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Writing and little
ASL grammar was obscured for much of its history by the practice of glossing it rather than transcribing it ( see Writing systems below ), a practice which conveyed little of its grammar apart from word order.
Writing of the experience in Australia and New Zealand ( 1873 ) he spoke of the town's ' innumerable hotels ' and concluded from his impressions that the Aborigines had little chance of surviving as a race.
Writing from onboard HMS Lyon at Port Royal, Jamaica on 12 October 1731 to the Admiralty in London, Rear Admiral Charles Stewart confided, " I was a little surprised to hear of the usage Captain Jenkins met with off the Havana.
Journalist Bruce Arnold, chief critic of the Irish Independent, argued that " Writing, for example, is not really served at all by the archaic institution for conferring honours on artists, known as Aosdána, which really does little to help the other arts either.
Writing in 1968, the English test-driver Archie Vicar wrote in Mass Motorist magazine: " The little 99 has been given a striking and wholly rational appearance.
Writing in 1982, historian Jaroslav Folda noted that at the time there had been little investigation of Crusader frescoes which would provide a comparison for the fragmentary remains found at Krak des Chevaliers.
He would later say of this time: " I stayed in Europe for more than twenty years ; I worked in an Industrial Chemistry Laboratory [...] attended some secret socialist-oriented meetings [...] studied a little literature ; learned languages and directed a Reading and Writing School in a small Russian town ".
The Guardian reported that " Writing for the Sunday Times after the collapse of the case, he admitted he did give a little salute with two fingers to his nose to give the impression of a toothbrush moustache.
Writing in the early 18th century Martin Martin recorded that " this little isle is the most unequal rocky piece of ground to be seen anywhere: there is but very few acres fit for digging, the whole is covered with long heath, erica-baccifera, mertillus, and some mixture of grass ; it is reckoned very fruitful in pasturage: most of the rocks consist of the hectic stone, and a considerable part of them is of a red colour.
Writing in 1854, Poor Law commissioner George Nicholls viewed many of them as little more than factories:
Writing for Q magazine in June 1996, Tom Doyle thought that Everything Must Go had " little in common " with its predecessor, The Holy Bible, and saw the album as a return to, and improvement upon, the " epic pop-rock " sound of Gold Against the Soul.
Writing of the " Lord's Supper " rite in the mid-50s, little more than 30 years after the death of Jesus, Paul says he had already linked it with the Last Supper when he evangelized the inhabitants of Corinth, Greece in 51 / 52, and that this was something that he himself had " received " earlier still.
Writing anonymously the following month, Marcourt took credit for the placards in the address to benevolent Readers of his anonymous " Most useful and salutary little treatise of the holy Eucharist ", published at Neuchâtel, 16 November 1534, in which he avers " I have been moved by true affection to compose and edit in writing some true Articles on the importables insupportable?
Writing, examined separately but ultimately equated with philosophy and rhetoric, is somewhat deprecated ; it is stated that writing can do little but remind those who already know, somewhat reminiscent of the archetypical Zen master's admonishment that " those who know, know ".
Writing of the Britons generally in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico Caesar noted that: "... by far the most civilised are those who inhabit Cantium, the whole of which is a maritime region ; and their manners differ little from those of the Gauls ".
During the 1940s, Broyard published stories in Modern Writing, Discovery, and New World Writing, three leading pocket-book format " little magazines ".
Writing little more than a century before Zhang Heng, the mathematician and music theorist Jing Fang ( 78 – 37 BC ) wrote in the 1st century BC:
Writing credit on the second version was given to both Moldvay and Wells, although there was very little of Wells ' original content in Moldvay's version.
Colin Jacobsson of DVD Movie Guide also gave the episode a mixed response, and wrote that “' Rap ' starts with a clever – if absurd – concept ”, but “ does little to churn good comedy out of its theme ”, and concluded by calling the episode “ disappointing ”.< ref name =" DVDmg "> Writing for Obsessed With Film, Adam Rayner described the episode as “ woefully weak ” andan example of the farcical that the series would fall deeper and deeper into ”.
Writing in the journal International Socialism, Paul Blackledge remarked that it was " more than a little ironic " that the Miliband brothers were in positions of power in the Labour Party considering that their father was the author of Parliamentary Socialism ( 1961 ), a powerful critique of that party and its policies.
Writing in the Australian Army Journal, Paul Jordan, has said that: " While there was little that we could have done to stop the killings, I believe that, if Australians had not been there as witnesses to the massacre, the RPA would have killed every single person in the camp.

Writing and later
Writing systems that indicate consonants but do not indicate most vowels ( like the Aramaic one ) or indicate them with added diacritical signs, have been called abjads by Peter T. Daniels to distinguish them from later alphabets, such as Greek, that represent vowels more systematically.
Writing that would later be incorporated into the Hebrew Bible names Sheol as the place of the dead.
Writing three centuries later, Ibn Abi Zar suggested it was chosen early on by Abdallah Ibn Yasin because, upon finding resistance among the Gudala Berbers of Adrar ( Mauritania ) to his teaching, he took a handful of followers to erect a makeshift ribat ( monastery-fortress ) on an offshore island ( possibly Tidra island, in Arguin bay ).
Writing many years later, Bonaparte commented that if the French Navy had adopted the same tactical principles as the British:
Writing for the Chicago Reader, Jonathan Rosenbaum called the film " generic " and " standard issue ", stating that the audience shouldn't " expect to remember it ten minutes later ".
Writing about 80 years later, in 140-150 AD, Ptolemy, drawing on the earlier naval expeditions of Agricola, also distinguished between the Ebudes, of which he writes there were only five ( and thus possibly meaning the Inner Hebrides ) and Dumna.
Writing no later than 324, Eusebius quotes the passage in essentially the same form as that preserved in extant manuscripts.
Writing data to a disk was done by converting 256-byte pages into sets of 5-bit or, later, 6-bit nibbles ; loading data from the disk required the reverse.
It was much later, in the 1600s, with the increased popularity of writing, especially in the copperplate style promoted by the many printed manuals available from the ' Writing Masters ,' that quills became more pointed and flexible.
Writing 10 years later, Cubs ' shortstop Ernie Banks would call it the longest ball he'd seen hit at Wrigley Field ; according to Banks, the consensus among the Cubs was that " it must have traveled more than 500 feet ( 152. 4 m ) on its trip into Waveland Avenue.
Writing in 1972, John C. Masterman ( who would later head the Twenty Committee ) said that by 1941 MI5 " actively ran and controlled the German espionage system in United Kingdom.
Writing extensively on Nietzsche in his later career, and offering a " phenomenological critique of Kant " in his Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics, Heidegger is known for his Post-Kantian philosophy.
Writing nearly a century later both the chroniclers John Mair and Hector Boece relied extensively on Bower for their own narratives.
She later taught Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia while living in Vancouver 1978 – 80.
Writing years later for The Chicago Reader, Dave Kehr wrote " Malick's 1973 first feature is a film so rich in ideas it hardly knows where to turn.
Bright's book was followed by a number of others, including John Willis's Art of Stenography in 1602, Edmond Willis's An abbreviation of writing by character in 1618, and Thomas Shelton's Short Writing in 1626 ( later re-issued as Tachygraphy ).
Lardner's later work included M * A * S * H ( 1970 ), for which he won the Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay, and The Greatest ( 1977 ).
Writing thirty years later, Geoffrey de Villehardouin, who had known Dandolo personally, stated, " Although his eyes appeared normal, he could not see a hand in front of his face, having lost his sight after a head wound.
The later film was well received and earned Delpy, who co-wrote the script, her first Academy Award nomination for Writing Adapted Screenplay.
Writing more than a century later the writer W. H. Murray agreed, complaining that the visitors spoiled the " character and atmosphere ", and rather stand-offishly suggesting that " to know Staffa one must go alone ".
Writing in his book Lucky Kunst: The Rise and Fall of Young British Art, the commentator Gregor Muir said: The second part of ' Lucky Kunst ', featuring a group of young artists from New York, opened some weeks later.
Writing in 2000, Tim Lucas wrote that Bava is " the acknowledged smoking gun behind the ' body count ' movie phenomenon of the 1980s, which continues to dominate the horror genre two decades later with such films as Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and their respective sequels.
Beissel had a long teaching career in English Literature, and later in Creative Writing, which started as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Toronto.
Writing later in the 11th century, the Song Dynasty ( 960 – 1279 ) scholar Gao Cheng wrote that the small wheelbarrow of his day, with shafts pointing forward ( so that it was pulled ), was the direct descendent of Zhuge Liang's wooden ox.

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