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Works and such
Highways go to a new Department of Highways, sewers to the Department of Public Works, such street cleaning as Borough Presidents now do ( in Queens and Richmond ) to the Sanitation Department.
This name is a genericised trademark named after Stanley Works, a manufacturer of such knives.
It also led to the closure of several local support and satellite businesses, such as the nearby British Steel Clydesdale Works in Mossend, Clyde Alloy in Netherton and equipment maker Anderson Strathclyde.
The company also publishes several specialised reference works, such as Shakespeare: The Essential Guide to the Life and Works of the Bard ( Wiley, 2006 ).
Prominent novelist and Harvard Medical School graduate Michael Crichton appeared before the U. S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works to address such concerns and recommended the employment of double-blind experimentation in environmental research.
Records such as " Let Me Be the One " by Safire, " I Remember What You Like " by Jenny Burton, " Running " by Information Society, " Give Me Tonight " by Shannon and " It Works For Me " by Pam Russo enjoyed heavy New York radio airplay.
Works are being written for 20-and 25-stringed kotos and 17-string bass kotos, and a new generation of players such as Japanese master Kazue Sawai, her students including Michiyo Yagi, and American performers Reiko Obata and Miya Masaoka, are finding places for the koto in today's jazz, experimental music and even pop.
Works such as the Apollo Belvedere arrived during the Napoleonic Wars, but these pieces were returned after Napoleon I's fall in 1815.
Occasionally gasoline-electric models, patterned after real diesel-electric locomotives, come up among hobbyists and companies like Pilgrim Locomotive Works have sold such locomotives.
Works such as the Requiem of Hector Berlioz would have been impossible to perform just a few decades earlier, with its demanding writing for twenty woodwinds, as well as four gigantic brass ensembles each including around four trumpets, four trombones, and two tubas.
T. A. Sinclair, commenting on Works and Days argues that Hesiod shows no awareness of the mythology of such a divine " giver ".
Works such as Augustine of Hippo's The City of God synthesized current philosophies and political traditions with those of Christianity, redefining the borders between what was religious and what was political.
Works such as Amitav Ghosh's The Calcutta Chromosome and Salman Rushdie's Grimus and Boman Desai's The Memory of Elephants are generally classified as magic realist works but make essential use of SF tropes and techniques.
However, it could be argued that the subsequent fortunes of other Eastern-Bloc automobile manufacturers such as Lada, AutoVAZ, and of Škoda Works itself – once Škoda Auto's parent company – suggested that Volkswagen's involvement was not necessarily a result of poor judgement.
ELP performed classical compositions such as Mussorgsky's " Pictures at an Exhibition " on the album Pictures At An Exhibition ( 1971 ) and Aaron Copland's " Fanfare for the Common Man " on Works, Volume 1 ( 1977 ) with electric instrumentation.
* Works well in unidirectional communication, suitable for broadcast information such as in many kinds of service discovery and shared information such as broadcast time or Routing Information Protocol
Works which are commonly included in the canon include works of fiction such as some epic poems, poetry, music, drama, novels, and other assorted forms of literature from the many diverse Western ( and more recently non-Western ) cultures.
Some of these towns, such as the Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works in the Atacama Desert, have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The first publication to divide the papers in such a way was an 1810 edition that used a list left by Hamilton to associate the authors with their numbers ; this edition appeared as two volumes of the compiled " Works of Hamilton ".
Works such as Ildefons Cerda's General Theory of Urbanization ( 1867 ), Camillo Sitte s City Planning According to Artistic Principles ( 1889 ), and Robinson s The Improvement of Cities and Towns ( 1901 ) and Modern Civic Art ( 1903 ), all were primarily concerned with urban design, as did the later City Beautiful movement in North America.
" Works such as Dark Horse Comics ' Dark Empire series ( 1991 – 1992 ) describe Fett escaping from the sarlacc.
In the 18th century, in response to the growth of the British Empire and economic changes, institutions such as the Office of Works and the Navy Board grew large.
Works on paper, such as drawings, pastels, watercolors, prints, and photographs are typically not permanently displayed for conservation reasons.

Works and Marjorie
* Works by Marjorie Bowen at Project Gutenberg of Australia

Works and Rosen
During the latter part of the 1990s, Rosen worked at Pencom Web Works with Leon Shklar, with whom he would later collaborate on Web Application Architecture: Principles, Protocols, and Practices, a widely-used textbook for senior and graduate level college courses in Web application development.

Works and
Over the course of twenty years, Carnegie s steel properties grew to include the Edgar Thomson Steel Works, the Lucy Furnace Works, the Union Iron Mills, the Homestead Works, the Keystone Bridge Works, the Hartman Steel Works, the Frick Coke Company, and the Scotia ore mines among many other industry related assets.
* The standard biography about Christine de Pizan is Charity Cannon Willard s Christine de Pisan: Her Life and Works ( 1984 ).
* Hesiod s Works And Days
* Johann Gottlieb Fichte s Popular Works ( 1873 ).
In 1432 the Office of Works asked the Florentine ambassador in Venice to enquire after Uccello s reputation as an artist.
* Nill, Raymond M. “ A Visual Guide to Pablo Picasso s Works ”.
Others present these stories as mythology deriving from Greek cultural influence, deriving arguments mainly from Hesiod s " Works and Days ", which portrays the basic moral foundation and plantation techniques of the citizens of Greece and describes the races of men, created by the Greek deities.
Perhaps the largest contribution to the public works system in the U. S. came out of President Franklin D. Roosevelt s New Deal initiatives particularly the creation of the Works Progress Administration ( WPA ) in 1935.
* The Factory Constitution Law ( 1971 ), which strengthened the rights of individual employees “ to be informed and to be heard on matters concerning their place of work .” The Works Council was provided with greater authority while trade unions were given the right of entry into the factory “ provided they informed the employer of their intention to do so ”.
McNeil was with many other Barnes and Co. Salt Works employees on the lake s north shore in the evening.
Skunk Works is an official alias for Lockheed Martin s Advanced Development Programs ( ADP ), formerly called Lockheed Advanced Development Projects.
The Skunk Works logo as seen on one of Lockheed Martin s hangars.
The term " Skunk Works " came from Al Capp's satirical, hillbilly comic strip Li l Abner, which was immensely popular in the 1940s and ' 50s.
* Lockheed Martin s Skunk Works Celebrates Diamond Anniversary ( Lockheed Martin Press Release )
The American City: What Works, What Doesn t.
Mickey Mouse Works was created to recreate the golden age of Disney's animated shorts, featuring some of Disney s most popular characters.
According to the official site for Jeunet, financing is in place for his next project: TS Spivet, the adaptation of Reif Larsen s book: The Selected Works of T. S.

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