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Working and with
No sooner had Betsey come out of the ring than Mrs. Long walked into the Working Competition with Ch. Cadet or Noranda, another home-bred product, and won!!
Working in a vacuum of minimal information can result only in show pieces that look good in exhibitions and catalogs and may please the public relations department but have little to do with the essence of interior design.
Working with only eight letters ( or pro ... tr ... ntes ), Bowra conjured up a phrase that brilliantly develops the meaning and the euphony of the poem ( or proton ' ontrechontes ), describing luminescence " running along the forestays ".
Working with Pierre-Simon Laplace, Lavoisier conducted experiments that showed that respiration was essentially a slow combustion of organic material using inhaled oxygen.
The SIG members participate in Study Groups, Expert Groups, Working Groups along with committees.
As with the Study Groups their work informs the Working Groups as well as the corporate groups.
Working with Norman Warne as her editor, Potter published two or three little books each year for a total of twenty-three books.
BCI would cooperate with the Unicode Technical Committee ( UTC ) and the ISO Working Group.
Working with this 1990s trend of diversity and institutional growth, Conservative Judaism remained the largest denomination in America, with 43 percent of Jewish households affiliated with a synagogue belonging to Conservative synagogues ( compared to 35 percent for Reform and 16 percent for Orthodox ).
Working closely with Winston Churchill of Britain, and Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, Roosevelt sent his forces into the Pacific against Japan, then into North Africa against Italy and Germany, and finally into Europe starting with France and Italy in 1944 against the Germans.
Working with Brian Eno while sharing an apartment in Schöneberg with Iggy Pop, he began to focus on minimalist, ambient music for the first of three albums, co-produced with Tony Visconti, that would become known as his Berlin Trilogy.
Working with a team of master glassblowers and assistants has enabled him to produce architectural glass art of a scale and quantity unimaginable working alone or with only one assistant.
* The Making of the English Working Class London: Victor Gollancz ( 1963 ); 2nd edition with new postscript, Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1968, third edition with new preface 1980.
The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia includes objects up to 25 Jupiter masses, saying, " The fact that there is no special feature around 13 MJup in the observed mass spectrum reinforces the choice to forget this mass limit ," and the Exoplanet Data Explorer includes objects up to 24 Jupiter masses with the advisory: " The 13 Jupiter-mass distinction by the IAU Working Group is physically unmotivated for planets with rocky cores, and observationally problematic due to the sin i ambiguity.
Working with Thousand Oaks, California-based lawyer Edward L. Masry, Brockovich went on to participate in other anti-pollution lawsuits.
came to represent aspects of the multiple political and cultural engagements of Guattari: the Group for Young Hispanics, the Franco-Chinese Friendships ( in the times of the popular communes ), the opposition activities with the wars in Algeria and Vietnam, the participation in the M. N. E. F., with the U. N. E. F., the policy of the offices of psychological academic aid ( B. A. P. U. ), the organisation of the University Working Groups ( G. T. U. ), but also the reorganizations of the training courses with the Centers of Training to the Methods of Education Activities ( C. E. M. E. A.

Working and associate
Board and associate members of the TWAIN Working Group include:
Franks is also a member of the Republican Study Committee, the International Religious Freedom Caucus, the Tea Party Caucus, House Working Group on Judicial Accountability, House Working Group on Waste, Fraud and Abuse, the Liberty Caucus, the DUI Caucus, the Human Rights Caucus, the India Caucus, the Refugee Caucus, the Education Freedom Caucus, and is an associate member of the Congressional Hispanic Conference.
Working closely with Jay Kennedy over a seven-year span, he was promoted from assistant editor to associate editor to editor.
He is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and the co-organizer of its Social Security Working Group.
Working at this university are over 4, 000 staff members, among whom 1842 are teaching staff and 998 are professors or associate professors and over 70 are doctorate supervisors.
The other members of the Advisory Council are: Mr. Nils Bruzelius, Executive Editor and Vice-President for Publications, Environmental Working Group, Dr. Gail H. Cassell, Ph. D., vice president of scientific affairs and distinguished research scholar for infectious diseases, Eli Lilly and Company ; Mr. Vinton G. Cerf, vice president and chief Internet evangelist, Google ; Ambassador James Franklin Collins, director and senior associate and diplomat in residence, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Dr. Rita Colwell, Chairman and President of CosmosID ; Dr. Loren R. Graham, professor of history and science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ; Dr. William V. Harris, president and CEO of the Science Foundation Arizona ; Dr. Siegfried S. Hecker, senior fellow and former director of Los Alamos National Laboratory ; Dr. Najmedin Meshkati, Professor of Civil / Environmental Engineering and Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Southern California ; Dr. Richard Murphy, Ph. D., former president and CEO of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies ; and Dr. Peter Raven, director of the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Working alongside his associate of many years, Dr. Peter Ashall, a full business case and go to market proposal was prepared, and then, in 1998 was accepted with funding and core technology supplied by Nokia.

Working and Theodore
" Working with his brother, Theodore J. Hoover, Minerals Separation Ltd and his own company, Hoover was supplying the world's industries, such as steel, with zinc and other vital base minerals.
Working with a range of other Americans prominent in foreign policy, including Father Theodore Hesburgh of Notre Dame, Norman Cousins of Saturday Review, James Grant of the Overseas Development Council, anthropologist Margaret Mead, World Federalist Chairman H. Donald Wilson, and World Bank president Robert McNamara, Evans organized an organization called New Directions.

Working and developed
A newer system was developed by the GRADE Working Group and takes into account more dimensions than just the quality of medical evidence.
It was the first version developed and standardized exclusively by the W3C, as the IETF had closed its HTML Working Group in September 1996.
RTSP was developed by the Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Working Group ( MMUSIC WG ) of the Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF ) and published as RFC 2326 in 1998.
RTP was developed by the Audio-Video Transport Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF ) and first published in 1996 as RFC 1889, superseded by RFC 3550 in 2003.
Working with DuPont chemist Rudolph Pariser, Parr developed a method of computing approximate molecular orbitals for pi electron systems, published in 1953.
SVG was developed by the W3C SVG Working Group starting in 1998, after Macromedia and Microsoft introduced VML whereas Adobe Systems and Sun Microsystems submitted a competing format known as PGML.
Working under assumed names, in 1943 Enrico Fermi and his colleagues developed the X-10 Graphite Reactor, the world's first production nuclear reactor, to demonstrate the production of plutonium.
Working in the United States, Talcott Parsons developed a model of the nuclear family in 1955, which at that place and time was the prevalent family structure.
Working in Leicester he discovered a method of showing variations between individual's DNA in 1984, and invented and developed genetic fingerprinting.
Working in Paris alongside several other students of David in a studio provided by the state, he further developed a style that emphasized purity of contour.
Working out of a garage in Playa Del Ray, Calif., the Printronix team developed a revolutionary 300-line-per-minute ( LPM ) prototype line matrix printer in just 90 days.
The Health and Safety Executive ( HSE ), NHS Health Scotland and Healthy Working Lives ( HWL ) have jointly developed the RPE ( Respiratory Protective Equipment ) Selector Tool, which is web-based.
Working testbed designs of axial turbines suitable for driving a propellor were developed by the Royal Aeronautical Establishment proving the efficiency of aerodynamic shaping of the blades in 1929.
Digital Visual Interface ( DVI ) is a video display interface developed by the Digital Display Working Group ( DDWG ).
Working with both the Mississippi Governor ’ s Commission on Recovery, Rebuilding and Renewal, and the Louisiana Recovery Authority, DPZ ’ s designers generated plans for rebuilding at the regional, local and neighborhood scales, as well as developed guidelines for individual homeowners looking to rebuild.
Working with companies such as ARP and Oberheim, Zawinul developed new ways of voicing and patching electronic tones for textures, ensemble roles ( including emulations of traditional band instruments ) and soloing.
Working for the U. S. Ordnance Office, David Marshall Williams developed a. 22 training version of the M1911 using a floating chamber to give the. 22 long rifle rimfire recoil similar to the. 45 version.
The standard was developed by the Working Group 8 of Subcommittee 17 in ISO / IEC Joint Technical Committee 1.
* 1926: Working in Romania, Coandă developed a device to detect liquids under ground, useful in petroleum prospecting.
Games and Conspiracy Entertainment ( EU )/ Working Designs ( US ), PlayStation 2 developed in collaboration with Game Arts )
Working in secret, the Decepticons also developed transformation technology, along with new robot-mode flight powers, and, under the command of one of the first of this new breed, Megatron, they attacked one of the capital's outer cities, killing the current Autobot leader.
Working with Chris Morris, Patrick Marber and Armando Iannucci for On the Hour and The Day Today, Coogan developed his most popular and most developed character ; Alan Partridge, a socially awkward and politically incorrect regional media personality, who developed to feature in his own eponymous television series, Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge and I'm Alan Partridge, which were well received and were nominated for five BAFTAs in total.

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