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Writing and 1932
* Academy Awards: Oscar ; Best Cinematography, Karl Struss ; Best Adaptation Writing, Percy Heath and Samuel Hoffenstein ; 1932.
* Arthur Koestler – The Invisible Writing: The Second Volume Of An Autobiography, 1932 – 40
Writing to Schmitt in 1932, Strauss summarised Schmitt's political theology that " because man is by nature evil, he therefore needs dominion.
Writing to Schmitt in 1932, Strauss summarised Schmitt's political theology thus: " ecause man is by nature evil, he therefore needs dominion.
Writing in the Ladies ' Home Journal in October 1932, she said of FDR, " He is my father's fourth cousin once removed ....
Writing in 1932, William Passingham commended the integrated approach taken at Hendon Central as " an outstanding example of the co-ordination of road-planning with passenger station requirements.
* Reading, Writing, and Remembering ( 1932 ), autobiography

Writing and Sir
Writing to his friend Sir George Cooper in August 1849, he stated:
Earlier Prime Ministerial advisers had appeared from time to time in episodes of Yes Minister, including Daniel Moynihan as Daniel Hughes in " The Writing on the Wall " ( 1980 ) and Nigel Stock as Sir Mark Spencer in " Bed of Nails " ( 1982 ).
Key A: Hall ; B: Saloon ; C: Green Writing Room ; L: Red Drawing Room ; M: Green Drawing Room ; N: Grand Cabinet ; H: Library ; J: covered colonnade ; K: Birth Room of Sir Winston Churchill H2: Chapel ; O: Bow room.
Writing After Sidney: the literary response to Sir Philip Sidney 1586 – 1640.
The Leatherhead Drama Festival began in 2004 and is the UK's largest drama festival of its type, in which schools and drama groups from around Surrey and beyond compete each year for the Sir Michael Caine Drama Awards, the Richard Houghton Awards and New Writing Awards.
The postgraduate Master of Arts in Creative Writing, founded by Sir Malcolm Bradbury and Sir Angus Wilson in 1970, is regarded as the most respected in the United Kingdom, and admission to the programme is competitive.
Writing in 1850, the British diplomat Sir Henry Charles Sirr described a visit to one of the elephants that had been used by Sri Vikrama Rajasinha, the last king of Kandy, to execute criminals.
Writing in 1981, Sir Hugh Casson describes the building thus:
Writing in 1549, Sir Donald Monro, High Dean of the Isles stated of " Ywst " that it was a fertile country full of high hills and forests on the east coast with five parish kirks.
Writing in 1905 Sir Frederick Treves described the village as " probably the most consistent old-world village or townlet in the county ".
Writing Coventry's biography in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, Philip Chesney Yorke stated that " though Sir William Coventry never filled that place in the national administration to which his merit and exceptional ability clearly entitled him, his public life together with his correspondence are sufficient to distinguish him from amongst his contemporaries as a statesman of the first rank.
" Andrew Green in ' Writing the Great War: Sir James Edmonds and the Official Histories 1915 – 1948 ' ( 2003 ) considered the volumes of the Official History for Gallipoli, the Somme, 3rd Ypres and the German March offensive of 1918 and concluded that Edmonds had been far more objective than others had given him credit for.
The University of East Anglia's Creative Writing Course was founded by Sir Malcolm Bradbury and Sir Angus Wilson in 1970.
Writing in 1845, in his book Chromatics, George Field notes ( perhaps erroneously ) that Sir Joshua Reynolds gives the ratio 2: 1 as a rule for the proportion of warm to cold colors in a painting, and attributes to Smith the expansion of that rule to all proportions in painting:
Work on philosophical languages was pioneered by Francis Lodwick ( A Common Writing, 1647 ; The Groundwork or Foundation laid ( or So Intended ) for the Framing of a New Perfect Language and a Universal Common Writing, 1652 ), Sir Thomas Urquhart ( Logopandecteision, 1652 ), George Dalgarno ( Ars signorum, 1661 ), and John Wilkins ( An Essay towards a Real Character, and a Philosophical Language, 1668 ).
Writing to Sir Horace Mann in May 1770 Horace Walpole asked " What do you think of a winter Ranelagh erecting in Oxford Road, at the expense of sixty thousand pounds ?".

Writing and Edward
* Outstanding Writing in a Limited Series or a Special ( Edward Hume )
Writing for the majority, Justice Edward Terry Sanford declared that " utterances inciting to the overthrow of organized government by unlawful means, present a sufficient danger of substantive evil to bring their punishment within the range of legislative discretion .... Such utterances, by their very nature, involve danger to the public peace and to the security of the state.
The film was awarded an Academy Award for Best Costume Design, Black-and-White ( Orry-Kelly ) and was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role ( Jack Lemmon ), Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black-and-White ( Ted Haworth, Edward G. Boyle ), Best Cinematography, Black-and-White, Academy Award for Best Director and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.
It won Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Supporting Role ( Gloria Grahame ); Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black-and-White ( Cedric Gibbons ; Edward Carfagno, Edwin B. Willis ; F. Keogh Gleason ); Best Cinematography, Black-and-White ; Best Costume Design, Black-and-White and Best Writing, Screenplay.
" Writing in 1880, William Edward Hall judged that " any sort of previous declaration therefore is an empty formality unless the enemy must be given time and opportunity to put himself in a state of defence, and it is needless to say that no one asserts such a quixotism to be obligatory.
Writing on Horsfield's Catalogue of the mammals in the East India Company Museum on a copy to Theodore Edward Cantor
Edward Collier's painting ' Newspapers, Letters and Writing Implements on a Wooden Board '
* Cockerell, S. ( 1945 ) from " Tributes to Edward Johnston " in Child, H. & Howes, J. ed. s ( 1986 ) Lessons in Formal Writing, pp. 21 – 30.
Writing in 1934, William A Morris reviewed the conflicting views on the date of the Modus that were first offered in the seventeenth century and concluded that it must have been written during the reign of Edward II ( 1307-27 ), probably 1321.
* Kennedy, Edward Donald, Chronicles and Other Historical Writing, vol.
The movie also received Oscar nominations for Art Direction-Set Decoration ( Black-and-White ) ( Robert Luthardt, Edward G. Boyle ), Best Cinematography ( Black-and-White ), and Best Writing, Story and Screenplay.
The Bad Writing Contest emerged in an intellectual climate dominated by fallout from the Sokal affair, in which the alleged opaqueness and obscurity of postmodern writing came in for criticism: Edward Said, for instance, deplored " diminishment and incoherence " in the writings of some of his colleagues and Martha Nussbaum condemned academic writing that was " ponderous and obscure.
Writing after the war, Edward Porter Alexander stated: " Indeed, it is almost tragic the way in which he became the scapegoat of this occasion.
* Academy Awards: Oscar, Best Writing, Motion Picture Story, Edna Anhalt and Edward Anhalt ; 1951.
Writing for the New York Times, Edward Rothstein described the game as " acclaimed.
Writing in the mid-1960s, Edward Ullendorff noted that it " is disappearing rapidly in favour of Amharic, and only a few hundred elderly people are still able to speak it.
From 1969-1976 he was Edward B. Jones Lecturer in Creative Writing at Stanford near Palo Alto, where he lived and worked for three decades.
Image: Assyrio-BabylonianCuneiformWriting. jpg | Plate from On the Polyphony of the Assyrio-Babylonian Cuneiform Writing Edward Hincks
Writing in 1776 of the ancient Romans, Edward Gibbon said: " The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true ; by the philosopher as equally false ; and by the magistrate as equally useful.
* Academy Awards: Oscar, Best Writing, Motion Picture Story, Edna Anhalt and Edward Anhalt ; 1953.

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