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Writing and introductory
The only required classes are an introductory course on New York City-taught from the perspective of the relation of philosophy to the physical-two lecture hall courses, and two semesters of Writing the Essay.
In the summer term, all students taken introductory classes including Introduction to the Philippine Hybrid Legal System ( for foreign students ), a Seminar on Contemporary Developments in International Law, Methods of Research and Statistics, Fundamentals of Thesis Writing, and a Seminar on Comparative Studies.

Writing and article
" ( Helmreich, 1997 ) Writing in an article in the Jewish Observer, Moshe Y ' chiail Friedman states that Orthodox Judaism prohibits women from being given semicha and serving as rabbis.
* Writing ia32 alphanumeric shellcodes, an article on how to write alphanumeric shellcode.
* Writing IA32 restricted instruction set shellcodes, an article on how to write code that is very limited in the number of characters it can use ( such as alphanumeric code ).
Writing and photos by Norma Mossi, Translated by Gali Reich, from Zochrot ( alternative link to the article here :)
The article has been published in the anthology The Oxford American Book of Great Music Writing.
Preslar also won the Grammy Law Initiative Writing Prize in 2007 with an article about the RIAA vs. XM Satellite Radio.
Writing in 1970, Gibbs-Smith doubted the veracity of the account, he said that the newspaper article " reads like a work of juvenile fiction ..."
Writing in The Guardian in an article co-authored with lawyer Anthony Julius, Schama compared Berger's academic boycott to policies adopted by Nazi Germany, noting " This is not the first boycott call directed at Jews.
Phyllis Koestenbaum wrote in her article, " The Secret Climate the Year I Stopped Writing " about her trepidation toward writing, claiming it was tied directly to her instructor's response.
Having learned about Thomas on the day of his death, Washingtonian writer Katie McCabe brought his story to public attention for the first time in a 1989 article entitled " Like Something the Lord Made ", which won the 1990 National Magazine Award for Feature Writing and inspired filmmaker Andrea Kalin to make the PBS documentary " Partners of the Heart ," which was broadcast in 2003 on PBS's American Experience and won the Organization of American Historians's Erik Barnouw Award for Best History Documentary in 2004 .< ref >
* The Act of Writing, article by Alice Thompson
An extensive treatment of ' Dickens as Sociolinguist ', in the course of which she analyses the speech of these Norfolk characters was made by Patricia Poussa in Writing in Non-Standard English In the same article Poussa makes connections between the particular variant of Norfolk dialect spoken in the Flegg area around Great Yarmouth, a place of known Viking settlement, with Scandinavian languages.
Writing of Grayson in an article on British radical politics in Pravda, V. I.
Scott Renshaw, the Arts and Entertainment Editor received 2nd place in Review / Criticism for the article, " Romancing the Stoned " and 2nd place for Headline Writing.
* Use Old Words When Writing for Findability ( article on the findability impact of a site's choice of words )
Writing to Darwin in 1871, Matthew enclosed an article he had written for The Scotsman and, as well as wishing that he had time to write a critique of The Descent of Man, and selection in relation to sex, expressed the belief that there is evidence of design and benevolence in nature, and that beauty cannot be accounted for by natural selection.
Her 1998 American Heritage article on the horse Seabiscuit won the Eclipse Award for Magazine Writing.
Writing in an article about " There's Something About Marrying " for The New York Times, Sharon Waxman said that " as television's longest-running situation comedy, The Simpsons is no stranger to hot-button social, religious and political issues, mocking wardrobe malfunctions, Hollywood liberals and born-again Christians, among other targets.
Writing an article for the high school newspaper about Lincoln's bullying and extortion, Robbie retracted it after being threatened by Lincoln.
The article was a finalist of the 2006 National Magazine Award for Profile Writing.
Writing an article about little-studied Puritan funeral services, Ulrich included the phrase " well-behaved women seldom make history.
A quote from Brian Sutton's article in Language and Learning Across the Disciplines, " Writing in the Disciplines, First-Year Composition, and the Research Paper ", serves to illustrate the rhetoricians ' opinion on this subject and their use of the term:
The concept of cultural literacy was initially adumbrated in an article, " Culture and Literacy ," published in the Journal of Basic Writing.
Writing has become Johnson's second career choice ; she is a contributing writer for Dimez magazine, Temptation magazine, and Glam Couture magazine, where she does a monthly article titled " Cherie Picking ".

Writing and Germanic
Writing about the Germanic war of Caracalla in 213 AD, he has the emperor fight " Κέννους, Kελτικòν ἔθνος " (" the Kenni, a Celtic people ").
Writing in AD 79, Pliny the Elder said that the Germanic tribes were members of separate groups of people, suggesting a distinction among them.

Writing and languages
Writing a century before Causantín was born, Bede recorded five languages in Britain.
*** Writing direction left to right in most European languages ( e. g. German ), right-to-left in Hebrew and Arabic, vertical in some Asian languages
* Writing Systems of the World: Alphabets, Syllabaries, Pictograms ( 1990 ), ISBN 0-8048-1654-9 — lists official languages of the countries of the world, among other information.
# REDIRECT Inuit languages # Writing
# REDIRECT Inuit languages # Writing
More recently, a piece on the anthropology of white Indians was selected for " Best American Science Writing ," and another piece about dying languages appeared in " Best American Travel Writing.
He would later say of this time: " I stayed in Europe for more than twenty years ; I worked in an Industrial Chemistry Laboratory [...] attended some secret socialist-oriented meetings [...] studied a little literature ; learned languages and directed a Reading and Writing School in a small Russian town ".
Work on philosophical languages was pioneered by Francis Lodwick ( A Common Writing, 1647 ; The Groundwork or Foundation laid ( or So Intended ) for the Framing of a New Perfect Language and a Universal Common Writing, 1652 ), Sir Thomas Urquhart ( Logopandecteision, 1652 ), George Dalgarno ( Ars signorum, 1661 ), and John Wilkins ( An Essay towards a Real Character, and a Philosophical Language, 1668 ).
It was nominated for two awards ( The Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Outstanding Science & Technology Writing and the Quill Award for the Best Debut Author of 2006 ), named one of the top books of the year by Canada's Globe and Mail and by The Independent and The Guardian, and has been translated into 16 languages.

Writing and Major
Writing to Major General Mansfield Lovell, Commander of the lower Mississippi in March 1862, Beauregard recommended, “… the fortification of Port Hudson as a measure of precaution against the fall of our defenses north of Memphis .” In June 1862, Major General Earl Van Dorn wrote Jefferson Davis: “ I want Baton Rouge and Port Hudson ” A few days after the fall of Baton Rouge to the Union, Confederate General John C. Breckinridge with 4, 000 men, carried out the wishes of General Van Dorn by occupying Port Hudson, situated between Baton Rouge and Bayou Sara, with troops under the command of General Daniel Ruggles.
* Etulain, Richard W. Writing Western History: Essays on Major Western Historians ( 2002 )
Writing for the plurality ( Lamer, La Forest, Gonthier and Major ), La Forest held that the exclusion of same-sex couples from the definition of " spouse " in the impugned Act did not violate Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Major directions in recent travel writing scholarship include: studies about the role of gender in travel and travel writing ( e. g. Women Travelers in Colonial India: The Power of the Female Gaze by Indira Ghose ); explorations of the political functions of travel ( e. g. Radicals on the Road: The Politics of English Travel Writing in the 1930s by Bernard Schweizer ); postcolonial perspectives on travel ( e. g. English Travel Writing: From Pilgrimages to Postcolonial Explorations ( 2000 ) by Barbara Korte ); and studies about the function of language in travel and travel writing ( e. g. Across the Lines: Travel, Language, and Translation by Michael Cronin ).

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