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Writing and Rome
Writing about AD 94, Clement of Rome states that the apostles appointed successors to continue their work where they had planted churches and for these in their turn to do the same because they foresaw the risk of discord.
Writing Rome: Textual Approached to the City.
Writing in 1872, church historian William Stephens said “ The Patriarch of the Eastern Rome appeals to the great bishops of the West, as the champions of an ecclesiastical discipline which he confesses himself unable to enforce, or to see any prospect of establishing.
Writing in 409, Jerome remarked, " A great many years ago when I was helping Damasus, bishop of Rome with his ecclesiastical correspondence, and writing his answers to the questions referred to him by the councils of the east and west ..." If " east and west " do not betray the passage as an interpolation, Jerome spent three years ( 382 – 385 ) in Rome in close intercourse with Pope Damasus and the leading Christians.
Writing from Rome in August 1764 to his friend Franke, Winckelmann refers to her popularity.
Writing at about 100 years after the end of the Social War ( 91 – 88 BC ), a failed last attempt of the italic tribes to form a union, Italy, that would compete with Rome in power and influence, the Roman geographer, Strabo, placed the location of the Vestini as he knew it to be as follows.
Writing the History followed Mommsen's earlier achievements in the study of ancient Rome.
Writing Rome: Textual Approached to the City.

Writing and Milan
In 2011, Moleskine production extended to new categories with the new Writing, Travelling and Reading Collections, launched at the Milan Design Week 2011.
In 1988, Kaufman was nominated for an Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay for The Unbearable Lightness of Being, based on the novel by Milan Kundera.

Writing and addition
In addition to the annual Festival, Aldeburgh Music also runs the Britten-Pears Young Artist Programme ( formerly the Britten-Pears School for Advanced Musical Studies ), Aldeburgh Residencies-a programme offering bespoke training and development opportunities to UK and international artists – Aldeburgh Young Musicians for exceptionally talented young people between the ages of 8 and 18, The Jerwood Opera Writing Programme, for the development of new opera, as well as an extensive education programme.
In addition, the film was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role ( James Cagney ), Best Director and Best Writing, Original Story.
In addition to her mystery novels, Heilbrun was the author of 14 nonfiction books, including the feminist study Writing a Woman's Life ( 1988 ).
Additionally players complete Sports Science degrees from Manchester Metropolitan University and Professional Sports Writing and Broadcasting degrees at Staffordshire University, in addition to other programmes including fitness training, training to become driving instructors and various other initiatives.
In addition to literary and community service awards, Ms. Santiago has earned a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and Honorary Doctor of Letters from Trinity College, from Pace University and from University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.
In addition, Denys Arcand was nominated for an Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay.
2006 also saw the addition of TOEIC Speaking & Writing tests.
The TOEIC Speaking Test / Writing Test started on January 21, 2007 in addition to the TOEIC SP Test and the TOEIC IP Test.
In addition to his occasional workshops, Syd Field teaches screenwriting at the Master of Professional Writing Program at the University of Southern California and travels around the world giving seminars and workshops to film professionals.
In addition to the development of new ways to exploit these probes as analytical tools ( this application area of the nuclear microprobes is called nuclear microscopy ), strong progress has been made in the area of materials modification recently ( most of which can be described as PBW, Proton Beam Writing ).
In addition to traditional tutoring, the Writing Center serves as a place where students can receive drop-in assistance with essay development and structure.
The elementary school uses the Columbia Writing Program and Everyday Math program in addition to curriculum units developed by faculty.
In addition, each student must complete two quarters of the " Muir College Writing Program " ( MCWP ).
In addition to disseminating research through the Journal of Second Language Writing, scholars in the field regularly participate in three academic conferences, the Symposium on Second Language Writing, the TESOL convention, and the Conference on College Composition and Communication.
In addition, the organization has a Committee on Second Language Writing to bridge work between CCCC and TESOL to involve more scholars in the field ’ s discussions.
Writing for Cinefantastique about the character's introduction, Paul Vitaris called Pickens " a fine addition to the cast " of the series, describing his portrayal of Kersh as " a strong presence ".

Writing and Naples
Writing for the Naples Daily News, Steve Schmadeke, notes, " it's also true that his system of governance, in which authority is given to the expert in each field — in this case, specially programmed computers — is one that many writers, including Nobel-prize-winner Friedrich Hayek, have shown to be disastrous.

Writing and achieved
Writing to Liszt, he said that the people there were musically unsophisticated, but he saw this as an opportunity " for an impact I could never have achieved in Prague.
The couple achieved their greatest joint success when they won the 1946 Academy Award for Best Writing, Original Screenplay for The Seventh Veil.
Writing about Harrison's designs at Chester Castle, Pevsner says " What he has achieved here is one of the most powerful monuments of the Greek Revival in the whole of England ".
Friends ' Central School students achieved the highest average SAT scores in all three sections ( Math, Verbal and Writing ) of the 19 schools that had scores reported in Suburban Life Magazine's 2010 report on suburban Philadelphia private high schools.
Its students have achieved High Distinctions, Distinctions and Credits in Australasian Schools Competitions run by the University of New South Wales in English, Computer Science & Literacy, Science and Writing, and various other competitions.
Writing in Alternatives Journal, philosophy professor Kent Peacock notes that " both are well-written " but that Diamond includes examples of societies which had achieved sustainability for centuries, whereas Wright has " a stronger grasp of the dark side of human nature ", like impatience, aggressiveness, and obstinacy.

Writing and some
Writing in 1585, he noted some word similarities between Sanskrit and Italian ( these included devaḥ / dio " God ", sarpaḥ / serpe " serpent ", sapta / sette " seven ", aṣṭa / otto " eight ", nava / nove " nine ").
Writing about some of these subjects was prohibited in Egypt.
Writing his Lives of Illustrious Men ( Parallel Lives ) in the first century CE, the Middle Platonic philosopher Plutarch's chapter on Romulus gave an account of his mysterious disappearance and subsequent deification, comparing it to traditional Greek beliefs such as the resurrection and physical immortalization of Alcmene and Aristeas the Proconnesian, " for they say Aristeas died in a fuller's work-shop, and his friends coming to look for him, found his body vanished ; and that some presently after, coming from abroad, said they met him traveling towards Croton.
Writing down the targum was prohibited, nevertheless some targumatic writings appeared as early as the middle of the first century AD.
However, there are some pure alphabetic systems, including Personal Shorthand, SuperWrite, Easy Script Speed Writing, Agiliwriting and Keyscript which limit their symbols to a priori alphabetic characters.
*** Writing direction left to right in most European languages ( e. g. German ), right-to-left in Hebrew and Arabic, vertical in some Asian languages
Writing for a small-scale performance, he eliminated the organ continuo, added parts for flutes, clarinets, trombones and horns, recomposed some passages and rearranged others.
Writing in The Independent, art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon said :" Goldsmiths graduates are unembarrassed about promoting themselves and their work: some of the most striking exhibitions in London over the past few months —" The East Country Yard Show ", or " Gambler ", both staged in docklands — have been independently organized and funded by Goldsmiths graduates as showcases for their work.
Writing in his book Lucky Kunst: The Rise and Fall of Young British Art, the commentator Gregor Muir said: The second part of ' Lucky Kunst ', featuring a group of young artists from New York, opened some weeks later.
The Network now spans some 70 institutions across the art and design sector with 6 national and 2 International Writing PAD Centres.
Writing is changing as it takes on some of the functions and features of speech.
Writing to a friend John Roget in 1781 he said of Howard, " the author .. made a visit to every prison and house of correction in England with invincible perseverance and courage ; for some of the prisons were so infected by diseases and putrid air that he was obliged to hold a cloth steeped in vinegar to his nostrils .. and to change his clothes the moment he returned.
Writing in the The New York Times, Goodman said, " The writers try everything, including some business involving raiders of a lost orb, without much of a payoff.
Writing on the diverse understandings of tathagatagarbha doctrine, Dr. Jamie Hubbard comments on how some scholars see a tendency towards monism in the tathagatagarbha texts tendency which Japanese scholar Matsumoto, however, castigates as un-Buddhist.
In 1952 Strauss published Persecution and the Art of Writing, commonly understood to advance the argument that some philosophers write in such a way as to avoid persecution by political or religious authorities.
Marlatt ’ s, What Matters: Writing 1968-1970, includes some of her early writings, including " Rings " and " Vancouver Poems " and was published in 1980.
In the last 87 years, The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards have recognized some of the most remarkable minds of the 20th century, including Richard Anuskiewicz, Richard Avedon, Harry Bertoia, Mel Bochner, Truman Capote, Paul Davis, Frances Farmer, Red Grooms, Robert Indiana, Bernard Malamud, Joyce Maynard, Joyce Carol Oates, Phillip Pearlstein, Peter S. Beagle, Sylvia Plath, Robert Redford, Jean Stafford, Mozelle Thompson, Ned Vizzini, Kay WalkingStick, Andy Warhol, and Charles White.
Writing the dissociated active mass at some point in time as x, the rate of reaction was given as
Writing in 1766, Dr Johnson, after reproving James Boswell for some bad Latin, significantly adds --" Ruddiman is dead.
Writing from an unabashed populist perspective, Ivins repeatedly described herself as a populist and, on some occasions, as a left-libertarian.
Writing in 1960, he begins: " Consider a very long sequence of symbols ... We shall consider such a sequence of symbols to be ' simple ' and have a high a priori probability, if there exists a very brief description of this sequence-using, of course, some sort of stipulated description method.
He would later say of this time: " I stayed in Europe for more than twenty years ; I worked in an Industrial Chemistry Laboratory [...] attended some secret socialist-oriented meetings [...] studied a little literature ; learned languages and directed a Reading and Writing School in a small Russian town ".
Writing for CNN-IBN, Rituparna Chatterjee spoke of her transformation to date: " fter 40 films and 10 years of fighting off competition from some of the most versatile actors of her generation, Kareena has matured into a bankable actor reinventing herself with surprising ease, film after film ".
Writing in 1867 she said: " I cannot describe the misery here now every day some new tax.

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