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Writing and 1947
Writing under Stratemeyer Syndicate pen name Carolyn Keene from 1929 to 1947, she contributed to 23 of the first 25 originally published Nancy Drew mysteries.
* Writing as " William Irish ", Cornell Woolrich published Waltz into Darkness ( 1947 ), set in 1880 New Orleans.
Writing in 1947, Bell criticized Mayo and other industrial sociologists for " adjusting men to machines ," rather than enlarging human capacity or human freedom.
Despite its poor critical and commercial performance, the film was nominated for the 1947 Academy Award for Best Writing ( Original Screenplay ).
* Daniels O, Dictionary of Japanese ( Sōsho ) Writing Forms, Lunde Humphries, 1944 ( reprinted 1947 )
* Academy Awards: Oscar, Best Writing, Screenplay, Richard Murphy ; 1947.

Writing and Cyril
In January 1941 the first issue of Penguin New Writing appeared and instantly dominated the market with 80, 000 copies sold compared to its closest rival, Cyril Connolly's Horizon, which mustered 3, 500 sales in its first edition.

Writing and comments
Writing on the diverse understandings of tathagatagarbha doctrine, Dr. Jamie Hubbard comments on how some scholars see a tendency towards monism in the tathagatagarbha texts tendency which Japanese scholar Matsumoto, however, castigates as un-Buddhist.
Writing of the private interests and personal ambitions of Pompeius ' followers, he seems to give support to Caesar's claims < ref > Cicero, < i > ad Fam .</ i > vi. 6, and his later acerbic comments that Lentulus promised himself Hortensius ' town house, Caesar's suburban villa, and an estate at Baiae as spoils of the civil war do bear out Lentulus ' reputation for avariciousness < ref > Cicero, < i > ad Att .</ i > xi. 6.
Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Hannan said of the media storm around his comments:
Writing in the eighth century, the Venerable Bede comments that King Æthelberht, " beside all other benefits that he of wise policy bestowed upon his subjects, appointed them, with his council of wise men, judicial dooms according to the examples of the Romans.

Writing and :"
Writing in The Independent, art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon said :" Goldsmiths graduates are unembarrassed about promoting themselves and their work: some of the most striking exhibitions in London over the past few months —" The East Country Yard Show ", or " Gambler ", both staged in docklands — have been independently organized and funded by Goldsmiths graduates as showcases for their work.
Writing in 1979, Hildebrand stated :" Fundamental to National Socialist genocide was Hitler's race dogma ... Hitler's programmatic ideas about the destruction of the Jews and racial domination have still to be rated as primary and causative, as motive and aim, as intention and goal of the " Jewish policy " of the Third Reich ".

Writing and House
Next, Welsh released The Acid House, a collection of short stories from Rebel Inc., New Writing Scotland and other sources.
Writing in the New York Times, Carter B. Horsley said of the River House: " Erected in 1931 when its area still teemed with tenements, it was mocked in the famous and popular 1936 movie, ' Dead End ' that was Lillian Hellman's adaptation of Sidney Kingsley's play.
" However, the episode The Compassionate Society does feature an audio recording of ' Yesterday in Parliament ' in which Hacker speaks in the House of Commons, and other episodes include scenes in the Foreign Secretary's House of Commons office ( The Writing on the Wall ) and a Committee room ( A Question of Loyalty ).
Writing for the Court majority in Wesberry, Justice Black argued that a reading of the debates of the Constitutional Convention demonstrated conclusively that the Framers had meant, in using the phrase “ by the People ,” to guarantee equality of representation in the election of Members of the House of Representatives.
* The White Tomb: Selected Writing, Talisman House, 1999
* Abundance: The Mackie House Conversations about the Writing Life-2007 ( with John Lent )
** The Poets ' House Centre for Creative Writing and Research
Among other endeavors, the Samuel Goldwyn Foundation funds the Samuel Goldwyn Writing Awards, provided construction funds for the Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Regional Library, and provides ongoing funding for the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital.
Chawton House, the 400 year old grade ll * listed Elizabethan manor house that once belonged to Jane Austen's brother and of land, has been restored as part of a major international project to establish the new Centre for the Study of Early English Women's Writing, 1600 – 1830.
* Writing in the Dark, West House Books, 2003.
At the César Awards it won Best Editing, Best Film Work, Best Production Design and Best Writing, at the European Film Awards it won Best Set Design, at Fantasporto the Audience Jury Award, at the Guild of German Art House Cinemas Best Foreign Film, at Sitges Best Actor, Best Director, Best Original Soundtrack and the Prize of Catalan Screenwriter's Critic and Writer's Association.
The Stony Brook Southampton campus is also home to a nationally recognized graduate program in Creative Writing and Literature, Stony Brook ’ s Center for Wine, Food and Culture, the Pollock-Krasner Library and the nearby Pollock-Krasner House, the Avram Theater, and the three-decades-old Summer Writers Conference, which annually attracts many of the country ’ s literary stars.
* Chawton House Women's Writing Entry
Writing from London while attending his Parliamentary duties as MP for Westbury, he complained that this date was inconvenient due to his having to be at Melton Mowbray to ride in the House of Commons Point to Point Steeplechase the next day.
* The Admen Move on Lhasa: Writing & Culture in a Virtual World ( 1997 ) House of Anansi Press
Writing with Harold Arlen, he wrote " Indoor Girl " sung by Pearl Bailey in House of Flowers and then by himself created the score for the English musical Is There Intelligent Life on Earth ?.
Writing over fifty years later, Lomax forgot that he had actually recorded Willie the previous summer with Son House, Fiddlin ' Joe Martin and Leroy Williams.
Academic Buildings: John A. H. Keith Hall ( History, Political Science ), Joseph Uhler Hall ( Psychology, Criminology, Languages ), Zink Hall ( Health, Physical Education ), Davis Hall ( Journalism, Education ), Edna Sprowls Hall ( Art ), Hamlin E. and Dorothy Cogswell Hall ( Music ), Andrew W. Wilson Hall ( Criminology ), Jane Leonard Hall ( English, Geography ), Jean R. McElhaney Hall ( Economics, Sociology, Anthropology ), Reschini House ( Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation ), Patrick J. Stapleton Jr Library ( Main Library ), Rhodes R. Stabley Library ( Media, Children's Library ), Jeannie Ackerman Hall ( Fashion, Family and Consumer Science, Interior Design ), Eicher Hall ( Writing Center ), Eberly College of Business, Stright Hall ( Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Graduate School ), Sally B. Johnson Hall ( Safety Sciences, Nursing ), Weyandt Hall ( Geoscience, Physics, Chemistry, Biology ), Matthew J. Walsh Hall ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology ), Pierce Hall ( ROTC ), George A. Stouffer Hall ( Counseling, Communications, Education, Languages ).
The Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing was established in honour of Shaughnessy Cohen ( 1948-1998 ), an outspoken and popular Member of Parliament from Windsor, Ontario ; she died after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage in the House of Commons of Canada just seconds after standing to address her peers.
* Math, Writing & Games in the Open Classroom, Random House, 1973, ISBN 978-0-394-70995-6
An early writer-in-the-schools with Teachers and Writers Collaborative, she has turned many of her experiences teaching writing into three books for teachers and writers ( Personal Fiction Writing, Deep Revision, and Blazing Pencils ) and three novels for children ( The Secret Super Powers of Marco, Marco's Monster, and Billie of Fish House Lane ).
* The Writing House ( 2002 )
* Instructional buildings-Mott Rotunda, Dow Rotunda, Liberal Arts Rotunda, Frohlich Piano and Percussion Building, Organ Building, DeRoy, The Writing House, Mallory-Towsley

Writing and Commons
The Learning Commons provides a central location for resources provided by many departments across campus including Circulations / Reserves / Interlibrary Loan, International Programs Office, Learning Resource Center, Writing Center, Reference and Research Assistance, Assistive Technologies Center, Office of Information Technologies Help Desk, and Learning Commons and Technical Support desk.
Writing as a Marxist, Foner emphasized the role of the working class and their allies in a class struggle dating back to the earliest days of the American republic, thereby presenting what one historian has called " a formidible challenge to the orthodox John R. Commons interpretation of labor history.

Writing and was
ASL grammar was obscured for much of its history by the practice of glossing it rather than transcribing it ( see Writing systems below ), a practice which conveyed little of its grammar apart from word order.
Writing three centuries later, Ibn Abi Zar suggested it was chosen early on by Abdallah Ibn Yasin because, upon finding resistance among the Gudala Berbers of Adrar ( Mauritania ) to his teaching, he took a handful of followers to erect a makeshift ribat ( monastery-fortress ) on an offshore island ( possibly Tidra island, in Arguin bay ).
Writing in 1933, Charles Fenner suggested that it was likely that the " actual origin of the bunyip myth lies in the fact that from time to time seals have made their way up the ... Murray and Darling ( Rivers )".
Writing was introduced during the French occupation and literacy is limited, especially in rural areas.
Writing in the Meiji era, Lafcadio Hearn ( 1902 ) described a baku with very similar attributes that was also able to devour nightmares.
Writing in 1889, Alfred Russel Wallace remarks " It was formerly a very general belief, even amongst geologists, that the great features of the earth's surface, no less than the smaller ones, were subject to continual mutations, and that during the course of known geological time the continents and great oceans had again and again changed places with each other.
Writing in 2010 Neil Finn said, " When we lost Paul it was like someone pulled the rug out from underneath everything, a terrible jolt out of the dark blue.
Writing a century before Causantín was born, Bede recorded five languages in Britain.
He worked on such films as Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo ( 1944 ), Our Vines Have Tender Grapes ( 1945 ), and Kitty Foyle ( 1940 ), for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay.
Writing was from right to left except in archaic inscriptions, which occasionally used boustrophedon.
Writing was phonetic ; the letters represented the sounds and not conventional spellings.
The film was nominated for five Academy Awards: Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Writing in a Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.
It won three Academy Awards, including his second for Best Writing ( Adapted Screenplay ) ( with Puzo ), Best Picture and Best Actor ( for Brando ) and a nomination for Best Director and was instrumental in cementing his position as a prominent American film director.
In 1996 he was awarded the Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science.
Lucas was nominated for four Academy Awards: Best Directing and Writing for American Graffiti, and Best Directing and Writing for Star Wars.
Writing in the spring of 1945 a long essay titled " Antisemitism in Britain ," for the Contemporary Jewish Record, Orwell stated that anti-Semitism was on the increase in Britain, and that it was " irrational and will not yield to arguments.
Writing was known and available for recording, even in small sites.
Along with her work as a writer of prose fiction, Russ was also a playwright, essayist, and author of nonfiction works, generally literary criticism and feminist theory, including the essay collection Magic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans & Perverts ; How to Suppress Women's Writing ; and the book-length study of modern feminism, What Are We Fighting For ?.
Writing data to a disk was done by converting 256-byte pages into sets of 5-bit or, later, 6-bit nibbles ; loading data from the disk required the reverse.
Writing of the beauty of the Hebrew women there, he records them saying St. Mary was a relative of theirs, and notes that, " The house of St. Mary is a basilica.
Writing about some of these subjects was prohibited in Egypt.
Writing in late antiquity, the Latin commentator Servius explains that Prometheus was so named because he was a man of great foresight ( vir prudentissimus ), possessing the abstract quality of providentia, the Latin equivalent of Greek promētheia ().

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