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Writing and Jerome
) The cover painting is a detail of Saint Jerome Writing by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.
* Palmer, Daryl W .: The Case of Jerome Horsey, in: Writing Russia in the age of Shakespeare, Hampshire-Burlington 2004, p. 97-128, " Writing Russia in the age of Shakespeare ", Insights.

Writing and remarked
" Writing in 2007, Neil Lewis of The New York Times remarked that, " To this day, each side in the epic he-said, she-said dispute has its unmovable believers ".
Writing in the 12th century, Henry of Huntingdon expanded his version of Bede's text to include supernatural intervention and remarked that Penda, in dying violently on the battlefield, was suffering the same fate he had inflicted on others during his aggressive reign.
Writing in the early 20th century, T. E. Lawrence, popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia, remarked that Krak des Chevaliers was " perhaps the best preserved and most wholly admirable castle in the world, castle which forms a fitting commentary on any account of the Crusading buildings of Syria ".
Writing to Arthur Keith in 1927, he remarked "... when our Oligocene ancestor is found it will not be an ape, but it will be surprisingly pro-human ".
Writing to Theo he remarked:
Writing in 1972, Nard Jones remarked on the Seattle telephone directory having " three solid columns " of art galleries and dealers, representing " an astonishing variety ".
" Writing about this encounter, Christopher remarked that " McCain still holds many opinions that I find objectionable, but I also think that video places the ' character ' that is RS McCain into a context that simply reading him does not.
Writing in the journal International Socialism, Paul Blackledge remarked that it was " more than a little ironic " that the Miliband brothers were in positions of power in the Labour Party considering that their father was the author of Parliamentary Socialism ( 1961 ), a powerful critique of that party and its policies.

Writing and great
Writing in 1889, Alfred Russel Wallace remarks " It was formerly a very general belief, even amongst geologists, that the great features of the earth's surface, no less than the smaller ones, were subject to continual mutations, and that during the course of known geological time the continents and great oceans had again and again changed places with each other.
Writing to Gebhard in February 1945, Margarete said, " How wonderful that he has been called to great tasks and is equal to them.
Writing in 1872, church historian William Stephens said “ The Patriarch of the Eastern Rome appeals to the great bishops of the West, as the champions of an ecclesiastical discipline which he confesses himself unable to enforce, or to see any prospect of establishing.
Writing in late antiquity, the Latin commentator Servius explains that Prometheus was so named because he was a man of great foresight ( vir prudentissimus ), possessing the abstract quality of providentia, the Latin equivalent of Greek promētheia ().
Writing for the Spanish journal La Vanguardia, commentator Sergio Vila-Sanjuán described the first volume of Eliade's Autobiography ( covering the years 1907 to 1937 ) as " a great book ", while noting that the other main volume was " more conventional and insincere.
Writing on Vigo's career in The New York Times, Andrew Johnston ( critic ) stated: " The ranks of the great film directors are short on Keatses and Shelleys, young artists cut off in their prime, leaving behind a handful of great works that suggest what might have been.
Writing required a great financial expense of paper and ink and long process of time.
" Writing in Auxiliary Magazine, Luke Copping claimed that Brisco was Campbell's " last great " role before the actor fell into " a period of self-parody and overt camp that he did not redeem himself from until joining the cast of Burn Notice ".
Writing the preamble to the constitution was considered an honour, and a task requiring great literary ability.
Writing in 1990, the journalist Paul Rutherford felt that during his time at the CBC in the 1950s, Newman had been a " great champion of both realistic and Canadian drama ".
) Writing in 1921 Spengler observed that he might have used in his title the word Vollendung ( which means ' fulfillment ' or ' consummation ') and saved a great deal of misunderstanding.
Comparto la admiración, el fanatismo, de Larbaud: yo también habría aprendido el español sólo para leerlo ’ me he is the great Spanish writer: the Writer, or rather, Writing.
Writing around 330, the first great recorded Church historian Eusebius of Caesarea mentions that bishops from Epiros attended the first Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in 325.
Writing of Mastronardi in 1986 in the newspaper El País ( Madrid ), Borges said of Mastronardi that " Like Auguste Dupin ... < nowiki > detective character created by Edgar Allan Poe < nowiki ></ nowiki > ... at night he went about the streets of Buenos Aires looking for that intellectual stimulus that only can be given by nighttime in a great city.
After a spell as a journalist in Vienna, he returned to England to found the popular periodical New Writing ( 1936 1940 ) in book format, which proved a great influence on literature of the period and an outlet for writers such as Christopher Isherwood and W. H. Auden.
Writing in 1818, Campanile described the town as a great trading centre, famous for its gallnuts as well as rice, oil, sesame, wax, lentils and many fruits.
In 2006 Weldon was appointed Professor of Creative Writing at Brunel University in West London: " A great writer needs a certain personality and a natural talent for language, but there is a great deal that can be taught how to put words together quickly and efficiently to make a point, how to be graceful and eloquent, how to convey emotion, how to build up tension, and how to create alternative worlds.
Writing in Time Out New York Andrew Johnston ( critic ) described his experience in viewing the film in 1999: “ One of the great, if all-too-infrequent, pleasures of being a film critic is having your mind blown by a film you didn ’ t expect much from.
Writing in 1932, Sir Edward Maufe said: ‘ The ideal has been to produce a design, definitely of our own time, yet in the line of the great English Cathedrals ; to build anew on tradition, to rely on proportion, mass, volume and line rather than on elaboration and ornament.
Writing for Obsessed With Film, Adam Rayner derided Gere's performance as being " bland and dreary ," however he went on to write that it couldn't ruin the episode, which he described as " great.
Writing at the time of release, Janet Maslin of The New York Times said, " This long, spare, contemplatively paced film, scored with a wide range of musical styles and given a sun-baked clarity by Stuart Dryburgh's cinematography, is loaded with brief, meaningful encounters ... And it features a great deal of fine, thoughtful acting, which can always be counted on in a film by Mr. Sayles.

Writing and many
Writing to his colleague George Herbert Palmer -- `` Glorious old Palmer '', as he addresses him -- James says that if only the students at Harvard could really understand Royce, Santayana, Palmer, and himself and see that their varying systems are `` so many religions, ways of fronting life, and worth fighting for '', then Harvard would have a genuine philosophic universe.
Writing many years later, Bonaparte commented that if the French Navy had adopted the same tactical principles as the British:
Writing in 1947, Cyril Garbett comments :" The House of Commons was within its constitutional rights in rejecting in a few hours the work of many anxious years.
He then moved to the University of Michigan, where for many years he directed the Creative Writing MFA program.
Writing in The New York Times in 1994, Neil Strauss referred to " Forever Changes " as " a cocktail of lush strings and innocent pop ballads, ( it ) remains one of the best pop albums of the 60's and has influenced many current bands.
It was much later, in the 1600s, with the increased popularity of writing, especially in the copperplate style promoted by the many printed manuals available from the ' Writing Masters ,' that quills became more pointed and flexible.
Writing pyramid-style tossups can be more difficult because the answer must have many clues, ordered from unique and obscure to giveaway, without tapering too quickly or slowly.
Writing this way, the author must omit many ordinary words.
Although people in many parts of the world share common alphabets and numeral systems ( variations on the Latin Writing System are used throughout Europe, the Americas, Australia, and much of Africa ; the Hindu-Arabic numerals are nearly universal ), styles of calligraphy vary.
" Writing from London, he informed Cornwallis that it " created the greatest alarm in this country, and there are many persons who were pacifically disposed and who since this event are desirous of renewing the war.
Writing Culture helped bring changes to both anthropology and ethnography often described in terms of being ' postmodern ,' ' reflexive ,' ' literary ,' ' deconstructive ,' or ' poststructural ' in nature in that the text helped to highlight the various epistemic and political predicaments that many practitioners saw as plaguing ethnographic representations and practices.
Writing all his own songs, and continuing to perform mostly outside traditional country music channels, Yoakam did many shows in rock and punk rock clubs around Los Angeles, playing with roots rock or punk rock acts like The Blasters ( Yoakam scored a small video hit with his version of their song " Long White Cadillac "), Los Lobos, and X.
Writing new software development tools " from the metal " ( that is, without using another host system ) is rare and in many cases impractical.
A Man and a Woman won many awards, including the Palme d ' Or at the 1966 Cannes Film Festival, and Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Writing.
Writing in 1914, Eleanor Maddock noted that in Kashmir, since the arrival of Europeans, " many of the old customs are disappearing and one of these is the dreadful custom of the execution of criminals by an elephant trained for the purpose and which was known by the hereditary name of ' Gunga Rao '.
Writing in 2011, James Miller described these overlapping traditions as follows, " The Blang, like many nationalities in southwest China are Theravada Buddhists, but their highly complex religious life is also informed by local beliefs and customs that relate to the traditional ecology, with special attention being paid to rice, water, bees, beeswax, and the various local spirits that are associated with them.
* Writing ISO disk images to Flash Drives is in many ways less complex than writing to Hard Disks, with respect to image verification.
Writing in his ' The Cricketers of My Time ' ( 1833 ), John Nyren of Hambledon hints at the origin of the word ' slips ' when he describes the function of a long stop as a fielder who ' is required to cover many slips from the bat, both to the leg and the off-side.
" Writing several centuries later, Orestes Brownson, an apologist for Savonarola, mentions artwork only by Fra Bartolomeo, Lorenzo di Credi, and " many other painters ," along with " several antique statues.
Writing in 1854, Poor Law commissioner George Nicholls viewed many of them as little more than factories:
Writing in private in 1916, Brandeis described men like Lowell " who have been blinded by privilege, who have no evil purpose, and many of whom have a distinct public spirit, but whose environment — or innate narrowness — have obscured all vision and sympathy with the masses.
The Stony Brook Southampton campus is also home to a nationally recognized graduate program in Creative Writing and Literature, Stony Brook ’ s Center for Wine, Food and Culture, the Pollock-Krasner Library and the nearby Pollock-Krasner House, the Avram Theater, and the three-decades-old Summer Writers Conference, which annually attracts many of the country ’ s literary stars.
The Learning Commons provides a central location for resources provided by many departments across campus including Circulations / Reserves / Interlibrary Loan, International Programs Office, Learning Resource Center, Writing Center, Reference and Research Assistance, Assistive Technologies Center, Office of Information Technologies Help Desk, and Learning Commons and Technical Support desk.
Writing from a personal perspective for the Village Voice in fall 1994, festival artist and kitchen worker Gretchen Phillips expressed a nearly universal reaction to her first festival --“ I had never seen so many breasts before, so many bare asses, so much damn skin on such a vast terrain.

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