoof walls are a danger, as is bruising of the soft tissues within the foot because of inadequately thick and hard sole material.
Without limits on rage against our enemies, we are worse than animals.
The Philadelphia Press drama critic said, " Without having brother Edwin's culture and grace, Mr. Booth has far more action, more life, and, we are inclined to think, more natural genius.
( Without proofreading error rates are a thousandfold higher ; because many viruses rely on DNA and RNA polymerases that lack proofreading ability, they experience higher mutation rates.
Without proofreading, error rates are a thousandfold higher.
Without the field, there are electrons moving equally in all directions.
Without glacial sources, annual flow regimes in these rivers are more variable although limited flow persists through the dry season.
Without delayed neutrons, changes in reaction rates in nuclear reactors would occur at speeds that are too fast for humans to control.
Without these features, they are usually noncompliant.
:# The anxiety, panic attack, or phobic avoidance associated with the specific object or situation are not better accounted for by another mental disorder, such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ( e. g., fear of dirt in someone with an obsession about contamination ), Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ( e. g., avoidance of stimuli associated with a severe stressor ), Separation Anxiety Disorder ( e. g., avoidance of school ), Social Phobia ( e. g., avoidance of social situations because of fear of embarrassment ), Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia, or Agoraphobia Without History of Panic Disorder.
Without this upgrading, lifetimes in chemical installations are generally believed to be around 50 to 60 percent of the refinery values.

Without and complete
Without establishing complete control over all the machinery of the State, his hold on power could not be secure.
Without the finiteness restriction a posetal category with all products is automatically cocomplete, and dually, by a theorem about complete lattices.
Without the benefits of modern training, men of the era were, in contrast, expected to run themselves to complete exhaustion during competitions.
Without a DNA sample, it is not possible to reconstruct the complete genetic makeup ( genome ) of any individual who died very long ago.
Without them, there would be only phenomena, and since we have complete knowledge of our phenomena, we would in a sense know everything.
Without the counterweight, the beam could not complete the arc that allows the sling to accurately release the projectile.
Without d ' Erlon's corps blocking the Prussians ' line of retreat, the French victory at Ligny was not complete, and the Prussians were not routed.
For example, the University of Massachusetts Amherst has been supporting an academic major called the University Without Walls-UMass Amherst which is dedicated to helping non-traditional students complete their bachelor's degrees since 1971. Women's colleges also offer programs for older women who would like to return to school, such as Agnes Scott College's Irene K. Woodruff return-to-college program, Mount Holyoke College's Frances Perkins Program, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College's Women's External Degree Program, Simmons College ( Massachusetts )' s Dorothea Lynde Dix Scholars Program, Smith College's Ada Comstock Scholars Program, Bryn Mawr College's Katherine McBride Scholars Program, and Wellesley College's Davis Degree Program.
Without a complete documentation of the founders of the fraternity, the national organization adopted both of these men as the " founders " given their lifelong commitment to the fraternity and their service as visionaries for the development of the fraternity's ritual and national expansion.
Without waiting to complete the relief of all patrols by the Imperial Mounted Division, the attack by the Anzac Mounted Division, due to begin at 16: 00 began at 15: 40, supported by the Leicester and Ayrshire artillery batteries coming into action at respectively.
Featured events included an annual Toronto Symphony rendition of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, complete with the firing of the guns from the nearby HMCS Haida, and often performances by well established acts, such as BB King, Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Dizzy Gillespie, Pat Metheny and Canadian acts like Lighthouse, Bruce Cockburn, The Nylons, Luba, Men Without Hats, Doug and the Slugs, Parachute Club and Red Rider.
Without ceasing to look to their own lands with love and pride, they will become in mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers before them, to bring into being a united and thriving Europe.
Without establishing complete control over all the machinery of the State, his hold on power could not be secure.
Without doubt, the chaos incited by the cantonal revolt and the worsening of the Carlist War led them to reopen the Cortes on 2 January 1874, in order to bring to a vote the management and ask for unlimited powers with which to save the Republic from complete discredit.
Without a complete IMC plan there is no integration or harmony between client and customers.
Without halting nor slowing down for a moment, the exuberant first waltz theme makes an anticipated re-entry, before rising chords heralds its exciting close, complete with a snare-drumroll and brass flourish.
Without county money, CPCC would have been unable to complete the purchase and the station would have likely gone off the air June 30, 2012.
Without the complete cloak, Bud can't wish the Roly-Rogues away.
Without changing its name it was filled up with complete texts of these lessons.
Without the support or financing from any label, the band recorded the album without knowing how to release the material once complete.
Without treatment, children with cystinosis are likely to experience complete kidney failure by about age ten.
Without the virus infection, phagocytic hemocytes ( blood cells ) will encapsulate and kill the wasp egg but the immune suppression caused by the virus allows for survival of the wasp egg, leading to hatching and complete development of the immature wasp in the caterpillar.
Without ceasing to look to their own lands with love and pride, they will become in mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers before them, to bring into being a united and thriving Europe.
Without the support of their trainers and unsure if they can trust each other, they must complete their mission without being detected by their target or the local authorities.

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