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Writing and Film
** 5 Saturn Awards nominations Best International Film, Best Director, Best Writing, Best Supporting Actor ( Craig Warnock ), Best Special Effects
** 6 Saturn Awards nominations Best Fantasy Film, Best Director, Best Actor ( Robin Williams ), Best Actor ( Jeff Bridges ), Best Writing, Best Costumes
At the 60th Academy Awards, The Last Emperor won all nine Oscars for which it was nominated: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Music, Original Score and Best Sound
It was also nominated in the categories " Best Picture " ( Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger ), " Best Writing, Motion Picture Story " ( Emeric Pressburger ) and " Best Film Editing " ( Reginald Mills ).
Test Pilot was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Writing, Original Story for Wead and Best Film Editing for Tom Held.
* Academy Awards: Oscar ; Best Black-and-White Cinematography, Gregg Toland ; Best Special Effects, R. T. Layton ( photographic ), Ray Binger ( photographic ) and Thomas T. Moulton ( sound ); Best Film Editing, Sherman Todd ; Best Original Score, Richard Hageman ; Best Picture, John Ford ; Best Screenplay Writing, Dudley Nichols ; 1941.
The film won Saturn Awards for Best Science Fiction Film, Best Writing, Best Special Effects, Best Music, and Best Poster Art, while Henry Thomas, Robert McNaughton, and Drew Barrymore won Young Artist Awards.
The film was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Film Editing ( Christian Nyby ) and Best Writing, Motion Picture Story.
It was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role ( Walter Huston ), Best Director, Best Film Editing for George Amy, Best Picture and Best Writing, Original Story.
The movie won the Academy Award for Best Actor ( Maximilian Schell ) and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium, and was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role ( Spencer Tracy ), Best Actor in a Supporting Role ( Montgomery Clift ), Best Actress in a Supporting Role ( Judy Garland ), Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black-and-White ( Rudolph Sternad, George Milo ), Best Cinematography, Black-and-White, Best Costume Design, Black-and-White, Best Director, Best Film Editing and Best Picture.
The film was also nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Actor in a Leading Role ( Daniel Day-Lewis ), Best Actor in a Supporting Role ( Pete Postlethwaite ), Best Actress in a Supporting Role ( Emma Thompson ), Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Picture and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.
Doctor of Philosophy ( PhD ) and Masters by Research ( MA ) degrees can be undertaken in any of the following areas – Drama, Dance, Creative Writing, Criminology, Economics, Education, English Literature, European Studies, Film Studies, History, Human Rights, Journalism, Linguistics and Languages, Media, Music, Politics, Psychology, Sociology.
A Song to Remember was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role ( Cornel Wilde ), Best Cinematography, Color, Best Film Editing, Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture, Best Sound, Recording ( John P. Livadary ) and Best Writing, Original Story.
Sands of Iwo Jima was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role ( John Wayne ), Best Film Editing, Best Sound, Recording ( Daniel J. Bloomberg ) and Best Writing, Motion Picture Story.
It received César Award nominations for Best Film, Best Actor ( Jean-Louis Trintignant ), Best Actress ( Irène Jacob ), Best Director ( Krzysztof Kieślowski ), Best Writing ( Krzysztof Kieślowski and Krzysztof Piesiewicz ).
Writing for the British Film Institute, Sergio Angelini judged that " Le Mesurier is utterly compelling throughout in an atypical role ".
* Atlantic Film Festival, Atlantic Canadian Award ( win )-Thom Fitzgerald, Best Writing, The Hanging Garden
* Academy Awards: Oscar, Best Cinematography, Black-and-White, Lionel Lindon ; Best Director, Robert Wise ; Best Film Editing, William Hornbeck ; Best Sound, Gordon E. Sawyer ( Samuel Goldwyn SSD ); Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.
It was also a runner-up for the National Society of Film Critics Awards for Best Picture and Best Director and was nominated for the 2002 Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay.
Douglas was also the subject of a 1986 National Film Board of Canada documentary Tommy Douglas: Keeper of the Flame, which received the Gemini Award for Best Writing in a Documentary Program or Series.
A Man and a Woman won many awards, including the Palme d ' Or at the 1966 Cannes Film Festival, and Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Writing.
The Truman Show was a success at The Saturn Awards, where it won the Best Fantasy Film and the Best Writing ( Niccol ).
The film won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, and was nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Director and Best Writing, Original Screenplay.

Writing and Quarterly
Reading and Writing Quarterly.
Writing to James Joyce in April 1914, Pound described the magazine in ambiguous terms: " Lewis is starting a new Futurist, Cubist, Imagiste Quarterly ....
Among the better known online literary magazines are Evergreen Review, World Literature Today, New World Writing, The Applicant, Lantern Journal, Drunken Boat, Blackbird, Painted Bride Quarterly, 3: AM Magazine, 20x20 magazine, The Barcelona Review, Eclectica Magazine, ĕm, Failbetter, Guernica Magazine, Identity Theory, Literary Mama, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Monkeybicycle, Narrative Magazine, Sensitive Skin Magazine, Spike Magazine, StorySouth, The Washington Pastime, and Word Riot, Parabaas ( in Bengali ) but there are higher quality smaller markets like Literarily, Unlikely Stories, Pank, Fleeting, La Petite Zine, Fringe and Cha and literally thousands of online literary publications so it is difficult to judge the quality and overall impact of this relatively new publishing medium.
Writing in The Classic Car and The Packard Cormorant, Joel Prescott published an account of the Clipper design which considerably revised the picture offered by George Hamlin and Dwight Heinmuller in Packard: A History of the Motor Car and The Company, published by Automotive Quarterly.
* African Writing Today, special issue of Pacific Quarterly Moana, Hamilton, New Zealand: Outrigger Publishers, Vol.
*" The Roots of Writing: With Bernard Kops, Emanuel Litvinoff, Harold Pinter, Arnold Wesker ; Chair: Melvyn Bragg: Gala Festival Opening Event, In association with the Jewish Quarterly ".

Writing and Gary
Writing in the Spring issue of RA Magazine, Nigel Billen said, " His partner, Gillian Wearing, is an RA ( as is one of his best friends, the artist Gary Hume ) ... Landy met Hume and Damien Hirst at Goldsmiths College in the mid-1980s, meeting Emin and other YBAs around the same time.
* Writing under the pseudonym of " Emile Ajar ", author Romain Gary becomes the only person to ever win the Prix Goncourt twice.
* Writing under the pseudonym of Emile Ajar, author Romain Gary becomes the only person ever to win the Prix Goncourt twice.
" Writing in The Washington Post, Gary Arnold was fulsome in his praise, saying that Never Say Never Again is " one of the best James Bond adventure thrillers ever made ", going on to say that " this picture is likely to remain a cherished, savory example of commercial filmmaking at its most astute and accomplished.
* Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series – Gary Dontzig & Steven Peterman ( 1990 )
Born in Hollywood, California, Young was raised in Los Angeles and San Diego and won fellowships to study writing at the University of San Diego ; the University of California, Davis, where he studied with Beat Generation author Gary Snyder ; and the University of Houston, in the doctoral Creative Writing Program founded by postmodern satirist Donald Barthelme.
Writing in Bubblegum is the Naked Truth, Gary Pig Gold commented: " It was the Pipers ’ way with a tough-pop gem in the under-four-minute category which was most impressive by far: " Rainbow Tree ", " Shoeshine Boy " and especially " Blueberry Blue " each sported a taut, musical sophistication worthy of The Move and, dare I say it, even the Magical Mystery Beatles.
Rhimes was ranked at the top of her class and earned the prestigious Gary Rosenberg Writing Fellowship Award.

Writing and praised
Writing in Variety, Todd McCarthy said the cast ensemble " could not be better "; he praised Spacey's " handling of innuendo, subtle sarcasm and blunt talk " and the way he imbued Lester with " genuine feeling ".
Writing for the New York Times, Ralph Thompson states,the normal life of Negroes in the South today – the life with its holdovers from slave times, its social difficulties, childish excitements, and endless exuberances … compared to this sort of story, the ordinary narratives of Negroes in Harlem or Birmingham seem ordinary indeed .” For the New York Herald Tribune, Sheila Hibben described Hurston as writing “ with her head as with her heart ” creating a “ warm, vibrant touch .” She praised Their Eyes as filled with “ a flashing, gleaming riot of black people, with a limitless sense of humor, and a wild, strange sadness .” New York Times critic Lucille Tompkins described Their Eyes, “ It is about Negroes … but really it is about every one, or at least every one who isn ’ t so civilized that he has lost the capacity for glory .”
Writing in The New York Times, Bosley Crowther praised the film, writing " Mr. Hecht has written and Mr. Hitchcock has directed in brilliant style a romantic melodrama which is just about as thrilling as they come — velvet smooth in dramatic action, sharp and sure in its characters and heavily charged with the intensity of warm emotional appeal.
Writing in The New York Times, Andrew Johnston praised Svankmajer's artistry, stating " while his films are rife with cultural and scientific allusions, his unusual imagery possesses an accessibility that feels anchored in the shared language of the subconscious, making his films equally rewarding to the culturally hyperliterate and to those who simply enjoy visual stimulation.
Writing for Rediff, Sukanya Varma praised most of the compositions, while being critical of the song " Say Shava Shava " due to the " overdose of Punjabi emotions ".
Writing for The Hindu, Ziya Salam praised Kajol's performance and Karan's ability to " keep the viewer occupied ".
The episode was highly praised when it aired and was the only episode in the entire series to be nominated for an Emmy Award in Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series ; it also received a nomination for Outstanding Cinematography for a Single Camera Series ( Michael Gershman ).
Writing for Eye for Film, Amber Wilkinson praised Culloden, commenting that " the mastery of direction is obvious from first to last ".
Writing in the New York Times, Janet Maslin praised Ferrara's talent for making " gleefully down-and-dirty films ", continuing, " He has come up with his own brand of supersleaze, in a film that would seem outrageously, unforgivably lurid if it were not also somehow perfectly sincere.
Writing for The Women's Review of Books, Robin Herndobler praised Adler's " clear, graceful prose ", and the manner in which she had written about Paganism " with interest and compassion.
His thesis advisor was Marvin Meyers, a historian of Jacksonian America, whom Taylor praised in the preface of his book Writing Early American History ( 2005 ).
Writing in The New Yorker the film critic Pauline Kael praised both the film and director Mazursky, calling it " a slick, whorey movie, and the liveliest American comedy so far this year.
Writing for Sequential Tart, Margaret O ' Connell praised the series as an ' absorbing, well-crafted tale which effectively combines both crime and science fictional elements ,' comparing the series to George R. R. Martin's Wild Cards series, NYPD Blue, and DC Comics ' Gotham Central.
" Writing in the New York Times, reviewer and fellow author Joshua Mohr praised Franco for how, in the story " American History ", he juxtaposed historical parts with a present-day social commentary that " makes the we wonder how much we ’ ve actually evolved in post-bellum America.
Writing for Blistering, Justin Donnelly praised the album as " diverse, melodic and hard hitting all at the same time ", ranking it as one of Dream Theater's best releases.
Writing for Exclaim !, Greg Pratt praised the album's artwork and production, but said that " there ’ s nothing that blows any minds here, or even gives a mild bend ; hell, a good chunk of this disc feels like basic radio rock from the local old-guy bar band ".
Writing in The New York Times, Villiers Gerson praised the novel as " crackling with suspense, lit by humor, sparkling with complexities of plot, and alive with interest ".
Writing in The New York Times, Sidney Lohman praised Pirates as " grand science fiction for all ages.
Writing in The Chicago Tribune, Carey Harrison praised the originality of the novel, specifically the intersection of child-bearing and time travel.
Writing in The Jerusalem Post, historian Jean Ancel dismissed Hohenzollern's claims and praised the wartime actions of the king and his mother, Queen Helen.
Writing for Rolling Stone, Meredith Ochs praised the album for its " flashes of brilliance " and said that it probably marks the beginning of a successful career.
Writing for Allmusic, music critic Michael G. Nastos praised the album, writing: " Setting him apart from the rest, this recording established Montgomery as the most formidable modern guitarist of the era, and eventually its most influential ...
Writing for the same publication thirty years later, Anthony DeCurtis praised the song for its musical demonstration of “ the sweet satisfactions of faith ”.
" Writing in the Hartford Courant, reviewer R. W. Wallace praised More Than Human, saying " In its psychological wisdom and its deep humanity this novel is one of the finest achievements of science fiction.

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