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Writing and journalist
Writing for the New York Times shortly after the flight, however, journalist Arthur Krock described mixed feelings in the United States due to fears of the spaceflight's potential military implications for the Cold War, and the Detroit Free Press wrote that " the people of Washington, London, Paris and all points between might have been dancing in the streets " if it were not for " doubts and suspicions " about Soviet intentions.
Writing in 1904, journalist Clifton Johnson documented the " opprobrious " character of the word nigger, emphasizing that it was chosen in the South precisely because it was more offensive than " colored.
" Writing for The Guardian in December 1999, journalist Will Hodgkinson offered his own version of the eventual demise of Wilson's most ambitious project:
" Writing in 2004 on the 70th anniversary of Delius's death, Guardian journalist Martin Kettle recalls Cardus arguing in 1934 that Delius as a composer was unique, both in his technique and in his emotionalism.
* Paul Manning ( d. 1995 ), American broadcast journalist and member of The Writing 69th
Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Ed West has asserted that Kathy Beirne's story is " largely invented " according to Kathy's Real Story, a book by Hermann Kelly, a Derry born journalist on the Irish Daily Mail and former editor of The Irish Catholic.
Writing about the program, New York journalist Louis Biancolli called Mule the " Rubinstein of the saxophone ".
* Jonathan Capehart, class of 1989, journalist, winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing
Writing in 1990, the journalist Paul Rutherford felt that during his time at the CBC in the 1950s, Newman had been a " great champion of both realistic and Canadian drama ".
" Writing in The Spectator in 2006, author and journalist Leo McKinstry described her as " the high priestess of Tory sleaze ," whose actions helped to " undermine the reputation of the Conservative party in the 1990s and pave the way for the arrival of Tony Blair.
Writing in The Washington Post on 15 January 1988, journalist Peter Maass stated that it was not clear to him if Kim was coerced in her remarks or was motivated by remorse for her actions.
Writing in The Observer, the journalist Nick Cohen wrote disparagingly of Hegemony or Survival, describing Chomsky as a " master of looking-glass politics ", exemplifying a trend in the western Left for being more interested in anti-Americanism than in opposing the " fascist " regime of Saddam Hussein.
Writing for the British Broadcasting Corporation, the journalist Martin Asser described the book as follows: " The theory claims to solve the contradictions inherent in capitalism and communism ...
After a spell as a journalist in Vienna, he returned to England to found the popular periodical New Writing ( 1936 – 1940 ) in book format, which proved a great influence on literature of the period and an outlet for writers such as Christopher Isherwood and W. H. Auden.
Writing a year after the bombings, a journalist from The Guardian visited Beeston with the aim of going " beyond the stereotypical pictures of veiled women and bearded men strolling past dilapidated buildings.
Writing articles for various prominent magazines, he began to develop a reputation as a competent investigative journalist.
Writing on the troubles in Kansas Territory in 1859, one journalist stated the jayhawk was a hawk that preys on the jay.
Writing for the Irish Independent, Irish journalist Kevin Myers has criticised the craic spelling as being " pseudo-Gaelic " and a " bogus neologism ".
Binyavanga Wainaina ( born 18 January 1971 ) is a Kenyan author, journalist and winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing.
Writing about the demise of the 480 in Car Magazine, journalist Richard Bremner made reference to its decent power and low weight combination.
Writing in The Guardian's film guide, Steve Rose wrote of the season: " It's not often you'll find a movie season where you're offered Charlton Heston receiving the word of God one moment and a man supple enough to fellate himself the next, but such are the broad-minded tastes of William Crawley, journalist and BBC Northern Ireland presenter, who curates his own season here.
Writing in 1972, the athletics coach and sports journalist Ron Pickering said:

Writing and Wilson
* Edmund Wilson, To the Finland Station: A Study in the Writing and Acting of History, Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1940..
The postgraduate Master of Arts in Creative Writing, founded by Sir Malcolm Bradbury and Sir Angus Wilson in 1970, is regarded as the most respected in the United Kingdom, and admission to the programme is competitive.
Writing in the Guardian about Castro's decision to step down as Cuban President, Wilson said that he had " outwitted the United States and its 50 year obsession one last time " by ensuring an orderly transition in government while he was still alive.
A masters program has also been a part of the campus since 1981 in the Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers, which awards a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.
Academic Buildings: John A. H. Keith Hall ( History, Political Science ), Joseph Uhler Hall ( Psychology, Criminology, Languages ), Zink Hall ( Health, Physical Education ), Davis Hall ( Journalism, Education ), Edna Sprowls Hall ( Art ), Hamlin E. and Dorothy Cogswell Hall ( Music ), Andrew W. Wilson Hall ( Criminology ), Jane Leonard Hall ( English, Geography ), Jean R. McElhaney Hall ( Economics, Sociology, Anthropology ), Reschini House ( Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation ), Patrick J. Stapleton Jr Library ( Main Library ), Rhodes R. Stabley Library ( Media, Children's Library ), Jeannie Ackerman Hall ( Fashion, Family and Consumer Science, Interior Design ), Eicher Hall ( Writing Center ), Eberly College of Business, Stright Hall ( Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Graduate School ), Sally B. Johnson Hall ( Safety Sciences, Nursing ), Weyandt Hall ( Geoscience, Physics, Chemistry, Biology ), Matthew J. Walsh Hall ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology ), Pierce Hall ( ROTC ), George A. Stouffer Hall ( Counseling, Communications, Education, Languages ).
The University of East Anglia's Creative Writing Course was founded by Sir Malcolm Bradbury and Sir Angus Wilson in 1970.
Writing in The New York Times, John S. Wilson called it " a brilliantly lively and scintillating evening of cabaret.
* Harriet Wilson ’ s New England: Race, Writing, and Region, ed.
Ali taught at the MFA Program for Poets & Writers at University of Massachusetts Amherst, at the MFA Writing Seminars at Bennington College as well as at creative writing programs at University of Utah, Baruch College, Warren Wilson College, Hamilton College and New York University.
To the Finland Station: A Study in the Writing and Acting of History ( 1940 ) is a book by American critic and historian Edmund Wilson.

Writing and da
) The cover painting is a detail of Saint Jerome Writing by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Writing and destruction
" Writing, " the destruction of every voice ," defies adherence to a single interpretation or perspective.
Writing in 1979, Hildebrand stated :" Fundamental to National Socialist genocide was Hitler's race dogma ... Hitler's programmatic ideas about the destruction of the Jews and racial domination have still to be rated as primary and causative, as motive and aim, as intention and goal of the " Jewish policy " of the Third Reich ".

Writing and modified
Writing systems have been developed for the language using Arabic script, Cyrillic and a modified Roman alphabet.

Writing and wheat
Writing in the 2nd century Athenaeus of Naucratis provides a recipe for lagana which he attributes to the 1st century Chrysippus of Tyana: sheets of dough made of wheat flour and the juice of crushed lettuce, then flavoured with spices and deep-fried in oil.

Writing and another
Writing to another woman by whom she had recently felt betrayed, Wollstonecraft declared, " The roses will bloom when there's peace in the breast, and the prospect of living with my Fanny gladdens my heart :— You know not how I love her.
Match Writing EFeds are one of the more popular options and features you roleplaying pieces of matches together with another person to create a competition of creativity and grammar.
Writing credit on Beatles songs was another issue.
; Re-entrancy: Writing code in such a way that it can be partially executed by a thread, reexecuted by the same thread or simultaneously executed by another thread and still correctly complete the original execution.
" In another essay in Writing and Difference entitled " Violence and Metaphysics: An Essay on the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas ", the roots of another major theme in Derrida's thought emerges: the Other as opposed to the Same " Deconstructive analysis deprives the present of its prestige and exposes it to something tout autre, " wholly other ," beyond what is foreseeable from the present, beyond the horizon of the " same ".
The opening chapter of the novel was originally published in New World Writing as Catch-18 in 1955, but Heller's agent, Candida Donadio, requested that he change the title of the novel, so it would not be confused with another recently published World War II novel, Leon Uris's Mila 18.
Writing in the mid-1960s with another genetics student of Ronald A. Fisher, Anthony W. F. Edwards, Cavalli-Sforza pioneered statistical methods for estimating evolutionary trees ( phylogenies ); to estimate evolutionary trees, they used maximum likelihood estimation.
Writing at the time of Popish Plot, Crowne, who was a devout royalist, used his adaptation to warn about the danger of allowing England to descend into another civil war, which would be the case should the Whig party rise to power.
Writing at the time of Popish Plot, Crowne, who was a devout royalist, used his adaptation to warn about the danger of allowing England to descend into another civil war, which would be the case should the Whig party rise to power.
Writing new software development tools " from the metal " ( that is, without using another host system ) is rare and in many cases impractical.
Writing in 1921, Dunlop stated: " I was therefore forced to look for another plot, and after careful consideration chose the present Lansdowne Road one.
More recently, a piece on the anthropology of white Indians was selected for " Best American Science Writing ," and another piece about dying languages appeared in " Best American Travel Writing.
Writing was another pivotal development in human history, as it made the administration of cities and expression of ideas far easier.
" There will never be another Fritz ... Writing will never again be as much fun.
Writing a text file in Notepad or another text editor containing a number at the beginning and then an operator and other numbers and operators following it and pasting the resultant content to Calculator's textbox will result in it performing the so described calculations.
Writing the names out by hand, as they had been doing, even after eliminating various nonsense combinations, would take another 15, 000 years ; the monks wish to use modern technology in order to finish this task more quickly.
Writing soon after his death another biographer wrote:
* Writing ( Screenplay – based on material from another medium )
Kristi Siegel is another prolific editor of travel writing scholarship, having edited Issues in Travel Writing: Empire, Spectacle and Displacement ( 2002 ), as well as Gender, Genre, and Identity in Women ’ s Travel Writing ( 2004 ).
As well as T-Shirts another listener produced a range of glow in the dark Alex Lester wristbands which were also given away as prizes on the show. The new phrase for the 2010-2011 Truck Writing Season is WALLOP ( We're Alex Lester's Lovely Overnight People ).
Hildebrand is pleased that Nolte denies the singularity of the Nazi atrocities ” Hans Mommsen defended Habermas against Hildebrand by writing :“ Hildebrand ’ s partisan shots can be easily deflected ; that Habermas is accused of a “ loss of reality and Manichaeanism ”, and that his honesty is denied is witness to the self-consciousness of a self-nominated historian elite, which has set itself the task of tracing the outlines of the seeming badly needed image of history ” Writing of Hildebrand's support for Nolte, Mommsen declared that: “ Hildebrand ’ s polemic clearly suggests that he barely considered the consequences of making Nolte ’ s constructs the centrepiece of a modern German conservatism that is very anxious to relativize the National Socialist experience and to find the way back to a putative historically “ normal situation ” In another essay, Mommsen wrote that Hildebrand was gulity of hypocrisy because Hildebrand had until 1986 always claimed that generic fascism was invalid concept because of the " singularity " of the Holocaust Mommsen wrote that " Klaus Hildebrand explicitly took sides with Nolte's view when he gave his previously stubbornly claimed singularity of National Socialism ( failing to appreciate that was, as is well known, the standard criticism of the comparative fascism theory )" Martin Broszat observed that when Hildebrand organized a conference of right-wing German historians under the auspices of the Schleyer Foundation in West Berlin in September 1986, he did not invite Nolte, whom Broszat observed lived in Berlin.

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