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Writing and about
Writing about AD 94, Clement of Rome states that the apostles appointed successors to continue their work where they had planted churches and for these in their turn to do the same because they foresaw the risk of discord.
The awards that Mayr received include the National Medal of Science, the Balzan Prize, the Sarton Medal of the History of Science Society, the International Prize for Biology, the Loye and Alden Miller Research Award, and the Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science.
In 1996 he was awarded the Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science.
*" On Food Writing " Advice about the craft of food writing from Michael Rhulman.
Writing about 80 years later, in 140-150 AD, Ptolemy, drawing on the earlier naval expeditions of Agricola, also distinguished between the Ebudes, of which he writes there were only five ( and thus possibly meaning the Inner Hebrides ) and Dumna.
Writing in 1790, Bewick described it as the largest and most beautiful of the dog kind ; about 36 inches high, generally of a white or cinammon colour, somewhat like the Greyhound but more robust.
Writing about some of these subjects was prohibited in Egypt.
Writing was her outlet, and she wrote with an insightful perception about the realities of life.
After five operations in ten days and physical therapy, King resumed work on On Writing in July, though his hip was still shattered and he could only sit for about forty minutes before the pain became worse.
But after finding that his book On Writing had more useful and observant things to say about the craft than any book since Strunk and White's The Elements of Style, I have gotten over my own snobbery.
Writing to the Christians of Smyrna, in about AD 106, Saint Ignatius warned them to " stand aloof from such heretics ", because, among other reasons, " they abstain from the Eucharist and from prayer, because they confess not the Eucharist to be the flesh of our Savior Jesus Christ, which suffered for our sins, and which the Father, of His goodness, raised up again.
Writing for the New York Times shortly after the flight, however, journalist Arthur Krock described mixed feelings in the United States due to fears of the spaceflight's potential military implications for the Cold War, and the Detroit Free Press wrote that " the people of Washington, London, Paris and all points between might have been dancing in the streets " if it were not for " doubts and suspicions " about Soviet intentions.
Perutz was delighted to win the Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science in 1997.
Writing about the Germanic war of Caracalla in 213 AD, he has the emperor fight " Κέννους, Kελτικòν ἔθνος " (" the Kenni, a Celtic people ").
Writing about the Russian Tsar, Herberstein wrote that " in the power he holds over his people the ruler of Muscovy surpasses all the monarchs of the world.
Writing in 1821, Sydney Smith proclaimed that " The country belongs to the Duke of Rutland, Lord Lonsdale, the Duke of Newcastle, and about twenty other holders of boroughs.
Writing in 1999, Paul K. Davis estimates the Umayyad forces at 80, 000 and the Franks at about 30, 000, while noting that modern historians have estimated the strength of the Umayyad army at Tours at between 20 – 80, 000.
" In 1829, he published the first book about his system, Method of Writing Words, Music, and Plain Songs by Means of Dots, for Use by the Blind and Arranged for Them.
The first section of On Writing is an Autobiography mainly about King ’ s early exposure to writing, and his childhood attempts at writing.
Material about King can also be found in his own partly autobiographical On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft ( 2000 ), as well as scattered throughout King's Danse Macabre ( 1981 ).
" Writing to her daughter Victoria in 1858 about the gloominess of Windsor Castle, Queen Victoria stated, " I long for our cheerful and unpalacelike rooms at Osborne.
Writing about Lubitsch's work, critic Michael Wilmington observed:
Early in September 2004, Michael Cullen, the deputy prime minister of New Zealand, announced that Irving would not be permitted to visit the country, where he had been invited by the National Press Club to give a series of lectures under the heading " The Problems of Writing about World War II in a Free Society ".
Writing about Japanese noise music, Hegarty suggests that " it is not a genre, but it is also a genre that is multiple, and characterized by this very multiplicity.

Writing and study
Writing to The Times, Hayek said, " May one who has devoted a large part of his life to the study of the history and the principles of liberalism point out that a party that keeps a socialist government in power has lost all title to the name ' Liberal '.
Along with her work as a writer of prose fiction, Russ was also a playwright, essayist, and author of nonfiction works, generally literary criticism and feminist theory, including the essay collection Magic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans & Perverts ; How to Suppress Women's Writing ; and the book-length study of modern feminism, What Are We Fighting For ?.
Belhaven University offers Bachelor's Degrees in twenty-seven different major areas of study including Accounting, Art ( Visual Arts ), Arts Administration, Biblical Studies and Ministries, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Classical Education, Communication, Creative Writing, Dance, Elementary Education, English, Graphic Design, History, Humanities, International Studies, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Services, Sports Administration, Sports Medicine and Exercise Science, Sports Ministry and Theater.
Her academic books include the feminist study Writing a Woman's Life ( 1988 ).
In addition to her mystery novels, Heilbrun was the author of 14 nonfiction books, including the feminist study Writing a Woman's Life ( 1988 ).
She earned her PhD from the University of Exeter in 1989 with a thesis entitled Writing for Women: a study of woman as reader in Elizabethan romance.
After the suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773, a special Committee reorganized the various courses of study, dividing them in higher education ( Canon Law, Philosophy, Civil Law, Theology, Logic and Metaphysics, Physics ) and primary education ( courses in Rhetoric, Reading and Writing ).
Features include the Munn Writing Center, the " treehouse " study areas, two public computer labs, and a 24-hour study room.
In 1997 Catherine was awarded the Adam Foundation Prize for her portfolio produced during study with Bill Manhire at Victoria University of Wellington's Creative Writing Programme.
Birla Fellowship to do a study in comparative Indian literature and the University of Iowa Creative Writing Fellowship in 1973-74.
Writing the History followed Mommsen's earlier achievements in the study of ancient Rome.
The European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing ( EATAW ) is in part concerned with the study and advancement of writing centers in European universities.
Computers and Writing is the name of a sub-field of college English studies whose members are dedicated to the academic study of how computers, as well as other, related digital technologies, affect literacy and the writing process.
Writing in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Mara E. Donaldson of the University of Virginia commented that Adler's book provided an " extensive study of paganism " that " demythologizes " the movement " without being sentimental or self-righteous.
He wrote, “ I was ashamed of myself, and make haste now to declare that the mortification of pride I then endured ... ended in a resolution to study the whole matter .” Writing about Christianity helped him become clear about his own ideas and beliefs.
Among the most important, pre-1995 monographs are: Abroad ( 1980 ) by Paul Fussell, an exploration of British interwar travel writing as escapism ; Gone Primitive: Modern Intellects, Savage Minds ( 1990 ) by Marianna Torgovnick, an inquiry into the primitivist presentation of foreign cultures ; Haunted Journeys: Desire and Transgression in European Travel Writing ( 1991 ) by Dennis Porter, a close look at the psychological correlatives of travel ; Discourses of Difference: An Analysis of Women ’ s Travel Writing by Sara Mills, an inquiry into the intersection of gender and colonialism during the 19th century ; Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation ( 1992 ), Mary Louise Pratt's influential study of Victorian travel writing ’ s dissemination of a colonial mind-set ; and Belated Travelers ( 1994 ), an analysis of colonial anxiety by Ali Behdad.
Born in Hollywood, California, Young was raised in Los Angeles and San Diego and won fellowships to study writing at the University of San Diego ; the University of California, Davis, where he studied with Beat Generation author Gary Snyder ; and the University of Houston, in the doctoral Creative Writing Program founded by postmodern satirist Donald Barthelme.
* Creative Writing in Poetry ( study guide ), Albany: State University of New York, 1970.
The University of Victoria Faculty of Law developed a Legal Research and Writing Course, which included an enhanced study skills component.
* Part of the drafts to the story were included in On Writing as a study of how King edits his work.

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